August Rush

An incredible journey moving at the speed of soundnew york city, loss of loved one, love at first sight, guitar, composer, love of one's life, lie, forbidden love, music lover, child prodigy, music, motherly love, orphanage, children, woman director, rhapsody, juilliard
August Rush
An orphaned musical prodigy uses his gift as a clue to finding his birth parents.


Blanca J. Roy
1 hours ago
10/10 website, fantastic library!!! Would recommend this to everyone.
Christine P. Brown
3 hours ago
Love this show so much :D
Jeffrey R. Santos
6 hours ago
works great on my ipad
Roger R. Golub
1 day ago
Thank you very much - was lookin for this for a veery long time.
Jeffrey R. Santos
1 day ago
even works on my telly!
Mary J. Craft
1 day ago
Love this place A++
Travis V. Morrison
2 day ago
woww, great movie
Stanley P. Vaught
2 day ago
Absolutely thrilled with the members content on here. Just what I was looking for.
Joyce L. Randle
3 day ago
I approve! thanks so much....
Billy C. Schmidt
4 day ago
1080p rulesss ;)..