Summer 1993 2017

After her mother's death, six-year-old Frida is sent to her uncle's family to live with them in the countryside. But Frida finds it hard to forget her mother and adapt to her new life.

The Flirting Scholar 1993

A scholar in search of true love. Disguising himself as a houseboy, he indentures himself to a rich family in order to pursue the ravishing servant girl who has stolen his heart.

WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 1993

Halloween Havoc 1993 took place on October 24, 1993 from the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main event was Vader vs Cactus Jack in a Texas Death match. Rick Rude defended the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship in a rematch against Ric Flair, Dustin Rhodes defended the WCW US Heavyweight Championship against Steve Austin, Lord Steven Regal defended the WCW World TV Championship against Davey Boy Smith, and the WCW World Tag Team Championships were defended by 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell against The Nasty Boys. Other matches included Sting vs Sid Vicious and Paul Orndorf vs Ricky Steamboat.

WWE SummerSlam 1993 1993

SummerSlam (1993) was the sixth annual SummerSlam. It took place on August 30, 1993 at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan. All three championships were defended at SummerSlam. The Steiner Brothers defended the WWF Tag Team Championship against The Heavenly Bodies, and Shawn Michaels defended the WWF Intercontinental Championship against Mr. Perfect. The main event saw Lex Luger challenge Yokozuna for the WWF Championship. In addition to the title matches, Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler were scheduled to wrestle to settle their feud and determine who would be named "Undisputed King of the World Wrestling Federation."

Rokudenashi Blues 1993 1993

Taison Maeda's Teiken High School class goes on a field trip to the Kansai region of Japan, which is where Taison is from. Taison's little brother Youkou sent a message to Taison & his older brother Fujio that their father, Monson, is sick and that they should return home to visit him. This trip back will also allow Taison to put some closure on his past regarding his friend Naoto & his ex, Haruka.

WCW Slamboree 1993 1993

Slamboree 1993: A Legends' Reunion was the first annual Slamboree professional wrestling pay-per-view produced by WCW. It took place on May 23, 1993 at The Omni in Atlanta, Georgia. A "Legends Ceremony" occurred at the event, and introduced several legends. The WCW Hall of Fame induction ceremony also occurred, and Lou Thesz, Mr. Wrestling II, Verne Gagne, and Eddie Graham were the inductees. The PPV also saw the reformation of the Four Horsemen, now consisting of Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and new member Paul Roma. The main event was Big Van Vader defending the WCW World Heavyweight Title against Davey Boy Smith. Barry Windham defended the NWA World Heavyweight Title against Arn Anderson and The Hollywood Blondes defended the NWA & WCW World Tag Team Championships against Dos Hombres in a steel cage match.

WCW Beach Blast 1993 1993

Beach Blast 1993 took place on July 18, 1993 and emanated from the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. The main event was Sting & Davey Boy Smith versus Sid Vicious & Big Van Vader. Barry Windham defended the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Rick Flair and a 30 minute Iron Man Challenge was held between Rick Rude and Dustin Rhodes for the vacant WCW United States Championship belt. Two other title matches took place as well with The Hollywood Blondes defended the WCW World Tag Team Championships against Paul Roma & Arn Anderson and Paul Orndorff defending the WCW World TV Championship against Ron Simmons.

Sliver 1993

A woman moves into an apartment in Manhattan and learns that the previous tenant's life ended mysteriously after they fell from the balcony.

WWE Royal Rumble 1993 1993

Royal Rumble (1993) was the sixth annual Royal Rumble. It took place on January 24, 1993 at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California. The main event was a Royal Rumble match, a battle royal in which two wrestlers started the match in the ring; every two minutes, another wrestler joined. In total, thirty wrestlers competed to eliminate their competitors by throwing them over the top rope of the wrestling ring onto the arena floor. Yokozuna won the match and was awarded an opportunity to wrestle for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania IX. Bret Hart also retained his WWF Championship against Razor Ramon, and Shawn Michaels successfully defended his WWF Intercontinental Championship against Marty Jannetty.

WWE Survivor Series 1993 1993

Survivor Series 1993 took place on Thanksgiving Eve, November 24, 1993 at the Boston Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The event featured four tag-team elimination matches and a bout for the Smoky Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Championship. The main event match saw the All-Americans, a team of face wrestlers from the United States, competing against the Foreign Fanatics, a team of heels that represented other countries. In an undercard match, four members of the Hart family competed against Shawn Michaels and a group of masked men. The original plan was for the Harts to face Jerry Lawler, with whom they were feuding, but Lawler was not able to appear at the event.

Fight Back to School 3 1993

Stephen Chow returns as Chow Sing-Sing, the obnoxious undercover cop who seems to get into all sorts of trouble, only this time he doesn’t go back to school. Instead, Chow goes undercover as the husband of a wealthy socialite (Anita Mui), which doesn’t sit well with his fiancée played by Cheung Man who tries to convince Chow to quit working as undercover.

Return 1993 1993

A still camera acts as a time "window". Through it, the reality become both a Return to the past and the present.

1987-1993 2010

We were at it for seven years. My mother and I. Trying to make the perfect image of me.

Keith Jarrett Open Theatre East 1993

Recorded live at Open Theater East, Tokyo, Japan on July 25, 1993. Keith Jarrett piano - Gary Peacock bass - Jack De Johnette drums /// 1. In Your Own Sweet Way 2. Butch And Butch 3. Basin Street Blues 4. Solar 5. Ex-tension 6. If I Were A Bell 7. I Fall In Love Too Easily 8. Oleo 9. Bye Bye Blackbird 10. The Cure 11. I Thought About You

Brain Smasher... A Love Story 1993

A professional model, Sam Crain, is asked by her sister to smuggle a package from Europe to Portland Oregon, where she discovers that her sister is battling Chinese Shaolin Monks (not ninjas!). Fleeing the monks, Sam unwittingly involves Ed "Brainsmasher" Molloy, a nightclub bouncer.

Amityville 1992: It's About Time 1992

When an old clock arrives at home as a gift, strange things begin to happen. The family that proudly assigned a privileged place to the clock in the living room, is unaware that this thing is a link to an old and evil house...

1992 2015

Set in Rome, Milan and different Italian cities, the TV series offers a thrilling story following six people whose lives are intertwined with the rapidly changing political landscape in the early 1990s, during which Italy was gripped by the Clean Hands investigation into political corruption. Subsequently, this led to the termination of the First Republican Party as well as the termination of several other Italian parties. This controversial period in Italy resulted in the suicide of various political figures.

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