1957 2018

A historical drama. A story of struggle, hard work, and hope – even when the very reason for hope is all of a sudden gone. A group of farmers in Bicol are at the mercy of Don Jose, a strict and abusive landlord. 20-year-old Lucio, son of Carding, a former member of the Hukbalahap, their follow corn-growers and respective families, anticipate the arrival of President Ramon Magsaysay in their area, for genuine land reform to take place.

Sopot 1957 1957

Documentary Short by Jerzy Hoffman and Edward Skórzewski

1957 Hati Malaya 2007

Four young Malaysians, Salmi, Razak, Ani and Angee have been assigned to do a picture book of ‘1957’. While two of them grudgingly carry out the request made by the publisher, Zahari, one of them takes on the role enthusiastically. Along the way, they find themselves immersed in the characters, emotional moments, identifying with and finding meaning in the struggle of ‘1957’. They weave the story of independence by transporting themselves back to the past. Ordinary Malaysians who fell in love, and found their love for the country override their personal emotions. The present characters find new meaning to ‘Merdeka’

Architect Joze Plecnik: 1872-1957 2008

Plečnik in photographs, Plečnik's house, Trnovo bridge, Trnovo port, Ljubljana castle, shoemaking bridge, triple bridge, market, lock, church of St. Jožef, church in Šiška, Church of Cyril and Methodius in Bežigrad, football stadion, baptistery of the church in Črnuče, church at Barje, NUK, Roman wall, Križanke, Vegova, Peglezen, Tivoli, Chamber of Crafts, mutual insurance company, Žale

Woman and the Hunter - 1957 1957

When embittered safari guide David Kirby accepts a fateful commission to lead a hunting trip for wealthy and ruthless American Mitchell Gifford, tragedy soon intervenes and the big game hunt becomes a man hunt.

Historic Forestry & Logging Films 1920-1957 2011

This is the ultimate classic forestry and forest films collection. All seven of these rare, vintage films stand out, and each brings a new angle of historical perspective with which we can learn from the environmental mistakes of the past; the mindset of the logging and lumber industry at this time in American history was so different than today, due to extreme general apathy and lack of public interest in environmental culture and law development. Watch how forestry preservation theories have developed over the past 50-75 years! This DVD has awesome classic videos and pictures of forestry, logging, lumber, wood, redwood trees, maple trees, pine, red oak, sawmills, lumber mills and hardwood. From the unforgettable footage and pictures of the redwoods being chopped down in Redwood Saga, to the unbelievable guest appearance by Smokey the Bear in Vision in the Forest, this forestry DVD has all the greatest and most pertinent historical footage available.

Composing the Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney 1957 - 1965 2008

Documentary / Music/Musical - Reviews the partnership, music and impact of Lennon and McCartney as composers. Drawing on rare footage, classic performances and comments from friends and Beatles musicologists, this program reveals the story of how their classic songs were written.

Three Violent People 1956

A rancher (Charlton Heston), his shady bride (Anne Baxter) and his one-armed brother (Tom Tryon) fight amid carpetbaggers in Texas.

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll 1957

A young woman discovers she is the daughter of the infamous Dr. Jekyll, and begins to believe that she may also have a split personality, one of whom is a ruthless killer.

White Peril 1956

This RKO Pathé Screenliner show members of the 'snow patrol' at work in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. At designated places, they measure snowfall and take core samples of the snow and measure its weight and density. They also measure river currents in relation to the snowfall. The data is used by the U.S. Geological Survey to help determine how the water runoff in the spring will translate into supplies of fresh water.

Polar Outpost 1957

This RKO-Pathe short film produced with the assistance of the United States Air Force is about the construction of the DEW Line, the Distant Early Warming System, a string of radar stations built across Alaska and the Canadian north as part of NORAD, the North American Air Defense Command. These are isolated outposts, many of which are only accessible by air. Buildings, roads and landing strips had to be built from scratch. There's a visit to Barrow Village, Alaska the most northern point of US territory.

Big Blue Goose 1956

In this RKO Sportscope short, a naturalist and his wife go to Louisiana bayou country to hunt a particular species of goose.

Alert Today - Alive Tomorrow 1956

This short shows how the city of Reading, Pennsylvania would implement civil defense procedures to help residents survive a nuclear attack. Through a network of volunteers, makeshift hospitals would be set up, auxiliary police officers would maintain order, and other elements of the civil defense program would be put in place.

American Bandstand 1952

American Bandstand was an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 until its final season by Dick Clark, who also served as producer. The show featured teenagers dancing to Top 40 music introduced by Clark; at least one popular musical act—over the decades, running the gamut from Jerry Lee Lewis to Run DMC—would usually appear in person to lip-sync one of their latest singles. Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon holds the record for most appearances at 110. The show's popularity helped Dick Clark become an American media mogul and inspired similar long-running music programs, such as Soul Train and Top of the Pops. Clark eventually assumed ownership of the program through his Dick Clark Productions company.

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