Schellebelle 1919 2011

The movie tells the story of the farming family Van de Velde, in the aftermath of the First World War. The farmer and his son, who have fought in the trenches of the Yser, are still missing in 1919, and the mother has died, so the eldest daughter Coralie runs the farm now on her own. She has welcomed 25 orphans during the war, but the Child Welfare Commission wants to put them in an orphanage. And some local notables with a sneaky plan want to take possession of the farm. But Coralie and the orphans fight back...

1919 1997

The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 is recast as a slapstick silent set in a bathhouse.

My 1919 1999

To the Chinese, the Conference at Versailles was more of an insult at their dignity and sovreignity than a celebration of peace.

The Unforgettable Year 1919 1951

Soviet propaganda film in two episodes about Stalin's strong and cruel suppression of the 1919 anti-communist uprising in St. Petersburg, Russia. Stalin and Lenin are shown as heroes who destroyed the efforts of anti-communists led by White Russians with support from "bad" British capitalists headed by Sir Winston Churchill and Lloyd George.

1919, crónica del alba 1983

In 1939, José Garcés is in French prison camp after the defeat of Spain's Republicans. To entertain and inspire his fellow prisoners, he tells the story of becoming a man in 1919, the year he realized that learning to live is the same as learning to die. His stiff and demanding father loses a fortune in German war bonds, takes a job in Caspe, and leaves José on his own in Zaragoza to finish high school while apprenticing in a pharmacy. José courts his beloved Valentina via letters, becomes intimate with Isabel, a maid he meets in a cinema who shares his ideas of free love, and comes under the influence of El Checa, an anarchist and gentle teacher who leads a doomed revolt.

New York: Cosmopolis (1919–1931) 1999

Following World War I, Manhattan becomes the cultural capital of the world, serving as the home to the brand new industries of radio broadcasting, magazines, advertising and public relations. Major cultural contributions were made by F. Scott Fitzgerald, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, and the Harlem Renaissance was the banner under which an explosion of African American culture and creativity lived. As the Great Depression dawned, the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building were completed.

Paris 1919: Un traité pour la paix 2009

The last shots had been fired in the First World War — but peace had yet to be made. Inspired by Margaret MacMillan’s acclaimed work of popular history, Paris 1919 takes us inside the most ambitious peace talks in history, revisiting the event with a vivid sense of narrative. Evoking a pivotal moment when peace seemed possible, director Paul Cowan reflects upon the hard-learned lessons of history.

Legion. Chronicle Ukrainian Galician Army 1918-1919 2015

Story line was created on the basis of witnesses’ memories. In scrupulous reconstructions we face the image of Ukrainian Sich Rifleman. Through the modern events we can have a better understanding of motivation and activities of historical characters.

1919-1939 : la drôle de paix 2009

For many French, who fought bravely, the First World War was to be the "all wars." Yet within two decades, Europe, and France in particular, was slipping again into the barbarism and cruelty of another conflict. The dreams of peace were dashed, and a new generation thrown into chaos. What sinister sequences preceded the Second World War? Back to the tragic events throughout the chronicle of a time nourished by passions and agitation, dominated by powerful personalities.

Silver Lands The Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939. 2012

For centuries, the peoples of Transcarpathia were isolated by politics, geography and poverty. Following WW1, as neighbouring states eyed the strategic and material potential of Transcarpathia, the region experienced a cultural renaissance. In 1939, as Europe prepared for war, the battle for control of the region escalated. Against a swell of political and military interventions, the republic of Carpatho-Ukraine was born, sowing the seeds for an independent Ukraine.

Presenting Felix the Cat: The Otto Messmer Classics 1919 - 1924

Felix the Cat is a rarity--a cartoon character so classic, so beloved, that he's stayed in the public eye for more than seventy-five years. Now Image Entertainment brings you the DVD that's the cat's meow--a collection of sixteen vintage Felix cartoons from 1919-1924, restored to their original projection speed with Dave Wickerham's rich new organ scores. The DVD contains the following cartoons: Paramount Magazine (including Felix's debut in "Feline Follies," as well as Earl Hurd's Bobby Bumps in "Their Master's Voice" and Frank Moser's Bud and Susie in "Down the Mississippi"), "Felix Saves the Day," "Felix in the Swim," "Felix Turns the Tide," "Felix Lends a Hand," "Felix Minds the Kid," "Felix in the Stone Age," "Felix the Ghost Breaker," "Felix Wins Out," "Felix Revolts," "Felix Gets Broadcasted," "Felix in Hollywood," "Felix in Fairyland," "Felix Out of Luck," "Felix Goes A-Hunting," "Felix Finds 'Em Fickle."

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