New Faces of 1937 1937

A crooked producer makes money from Broadway flops by selling more than 100% interest to multiple parties. He only fails if it makes a profit.

Nanking 2007

The story of the rape of Nanking, one of the most tragic events in history. In 1937, the invading Japanese army murdered over 200,000 and raped tens of thousands of Chinese. In the midst of this horror, a small group of Western expatriates banded together to save 250,000. Nanking shows the tremendous impact individuals can make on the course of history.

Guillena 1937 2013

In September 1937, seventeen women from Guillena were taken from their homes by order of the rebel authorities and taken to the Hall cell. A month later, after being harassed and publicly humiliated by the streets of his village, will be shot and buried in the cemetery of Gerena, a neighboring. It will take 75 years to achieve family begin the exhumation of the mass grave where his remains are crowded. This documentary reflects on the use of violence against women as a weapon of war and the need for the families of the disappeared to find and bury their loved ones.

Great Shanghai 1937 1986

In August 1937, Japanese troops occupied Shanghai. Three leaders in Shanghai go their separate ways: Jinrong Huang never sees other people; Xiaolin Zhang makes a great fortune and Yuesheng Du leaves for HongKong. Japanese form The Traitors Agents Headquarters to kill Chinese people. The patriotistic people composes the assassination team.

1937: Masacre de Ponce 2002

The Ponce Massacre took place on March 21, 1937 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, when a peaceful civilian march turned into a police shooting. 19 civilians and two policemen were killed, with more than 200 others wounded. It remains the largest massacre in post-Spanish imperial history in Puerto Rico.

Gold Diggers of 1937 1936

The partners of stage-producer J. J. Hobart gamble away the money for his new show. They enlist a gold-digging chorus girl to help get it back by conning an insurance company. But they don’t count on the persistence of insurance man Rosmer Peck and his secretary Norma Perry.

Don't Cry, Nanking 1995

In December 1937, during the Second Japanese-Sino War, a Chinese doctor, his Japanese pregnant wife, their teenage daughter and their young son travel from Shanghai to Nanjing seeking shelter in the Capital during the Japanese invasion. The family faces the Rape of Nanking by the Imperial Japanese Army, with rapes, mass murder of prisoners of war and civilians including women, children and elders, and disrespect of international conventions.

The Big Broadcast of 1937 1936

A cream-of-the-crop gathering of 1930's radio stars, who lend themselves to a storyline about a failing radio station which needs to put on a huge ratings winner to have any chance of continued operation. An interesting mixture of the stars whose fame continued to grow, those who became bit players in show business history, and those who have been forgotten entirely, except at the Internet Movie Database of course!

Images of the Estado Novo 1937-45 2016

Resorting on a vast archive material of newsreels, photographs, letters, family videos, fiction movies, diary and popular songs excerpts, the documentary reassesses the legacy of the dictatorial period of Getúlio Vargas (1937-1945). Through the comparison and analysis of these heterogeneous records, produced for different purposes, from political propaganda to family celebration, the film explores the several layers of the political web of the Estado Novo, exposing its external inspirational sources, functionality and contradictions.

Picasso: The Man and His Work Part 1 (1881-1937) 1976

Picasso: The Man and His Work, Part 1 - 1881-1937 is a comprehensive documentary featuring Pablo Picasso himself. Filmed largely at Picasso's home in the south of France, the video presents footage of the world-famous Spanish painter and sculptor at leisure and at work. During the last 22 years of Picasso's life, filmmaker Edward Quinn had unrestricted access to the artist. Here, Quinn creates a video scrapbook of exclusive home movies and photographs, as well as more than 600 of the artist's works never displayed in public. Simultaneously, he traces the development of Picasso's life and work, discussing certain pieces and periods, giving some insight into the artist's creative process.

Picasso: The Man and His Work Part 2 (1937-1973) 1976

To the very end, Pablo Picasso was just as complicatedly fascinating as his cubist paintings. This film focuses upon Picasso's last 22 years of life, utilizing personal photos, home movies, and well over 600 pieces of the artist's work -- some never before been seen by the general public -- to piece together the later part of this amazing man's life. In fact, scenes shot for this film were some of the last footage ever to be taken of the artist. Filmmaker Edward Quinn had the distinct advantage of complete access to the artist, and he used this close proximity to shed light on Picasso's uniquely creative process.

A Day at the Races 1937

Doctor Hugo Hackenbush, Tony, and Stuffy try and save Judy's farm by winning a big race with her horse. There are a few problems. Hackenbush runs a high priced clinic for the wealthy who don't know he has his degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Out Where the Stars Begin 1938

A "Broadway Brevity" short from Vitaphone shot in Technicolor that spoofs the Hollywood studio set-up. When the ballerina star of a musical feature walks off in a huff, aided by the fit-throwing director (Fritz Feld), her understudy (Evelyn Thawl) steps in and "a star is born."

Banyon 1972

The adventures of 1930's Los Angeles private eye Miles Banyon.

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