Amor y sexo (Safo 1963) 1964

Independently-wealthy woman tries to break free of repressive, conservative cultural constraints.

High and Hallowed: Everest 1963 2013

HIGH AND HALLOWED: EVEREST 1963 is the deeper story of the greatest Himalayan climb in American mountaineering history. Profiling the bold and visionary efforts of the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition, the film examines the sheer commitment, step-by-step struggle and lasting impact of the first American ascent of Mt. Everest and the pioneering first ascent of the West Ridge. Five decades later, HIGH AND HALLOWED: EVEREST 1963 journeys back to Everest to discover if the essence of risk, adventure and the unknown that drew the first Americans to the summit still exists on Everest today.

November 22, 1963 2013

Josiah “Tink” Thompson discusses the Kennedy assassination, the nature of truth and photographic evidence in this short film from director Errol Morris.

An American Girl Story - Melody 1963: Love Has to Win 2016

Set in Detroit during the Civil Rights Movement, "An American Girl Story - Melody 1963: Love Has to Win" examines the joyful life and troubled times of an irrepressible 10-year-old African-American girl whose vivid imagination and creativity reinforce her optimism. When shocking national events threaten her sense of security, Melody must find inner strength to restore her hope for a better world.

Freedom Movement, 1963: Two Films

Freedom Movement 1963 presents a double feature of Harvey Richards' films about the civil rights movement in 1963. The first is Freedom Bound, a film shot in Mississippi about the voter registration drives of SNCC and the NAACP. The second is Freedom March about the San Francisco protest march of 15,000 people after the Birmingham, Alabama bombings that killed four young girls.

1963: A Year to Remember 2013

A look back at the tumultuous political events of 1963 including the Profumo scandal, the assassination of President Kennedy and the rise of Alec Douglas-Home and Harold Wilson, with former foreign secretary Lord Carrington, former Downing Street adviser Lord Donoughue and historian Lord Hennessy of Nymphsfield.

1963 Mets: Let's Go, Mets 1963

Mets' promotional film of the 1963 season in which the Mets finished with a 51-111 record, tenth in the National League. Includes interviews with Mets players in the final season of the Polo Grounds, a look at the Mets' new home, Shea Stadium, and the presentation by New York Mayor Robert Wagner of the first Mayor's trophy to manager Casey Stengel for the Mets' victory over the Yankees.

Deconstructing the Beatles: 1963 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! 2018

In late 1962, the Beatles stepped into EMI studios for the first time, meeting producer George Martin and beginning an unparalleled and remarkable recording career. Over the next eighteen months, they would release four number one singles (including “She Loves You” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand”) and two number one albums while becoming worldwide superstars. In Deconstructing The Beatles 1963 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!, Scott Freiman explores the music that helped launch Beatlemania.

11.22.63 2016

An English teacher travels back in time to prevent the Kennedy assassination, but discovers he is attached to the life he has made in a bygone era.

The Great Train Robbery 2013

8 August 1963: Britain wakes up to news of the biggest robbery in the country’s history. A train has been hijacked and robbed, 35 miles from its arrival in central London. The country is stunned. Who could be behind it? How did they pull off such an audacious raid?

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