1956 2015

A man is confronted with his past and memories of the Hungarian insurrection. Unexpected images from the past appear without warning and blend with reality.

The Lone Ranger 1956

The territorial governor asks the Lone Ranger to investigate mysterious raids on settlers by Indians who ride with saddles. Wealthy rancher Reese Kilgore wants to mine silver on Spirit Mountain which is sacred to the Indians.

Free Cinema, 1956 - ? An Essay on Film by Lindsay Anderson 1985

A documentary about the history of the Free Cinema movement, made by one of it's greatest proponents, Lindsay Anderson, to commemorate British Film Year in 1985. Produced by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill. Unlike Richard Attenborough's celebratory episode of the same series, or Alan Parker's more aggressive show, which was balanced between celebrating the greats and attacking Parker's bugbears, Greenaway and Jarman and the BFI, Anderson's show accentuates the negative, painting an image of a British cinema in terminal artistic decline and trashing the ambitions and approach of British Film Year itself. It's mordantly funny and very savage.

Paris Follies of 1956 1955

Trouble ensues when a new theatre-restaurant owner discovers the backer to be a harmless and moneyless lunatic.

The Man Who Did Not Bother With Trifles (1956) 1956

Lu Ban's second short titled The Man Who Doesn’t Bother about Trifles (不拘小节的人 bùjū xiǎojié de rén). He carefully toned down the political satire here, switching his target to intellectuals instead of bureaucrats. The main character, Li Shaobai, is a rude literary critic who goes to a conference to lecture about satirical literature. Li is absolutely full of himself, and constantly misunderstands other people. Like Before the New Director Arrives, The Man Who Doesn’t Bother about Trifles was greeted with plenty of positive responses. Still, while Lu tried to be more careful with this second short, this didn’t stop some critics from taking issue with its ridiculous main character and humor.

The Definitive Elvis 25th Anniversary: Vol. 2 The Hollywood Years Pt. I 1956-1961 & Pt. II 1962-1969 2002

Part I: 1956-1961 Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, King Creole, Blue Hawaii...These are a few Elvis Presley movies you will encounter as you look behind the scenes of Elvis' early movie career. Hear untold stories from producers, directors and co-stars who were on the set. Be there as Elvis gets his best acting notices, only to be put on hold when he is drafted. Witness Elvis' triumphant return to Hollywood for G.I. Blues and Blue Hawaii. Part II: 1962-1969 Blue Hawaii set the tone for may lightweight films to come for Elvis. Those who worked on these films share their stories including costars Deborah Walley, Sheree North, Billy Barty, Stella Stevens, Diane McBaine, Mary Ann Mobley, Celeste Yarmall, and Ann-Margret. You'll see clips and rare photos from movies such as Follow That Dream, Fun In Acapulco, The Trouble with Girls, and Change of Habit. You'll learn the truth about "A Star Is Born" movie that would've changed Elvis' movie career as told by Barbara Streisand.

On the Passage of a few People through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: The Situationist International 1956-1972 1989

A video documentary combining exhibition footage of the Situationist International exhibitions with film footage of the 1968 Paris student uprising, and graffiti and slogans based on the ideas of Guy Debord (one of the foremost spokesmen of the Situationist International movement). Also includes commentary by leading art critics Greil Marcus, Thomas Levine, and artists Malcolm Mac Laren and Jamie Reid. Branka Bogdanov, Director and producer.

The Ten Commandments 1956

Escaping death, a Hebrew infant is raised in a royal household to become a prince. Upon discovery of his true heritage, Moses embarks on a personal quest to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people.

Teenagers on Trial 1955

A look at the dangers and possible causes of gangs and teenage delinquency including over-crowded and under-funded schools with few after-school activities and over-worked parents who have little time to spend with their children.

White Peril 1956

This RKO Pathé Screenliner show members of the 'snow patrol' at work in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. At designated places, they measure snowfall and take core samples of the snow and measure its weight and density. They also measure river currents in relation to the snowfall. The data is used by the U.S. Geological Survey to help determine how the water runoff in the spring will translate into supplies of fresh water.

Fortune Seekers 1956

This short film celebrates the hard work, tenacity, and ingenuity of inventors. Highlighted are some seemingly small inventions that have become part of daily life.

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