Elstree 1976 2015

A documentary about ten very different lives connected by having appeared onscreen wearing masks or helmets in Star Wars.

Sine Legibus 1976 2018

The thoughts of Mica Olip, 105, with glimpses into her life. Given voice, the thoughts take us to the bilingual villages of south Carinthia. The year is 1976, when the Austrian national government requests that members of minorities be counted across the country, to establish whether a minority is eligible for bilingual place-name signs. The census is broadly boycotted by the Slovenian minority in Carinthia. In a small mountain village of Sele, four boys decide to carry out a unique operation: to hijack the ballot box.

The Midnight Special: 1976 2006

Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special 1976 Dvd! Live on stage in 1976: Elton John (Your Song), Hot Chocolate (You Sexy Thing), Fleetwood Mac (Over My Head), Diana Ross (Love Hangover), Tom Jones (Delilah), Donna Summer (Love To Love You Baby), Wild Cherry (Play That Funky Music), Ray Charles (Georgia On My Mind), Heart (Magic Man), George Benson (Masquerade), Janis Ian (At Seventeen), and many more!

Shanghai 1976 2008

Shanghai 1976 is a moving story that tells the tale of a forbidden love and of the loss of innocence in Shanghai, China, in the turbulent year 1976. Four young people come of age and fall in love against the backdrop of political and historical events. Their heritage reflects Shanghai's cosmopolitan history. Two Eurasian girls, sisters, meet and fall in love with two Chinese men. As their lives become more entangled, they find themselves ostracized. While the Great Cultural Revolution unravels around them, these four begin to dream new dreams, to reach for freedom and to nurture hope for a brighter future.

Reconstructions 1952-1976 1976

A reconstructed view of the surroundings I had as a child. I place the camera in the space at different levels corresponding to different stages in my life as I grew up. Constant camera movements show objects from extreme close-up, a perspective alien to the eye opening up a microcosm which remains hidden to the normal observer.

Blue Öyster Cult: Live 1976 1976

Live 1976 is a live video by the American hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1991 in Europe by Castle Communications on VHS, 15 years after the recording that is on the tape. It was recorded in suburban Maryland (The Washington, DC Metro area) during the tour for their Agents of Fortune album and included the same lineup that was featured on that album. The concert was also released as a live album on CD, with the same track listing.

Kiss [1976] Houston, Texas 1976

Kiss at The Summit, Houston, TX, USA Detroit Rock City King of the Night Time World Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll Strutter Hotter Than Hell Shout It Out Loud Cold Gin Guitar Solo Nothin' to Lose

Faces 1976–1996 1997

Faces 1976–1996 is a short film made by Australian artist Sue Ford.

Short Films 1976 1976

Four films verging on portraiture, converging to make a drama for all seasons, starring: Jane Brakhage as The Dreamer; Bob Benson as The Magnificent Stranger; Omar Beagle as The Snow Plow Man; and Jimmy Ryan Morris as The Poet and as Doc Holliday.

1976 FIA Formula One World Championship Season Review 1976

Formula One 1976 Review - Hunt for the Title is the DVD review of the 1976 Formula 1 season. This was the year when Britain's James Hunt, in the McLaren, amazingly clinched the Formula One Drivers Championship during the final Grand Prix of the season in Japan. The reigning Champion, Niki Lauda in the Ferrari, started the 1976 season as the favourite for the Championship. His nearest rival, Emerson Fittipaldi, made the patriotic switch from McLaren to the Brazilian funded Copersucar team. This left a hole at McLaren... it was filled by the ambitious British hopeful with the playboy image, James Hunt, to set the scene for a dramatic season of racing.

The New Avengers 1976

The New Avengers is a British secret agent fantasy adventure television series produced during 1976 and 1977. It is a sequel to the 1960s series, The Avengers and was developed by original series producers Albert Fennell and Brian Clemens. The series was produced by The Avengers Enterprises Ltd for the ITV network, cost £125,000 per episode to produce at Pinewood Studios in England and was seen in 120 countries. A joint United Kingdom-France-Canada production, the series picks up the adventures of John Steed as he and his team of "Avengers" fight evil plots and world domination. Whereas in the original series Steed had almost always been partnered with a woman, in the new series he had two partners: Mike Gambit, a top agent, crack marksman and trained martial artist, and Purdey, a former trainee with The Royal Ballet who was an amalgam of many of the best talents from Steed's female partners in The Avengers.

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