1968 2018

A.E.K., the well-known Greek basketball team founded in 1924 by refugees from Constantinople, after 44 years, beats SLAVIA of Prague and wins the European Cup.

1968 1968

Unfinished documentary about the "March of the 100,000", driven by the student movement against brazilian dictatorship in 1968. Glauber directed with "Antonio das Mortes'" cinematographer, Affonso Beatto. A mysterious film.

The Doors - Live in Europe 1968 1991

Filmed during their 1968 European tour, The Doors are captured in performances in London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. Paul Kantner and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, who shared the bill with The Doors on this tour, narrate this compilation.

1968 with Tom Brokaw 2007

In 1968, the fury and violence of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago propelled us toward a tipping point in politics. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, America suffered its bloodiest year in Vietnam and drugs seduced us. Yet idealism--and hope--flourished. Explore the significance of that turbulent year and the way it continues to affect the American landscape. Tom Brokaw offers his perspective on the era and shares the rich personal odysseys of some of the people who lived through that chaotic time, along with the stories of younger people now experiencing its aftershocks. Includes archival footage and interviews with former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, who was talking to King when he was assassinated and rushed to his side to try to staunch the wound; Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson, who wrestled RFKs' assassin to the ground; and Arlo Guthrie, best known for his song "Alice's Restaurant.

Film-Tract n° 1968 1968

In the 1968 movement in Paris, Jean-Luc Godard made a 16mm, 3-minute long film, Film-tract No.1968, Le Rouge, in collaboration with French artist Gérard Fromanger. Starting with the shot identifying its title written in red paint on the Le Monde for 31 July 1968, the film shows the process of making Fromanger’s poster image, which is thick red paint flows over a tri-color French flag. —Hye Young Min

Don't Work (1968-2018) 2018

César Vayssié has recorded the lives of Elsa Michaud and Gabriel Gauthier for a year. As they study Fine Arts in Paris, they experience a love relationship during troubled times, overwhelmed by visuals signs. Fifty years after the social events of May 1968 and on a catchy yet obsessive beat, a globalized violence which is even more visible due to the digital era is now confronted to outlines of stories and the insignificance of gestures.

June 8, 1968

A film which reenacts images taken by Paul Fusco of the train voyage that transported Robert Kennedy’s corpse from New York to Washington D.C. on June 8, 1968. The film takes the point of view of the dead, a tracking shot moves through rural and urban American landscapes. People who have come to pay their respects line the tracks, staring as if in an immobile trance.

Confrontation: Paris, 1968 1970

Student unrest in a university outside Paris sparks a huge civil revolt and general strike against Gaullist authoritarianism in France during the months of May and June, 1968.

Smithsonian Time Capsule: 1968 2018

A military uniform that represents the uniting of American and South Vietnamese forces. The Olympic tracksuit worn by Tommie Smith when he raised a fist in silent protest. The original art by Roy Lichtenstein on his powerful "Gun in America" Time Magazine cover. These are just some of the objects on display at various Smithsonian museums that tell the story of one of the most influential years in American history: 1968. Through these remarkable artifacts, witness a year of courage, revolution, tragedy, and triumph.

Occupation 1968 2018

Documentary about the Occupation, as seen through the eyes of the occupiers. Five countries from the Warsaw Pact occupied Czechoslovakia in 1968. Fifty years later, five directors from these five countries shoot five short films about the invasion from the perspective of the people who played the part of the occupiers.

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