1973 2006

“1973” Is the tale on the life of three people who were born in Mexico City in the year of 1973, it starts since their first memory until today. The three of them want to be someone they can’t achieve, they share the dream of running away from the city, but finally they fail and find three different ways of personal destruction.

Black Satan - 1973

Kara Seytan AKA: THE BLACK DEVIL Dir: Bulent Oran Cast: Behcet Nacar, Gulgun Erdem. TURKEY - 1973

Westworld 1973

In a futuristic resort, wealthy patrons can visit recreations of different time periods and experience their wildest fantasies with life-like robots. But when Richard Benjamin opts for the wild west, he gets more than he bargained for when a gunslinger robot goes berserk.

The Sting 1973

Set in the 1930s this intricate caper deals with an ambitious small-time crook and a veteran con man who seek revenge on a vicious crime lord who murdered one of their gang.

Not Scared to Die 1973

Historical movie set during the Japanese occupation of China during WWII. Jackie Chan is one of the good guys but has nothing much more than a supporting role.

Treasure Island 1973

Young Jim Hawkins, a pirate mouse named Hiccup, Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney hire a ship to find the legendary treasure of notorious late pirate Captain Flint. However, Flint's former crewmates plan to take over the ship.

Soylent Green 1973

In an overpopulated futuristic Earth, a New York police detective finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff.

Room Film 1973 1973

"This film is a consequent continuation and contraction of my film work, research which began with Room (1967). The film is not a translation of anything, it is not a representation of anything, not even of consciousness."

1973 revoluciones por minuto 2009

Un actor caracterizado como Salvador Allende interpreta un monólogo en un teatro desierto en un barrio de Manhattan. El monólogo cubre las últimas horas de Allende en La Moneda, desde donde repasa sus errores mientras espera el ataque de las tropas golpistas. En paralelo, vemos imágenes de la época, mientras una voz en off (Alejandro Cohen) lee textos de la Divina Comedia que se engarzan poéticamente con el personaje.

Aida (1973 Tokyo)

Here, we catch Cossotto within the period when she was delivering the meatiest and arguably most satisfying singing of her career. Her voice in 1973 remains a beautiful, distinctive, and responsive instrument, one ideal for conveying both sides of Aida's rival, outwardly fierce yet vulnerable and, ultimately, noble in spirit as well as birth. Carlo Bergonzi's Radamés signs of age-related decline on the great tenor's part are few. The voice is a little thicker and less freely produced than in previous years, and there is evidence here and there of a slight "tug" on some notes from the passagio upwards. The soprano Orianna Santunione, is a far less familiar and celebrated name seems to labor to meet demands of volume, and in the early scenes gives the impression of conserving. However, beginning with her first aria, she begins to pull it together, and somewhere along the way her diligence and responsibility transmute into something more, something quite affecting.

Dragon: Since 1973 2003

He once remarked that the first key to immortality was "living a life worth remembering." Those who knew and worked with the legendary Bruce Lee share much that is worth remembering about the martial arts and silver screen legend in this entertaining biographical program, which includes fascinating analyses of his classic films from their editor, as well as stars Kien Shih and Kun Li.

Roxy Music Musikladen 1973 1973

Roxy Music performing live on the Musikladen TV Show in May 1973, Bremen, Germany. Songs: Virginia Plain / Do The Strand / Edition of You / In Every Dream Home / Remake Remodel / Street Life / Pyjamarama / Mother Of Pearl / Amazona / Psalm / All I Want Is You / Out Of The Blue / If It Takes All Night / Over You / Oh Yeah

Gong: Montserrat 1973 and Other Stories 2006

A collection featuring rare Daevid Allen and Gong performances and short films. Moody, atmospheric live film of Gong onstage in a cathedral in Montserrat in 1973 with the classic line-up.

1973 SANFL Grand Final 1973

In the last top-level Australian rules football Grand Final held at Adelaide Oval, Glenelg beat North Adelaide by 7 points.

Miles Davis: Stadthalle, Vienna 1973 2009

This concert from the Jazz legend was recorded in 1973 with a very similar line-up to the later releases Dark Magus, Agharta, and Pangaea, featuring Al Foster on drums, Michael Henderson on bass, Mtume on percussion, Dave Liebman on sax, and, most importantly, Reggie Lucas and Pete Cosey on guitar. It contains some material from the previously listed albums, and plenty that is not, at least in any recognizable form. Jazz VIP. 2009.

Ben Webster: In Hannover: 1973

Saxophone legend Ben Webster is captured in fine form backed by no less than the Oscar Peterson Trio in this rare taped performance from Hannover, Germany, in 1973. It would be the last collaboration for Webster and the band before the musician's untimely demise a year later. The set list includes well-known standards such as "Poutin," "Sunday," "I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good," " Perdido," "Come Sunday," "For All We Know" and "Cottontail."

Barbarians v All Blacks 1973 2005

The All Blacks went into their final tour match having recorded victories over Wales, Scotland and England: the Barbarians, as is their tradition, had limited preparation, an uncapped player and an obligation to attack. However, the Barbarians' side was comprised of many of the truly great players of the era - Duckham, Gibson, JPR Williams, Bennett, Edwards, McBride and Carmichael - and together they were to produce a truly remarkable team performance, including a try from Gareth Edwards in the third minute which has proved, with the passage of time, to have been one of the best in the history of the game. Soon, the All Blacks, with outstanding players like Going, Batty and Williams, began to match their opponents' exhilarating quality. As attack and counter-attack brought a fantastic response from the Arms Park, the stage was set for the greatest rugby match ever seen. Special Features: Commentary with Phil Bennett, David Duckham and Gareth Edwards.

Love in USSR 2012

This story take place in Moscow during the 1970s and unfolds around the love triangle between two young men and a girl who study at the same university. They argue, make up, and face their first disappointments and victories. While busy with personal lives and loves, they miss foreseeing that the country in which they were born and live will soon disappear from the map.

Prime Suspect 1973 2017

Prime Suspect 1973 tells the story of 22-year-old Jane Tennison's first days in the police force, in which she endured flagrant sexism before being thrown in at the deep end with a murder enquiry.

Doraemon 1973

Nobita Nobi is so hapless that his 22nd century decendants are still impoverished as a result of his 20th century bumbling. In a bid to raise their social status, their servant, a robotic cat named Doraemon, decides to travel back in time and guide Nobita on the proper path to fortune. Unfortunately Doraemon, a dysfunctional robot that the familly acquired by accident (but chose to keep nonetheless), isn't much better off than Nobita. The robot leads Nobita on many adventures, and while Nobita's life certainly is more exciting with the robot cat from the future, it is questionable if it is in fact better in the way that Doraemon planned.

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