Broadway Melody of 1938 1937

Steve Raleight wants to produce a show on Broadway. He finds a backer, Herman Whipple and a leading lady, Sally Lee. But Caroline Whipple forces Steve to use a known star, not a newcomer. Sally purchases a horse, she used to train when her parents had a farm before the depression and with to ex-vaudevillians, Sonny Ledford and Peter Trott she trains it to win a race, providing the money Steve needs for his show.

Termites of 1938 1938

The stooges are pest exterminators, mistakenly hired by a rich lady looking for an escort to a fancy society party. The stooges wreck the fancy mansion where the party is taking place and befuddle the guest of honor, an English Lord.

The Big Broadcast of 1938 1938

The Bellows family causes comic confusion on an ocean liner, with time out for radio-style musical acts.

Our Gang Follies of 1938 1937

Alfalfa gives up being "King of the Crooners" to sing opera, but a nightmare of being under the thumb of an evil producer sends him back to his roots.

Breakdowns of 1938 1938

This was one of the annual "blooper" reels screened by the Warners Club, an organization of Warners actors, crew and executives. It was meant to poke fun at the flubs and bloopers that occurred ont the set of some of the major Warner Bros. pictures of 1938.

Vogues of 1938 1937

An early Technicolor musical that concentrates on the fashions of the late 1930s, this film was reissued under the title All This and Glamour Too. The top models of the era, including several who are advertising household products, are in the cast. The plot centers around a chic boutique, whose owner, George Curson (Warner Baxter), tries hard to please his customers while keeping peace with his unhappy wife. A wealthy young woman, Wendy Van Klettering (Joan Bennett), decides to take a job as a model at the fashion house, just to amuse herself, but her presence annoys Curson, who must put together the best possible show to compete with rival fashion houses at the Seven Arts Ball. The film includes several hit songs, including the Oscar-nominated "That Old Feeling" by Sammy Fain and Lew Brown.

Mystery of Room 13 - 1938

Mystery of Room 13 AKA: Mr. Reeder in Room 13. Dir: Norman Lee. Cast: Peter Murray Hill, Sally Grey UK - 1938

Jornal Português (1938-1951) 2005

The newsreel series Jornal Português (1938-1951) was produced for the Secretariat of National Propaganda (SPN/SNI) by the "Portuguese Newsreel Society" (SPAC), under the technical supervision of António Lopes Ribeiro. It was conceived and employed as part of the propaganda machinery of Salazar's regime. Screened in cinema theatres prior to the main feature film, each issue of Jornal had approximately ten minutes in length and covered a variety of official government acts, national political news, major sports events and other assorted social and cultural affairs. Jornal Português is not only an indispensable document for the history of Estado Novo's propaganda, but also an unparalleled audiovisual archive of 1940s Portugal.

News Parade of the Year, 1938 1938

All the news from 1938 that was fit to print including a New England hurricane, Germany’s annexation of Austria, a promise from Roosevelt to defend Canada and the Munich Pact.

Popeye the Sailor: 1933-1938 - Volume One

Popeye The Sailor: 1933-1938 Volume One (DVD) Spinach--YUCK! But not to the most famous, fearless comic strip sailor in the world--Popeye. Whether romancing his longtime sweetheart, Olive Oyl, rescuing defenseless infant Swee'pea, or wrestling his nasty nemesis, Bluto, Popeye summons his spinach-induced strength to save the day. With one gulp of the vitamin-rich vegetable, Popeye transforms his scrawny body into a human dynamo! For high seas hijinks or landlocked levity, turn to the hilarious animated antics of that two-fisted tar--Popeye.

The Dalfram Dispute 1938: Pig Iron Bob

In October 1938, dockworkers outside Sydney refused to load the ship Dalfram, with iron destined for Japan They believed it would be used to make bullets by the Japanese during their invasion of China- they believed Australia would be next.

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