Fårö Document 1979 1979

In 1969 he made, with Sven Nykvist as cinematographer, The Fårö Document, a film that ended with a rather pessimist view of the island’s future. One of the scenes in the film is of a school-bus and its young passengers. To these and to the realities ten years later Bergman returns in the long documentary Fårö Document 1979.

The Concorde... Airport '79 1979

The last of the 'Airport' series again stars George Kennedy as aviation disaster-prone Joe Patroni, this time having to contend with nuclear missiles, the French Air Force and the threat of the plane splitting in two over the Alps!

The Siege of Mecca 2018

On November 20, 1979 at 5:30 AM, hundreds of armed men take over the Grand Mosque of Mecca, transforming the holiest shrine of Islam into a fortress and a trap for almost 100.000 pilgrims inside. This is the beginning of the SIEGE OF MECCA.

Rocky II 1979

After Rocky goes the distance with champ Apollo Creed, both try to put the fight behind them and move on. Rocky settles down with Adrian but can't put his life together outside the ring, while Creed seeks a rematch to restore his reputation. Soon enough, the "Master of Disaster" and the "Italian Stallion" are set on a collision course for a climactic battle that is brutal and unforgettable.

Afghanistan 1979: The War That Changed the World 2014

'Afghanistan 1979: the war that changed the world', is a French documentary about the Sovjet invasion in Afghanistan in 1979. It was one of the most crucial events of the 20th century, and changed the world forever. This documentary gives a good insight in the Afghan-Russian war ; the alliance between the Russian and Afghan communist governments ; Islamic resistance ; the support of America for the resistance and its consequences on the war.

B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 2015

Music, art and chaos in the wild West-Berlin of the 1980s. The walled-in city became the creative melting pot for sub- and pop-culture. Before the iron curtain fell, everything and anything seemed possible. B-Movie is a fast-paced collage of mostly unreleased film and TV footage from a frenzied but creative decade, starting with punk and ending with the Love Parade, in a city where the days are short and the nights are endless. Where it was not about long-term success, but about living for the moment - the here and now.

The Cars: Live - Musikladen, 1979 2000

his video features a live performance of The Cars, made during their only tour of Europe. Filmed in 1979, the concert took place in Germany, and was shot at Radio Bremen Studios for the German television show Musikladen. Music from the band's first two albums are showcased, including signature tunes like "Let the Good Times Roll", and "Don't Cha Stop". Another highlight is the inclusion of "Take What You Want", which was never recorded for album release, but was a favorite on their American concert tours. The DVD version of the video also contains a lengthy interview with all five band members, together for the first time in 13 year.

Moving Stillness: Mount Rainier 1979 1979

Moving Stillness: Mount Rainier 1979, by incorporating a large body of water, with video and sound recordings of nature, was pioneering in its use of mixed media. It is a meditation on the fragility of nature and our perception of its changes over time. A screen is suspended above a large shallow pool of water. A projector with three separate beams (one each for red, green and blue light) sends an image of Mount Rainier to the surface of the water that then bounces up to reach the rear projection screen. At periodic intervals, the water’s surface is manually disturbed causing the three beams of color to separate, until finally becoming an unrecognizable pattern of form and color. Slowly the water settles, to once more form a coherent image after the surface vibrations subside.

The Woolworths Choir of 1979 2012

Concerned with processes of assembly, CHOIR brings together disparate bodies of material and archival technologies into dissonant concert. It is a work of several parts. Part one constructs an auditorium in which an action will be staged. Part two assembles the chorus to narrate the action. Part three supplies the action.

Wire on the Box: 1979 1979

The first-ever official live document from brilliant 70s art-punks Wire is finally released on this CD/DVD set, which captures their 1979 performance on then-West Germany's "Rockpalast" show.

Spider-Woman 1979

Spider-Woman is an animated television series, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Woman. The series was produced by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and Marvel Comics Animation, and aired on September 22, 1979 to January 3, 1980, one season of sixteen episodes, on the ABC-TV network. It was DePatie-Freleng's final series before its reincorporation as Marvel Productions.

Melodifestivalen 1979

Melodifestivalen 1979 was the selection for the 19th song to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the 18th time that this system of picking a song had been used. 452 songs were submitted to SVT for the competition. The final was broadcast on TV1 but was not broadcast on radio.

Girls' Generation 1979 2017

Story is set in Daegu, South Korea during the 1970's. Lee Jung-Hee is in the 2nd grade of high school. She has a bright personality and is the second daughter of a family who runs a toy factory. She and her friends go through adolescence.

The Miracle Worker (1979)

The Miracle Worker is a 1979 television remake of the 1962 film with the same name. It is based on the life of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan's struggles to teach her. The 1979 film starred The Patty Duke Show actress Patty Duke as Annie Sullivan and also starred Little House on the Prairie actress Melissa Gilbert as Helen Keller. It produced a TV sequel, Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues in 1984.

Roots: The Next Generations 1979

Roots: The Next Generations is a television miniseries, introduced in 1979, continuing, from 1882 to the 1960s, the fictionalized story of the family of Alex Haley and their life in Henning, Lauderdale County, Tennessee, USA. This sequel to the 1977 miniseries is based on the last seven chapters of Haley's novel entitled Roots: The Saga of an American Family plus additional material by Haley. Roots: The Next Generations was produced with a budget of $16.6 million, nearly three times as large as that of the original.

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