Gold Diggers of 1935 1935

Romance strikes when a vacationing millionairess and her daughter and son spend their vacation at a posh New England resort.

Dream Team 1935 2013

A story about the Latvian basketball team, which won the first-ever European Championships in 1935 and its enthusiastic head coach Valdemars Baumanis.

Warszawa 1935 2013

"Warszawa 1935" ("Warsaw 1935") is a short movie which was produced by the Newborn special effects studio for nearly 4 years, showing the audience for the very first time the capital of Poland in the mid-war period. This film will take us to the streets of the city, presenting the precisely reconstructed pre-war Warsaw architecture. The main source of images for the digital reconstruction was photographs available among others in the State Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw. (source: promotional materials)

Radio Parade of 1935 1934

One of the first screen outings for Will Hay. Hay plays the Director General of the National Broadcasting Group (NBG) who hides away in his office unaware that the general feeling about his programming is that it is too high-brow and the public are not happy. However, when he discovers this he decides to take action and promotes Jimmy, his Head of the Complaints Department, to Programme Director. Jimmy decides that a series of variety spectaculars are what the public want and sets about hiring the acts. But obstacles are put in his way and he discovers that the NBG has its own cluster of wannabe variety stars.

No Contest! 1934

Ruth Etting is the star attraction on the Albertson Travel Agency radio show. When her producers learn that her recordings are on another program at the same time, they devise a contest, based on the words in a song she sings, in which the winner gets Etting's services at a banquet.

Good Morning, Eve! 1934

Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden preparing their latest meal, which includes contemplating if they should try eating an apple despite the serpent's warning. After their meal, they take stroll through time. They make a few stops along the way for some musical interludes. These stops include in the Gardens of Emperor Nero of Rome for a concert circa 100 A.D., in King Arthur's court, and at a beach resort in current times.

King of the Islands 1936

In this musical short, a shipwrecked sailor is washed up on the shores of a tropical island and falls in love with a beautiful princess.

Double Exposure 1935

An aspiring photographer and his bumbling assistant go to great lengths to take a picture of a beautiful actress whose wealthy husband does not want her photographed.

She 1935

Leo Vincey, told by his dying uncle of a lost land visited 500 years ago by his ancestor, heads out with family friend Horace Holly to try to discover the land and its secret of immortality, said to be contained within a mystic fire. Picking up Tanya, a guide's daughter, in the frozen Russian arctic, they stumble upon Kor, revealed to be a hidden civilization ruled over by an immortal queen, called She, who believes Vincey is her long-lost lover John Vincey, Leo's ancestor.

Carnival Day 1936

It's carnival time, crowds gather for horse races and the games and food of a midway. Bobby the singing jockey will be riding the favorite Stardust, and if they win, the prize money will enable Bobby to ask Maggie, a carnival florist, to marry him. Tony, an exuberant balloon man, happens on a plot to hobble Stardust. Tony has bet his business on the race's outcome. How will Stardust do?

Off the Record 1936

This musical short salutes bandleader B.A. Rolfe on his 40th anniversary in show business.

Dublin in Brass 1935

In this musical short, a singing Irishman graduates from a police academy and heads to New York City to join the force.

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