Gangnam Blues 2015

A "gangster noir" set in the 1970s, when Gangnam, Seoul goes under development. Political powers and darker organizations collide as they seek to grab control of the influential and exclusive area.

Street Scenes 1970 1970

In the late spring of 1970, nationwide protests against the war in Vietnam focused in the Wall Street area of New York City and ultimately in a major anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C.. A group of New York University film students documented the demonstrations as they happened in both cities. Later, in New York, the massive amount of black and white and color 16mm footage was edited into this important record of the day-by-day events. The extended final scene, shot by Edward Summer in a hotel room in Washington, D.C., is a spontaneous conversation among Martin Scorsese, Harvey Keitel, Jay Cocks and Verna Bloom who, along with a large group of NYU students, found themselves frustrated and perplexed by the events and hopeful that the protests would result in change.

1970 1972

A dramatic autobiographical film that is a multiplexed portrait of the San Francisco sub-culture of the 1960's, "a lasting testament to a time we will never forget"

Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Disco 2018

Sex Fashion and Disco is a documentary film concerning Antonio Lopez (1943-1987), the most influential fashion illustrator of 1970s Paris and New York, and his colorful and sometimes outrageous milieu.

The Doors - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 2018

Filmed on August 1970, 2AM, in front of 600,000 people, with Jim Morrison’s ongoing Miami obscenity trial still weighing heavily on the band, they traverse such staples as “Roadhouse Blues”, “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”, and “Light My Fire”.

Harlem School 1970 2018

A unique 'direct cinema' feature length documentary (no narration or interviews) originally filmed in the Spring of 1970 and concluded during the Summer of 2017 (footage added, restored, and re-edited). A day in the life of an inner-city Harlem elementary school. In 2018 filmmaker Phil Gries reunited with seven of his former Harlem elementary students whom he hadn't seen in 50 years.

Rochdale College 1970 1970

Rochdale College was an experiment with new ideas and ways of living while being conventionally forced to live within the old, dead civilization and its structures. The results inevitably show confusion and angered disillusionment. The new ideas and ways, never allowed time to evolve and produce positive results, were smothered for the sake of convenience and convention. The film is ultimately a nostalgic reminiscence of the Sixties.

London Rock (1970)

Documentary covering the counter-culture in London in 1970 01 - Introduction > 02 - Overview > 03 - Marc Bolan > 04 - Linda Lewis & Friends > 05 - Portobello Road 06 - Time Out Magazine > 07 - The Faces > 08 - Matthews Southern Comfort 09 - Fairport Convention > 10 - Festivals, An Electric Stonehenge?

Inside Black Sabbath 1970-1992 2002

This DVD shows Tony Iommy Using his own examples to explain how Black Sabbath wrote, worked and played together. Also featured is archive footage of vintage Black Sabbath live and promo videos.

Let It Be (1970-1974) 1993

Chapter 15 of the series 18 decades of life in Mexico in the twentieth century. Images of the cultural, social and political life in Mexico from 1970 to 1974. During the presidential term of Luis Echeverria Alvarez fantasies of prosperous and modern country it dissolves; Mexico live in political crisis. It is a time of omnipotence, barbarism, and violence intervention: the world seeks new ways. In Mexico, it held the World Cup, unionism is strengthened and inflation responds to the continuing economic imbalances.

People Like That (1970-1985)

Gays and lesbians lived in silence and fear in Iceland for the better part of the 20th century. Local songwriter and actor Hordur Torfason was the first to come out publicly in an interview in 1975 which caused an uproar in Iceland. This interview marks the beginning of the struggle for civil rights for gays and lesbians. People Like That – first part chronicles this struggle, stories of people who took on the current system of oppression in the hope of creating a fair society in which they could flourish.

1970 Hot Summer Special 1970

Collection of ten Athletic Model Guild (AMG) shorts, packaged for feature length theatrical release. Some shorts included in this program are 'Getting Teacher's Goatee', the sci-fi themed 'Love 2001', 'Jonny's Birthday Present', 'Love for a Professor' and 'Love '& Impudent' is the Sailor'.

Black Sabbath: Paris 1970

Title: War Pigs. Label: Great Dane Records. Catalog#: GDR CD 9119. Venue: Paris, France, Olympia - 12/20/70. Recording: Soundboard - incredible good sound . Tracklist: Paranoid Hand Of Doom Iron Man Black Sabbath N.I.B. Behind The Wall Of Sleep War Pigs Fairies Wear Boots

October 1970 2006

A dramatization of the actual events surrounding the October Crisis in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Midsummer Rock: The Cincinnati Pop Festival 1970

Midsummer Rock is a television film based on the Cincinnati Pop Festival. The TV version consisted of 90 minutes air time and featured Alice Cooper, Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad, The Stooges, and Traffic.

The 1970s Office 2004

Two teams of advertising executives compete to win the Raleigh of Nottingham's 'Raleigh Chopper' Christmas ad campaign. One team live and work the 1970s - without computers, mobile phones, internet or even motorcycle couriers - and has two weeks to put together a pitch. The other has team access to all modern technology, but only has a day to do the job.

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