Lebbis and Jansen overdrive by 2004 2004

"To offer a counterbalance to the ever-hardening society make Lebbis and Jansen this year once a very different New Year's Eve ... no hard jokes, no insults, no shouting together, and certainly no links to all these terrible events of 2004. Lebbis Jansen and choose this year for poetry, for the warmth of the fireplace fire, for the touching story and especially to respect. "And this is absolute nonsense. Bullshit. Bullshit. Blah Blah Blah. A vergaderig of the LPF. A tactical discussion with the county. The setlist Gerard Joling Lebbis and Jansen go to this New Year's Eve DVD over everything that you can go over it. Now even harder! Now even higher! Now even funnier! Now oudejaarser, of course, but also a timeless document of two men in a turbulent time, two stand up comedians respects absolutely nothing and nobody, two well-built men who bear politically correct wristband as a cock ring. Because they can!

Pride Total Elimination 2004 2004

Pride Total Elimination 2004 was a mixed martial arts event held by Pride Fighting Championships. This event consisted of the first round of the 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix. It took place on April 25th, 2004, at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

Pride Final Conflict 2004 2004

Pride Final Conflict 2004 was a mixed martial arts event held by Pride Fighting Championships. This event held the final round of the 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament. It took place at the Saitama Super Arena on August 15th, 2004.

Athens 2004 Bia Kai Kthnwdia 2004

Mark Avgeris (the new giant of action Dimitris Polydouri) is the Greek wrestling champion. The syndicate pushes him to participate in match-fixing. When he refuses, his wife (Angela Metaxa- "The Remaliah of Athens") falls prey to wild rape and murder. After the devastating this blow, Mark falls in heroin, wanders in dirty Athens and do everything for the dose. The syndicate of murderers but not yet say his last word. They want the champion back, whatever the cost. Meanwhile Marco with the help of a cop (played by the cult star Notis Pitsilos) cuts the pinch and is becoming a merciless avenger.

Super Sentai Spirits 2004 Live 2004

Super Sentai Spirits 2004 Live was held in Shibuya O-EAST in November of 2004. Popular singers such as Isao Sasaki and Hironobu Kageyama sung all 31 Super Sentai theme songs, from GoRanger to DekaRanger!

Pride Shockwave 2004 2004

Pride Shockwave 2004 (marketed in Japan as "Otoko Matsuri - Sadame") was a mixed martial arts event held by Pride Fighting Championships. The event took place at the Saitama Super Arena on December 31st, 2004. This event held the final bout of the 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix because it had ended in a no contest at the Final Conflict event back in August.

Hello! Project 2004 Summer: Natsu no Doon! 2004

Hello! Project consist of various idol girl groups, mainly produced by Tsunku. "Natsu no Doon!" features a Hello! Project summer concert in 2004. It was filmed August 1 at Nagoya Hall and was also the graduation concert for Tsuji Nozomi and Kago Ai of Morning Musume.

Moving Targets 2004

Kit comes from a very fortunate family, with an outstanding police officer father When the family starts to break up, Man impulsively shot Kit's mother. After Kit's parents divorced, Kit viewed Man his father as an enemy. As an adult, he vowed to become a police officer, and to join Man's team, hoping that Man will pay for what he has done. Kit's cousin, Chi falls for Kit since childhood, but Fung falls for Chi at first sight... As he realised that Chi is Kit's girlfriend, he won't express his love for her, making the two embarassing in communication.

WWE Vengeance 2004 2004

Vengeance (2004) was the fourth annual Vengeance PPV. It was presented by AT&T and took place on July 11, 2004 from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut and featured talent from the Raw brand. The main event was Chris Benoit versus Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. The predominant match on the card was Randy Orton versus Edge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The primary matches on the undercard included Matt Hardy versus Kane in a No Disqualification match and Batista versus Chris Jericho.

Dust 2004

A 50 year old journalist, son of a civil war hero, who died fighting for the right forces is shattered, when he recognizes him in a documentary, fighting for the communists. He starts searching for the truth, despite his family's objections, who fear that they will lose privileges if the status of the dead changes after the search.

Marathon 2004

Why does a polar bear feel sleepy come fall? Why does she lose her appetite? Why does she avoid fights? It' 's not easy to find out the secrets of the polar bear.

Peraustrinia 2004 1990

Peraustrínia 2004 is the first animated full-length feature to have been recorded entirely in Catalan. It was directed by Ángel García and written by Joan Marimón.

Meteorites 2004

Djam, a Greek girl, is sent to Istanbul on a mission to find a motor-boat part of her uncle

Idool 2004

Idool 2004 was the second season of the Flemish version of the Idol series. It was won by Joeri Fransen, who could not follow the footsteps of former winner Peter Evrard and only release one album before he was dropped by his record company. However, second runner-up Sandrine Van Handenhoven, who was a longtime favorite throughout the season above the winner and the runner-up, enjoyed an ongoing success as a singer as well as the host of the Flemish Big Brother programme and therefore is now considered as the unofficial winner of Idool 2005 as she almost represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, coming in close 2nd in the national final. Laura Ramaekers has already been a semifinalist on Idool 2003.

Children in Need 2004

Children in Need 2004 was a campaign held in the United Kingdom to raise money for the charity Children in Need. It culminated in a live broadcast on BBC One on the evening of Friday 19 November and was hosted primarily by Terry Wogan, who was assisted by Gaby Roslin. The voice over was Alan Dedicoat.

2004: The Stupid Version

2004: The Stupid Version is a satirical documentary written by Armando Iannucci, broadcast in two parts on BBC Three on New Year's Eve 2004. The one-off programme is a parody of review programmes typically broadcast at New Year. It features edited footage from news and television series, as well as satires on the politics and fads of a year in which "only Andrew Marr kept his dignity". The documentary was shown again on BBC Two on 29 January 2005, but has not been repeated since or released on DVD, although clips are available on the internet. Iannucci's 2006 series Time Trumpet follows a similar format to The Stupid Version, reviewing events satirically from a future perspective.

John Ratzenberger's Made in America 2004

John Ratzenberger's Made in America is an American documentary television series hosted by John Ratzenberger. The series premiered January 6, 2004, on the Travel Channel. Ratzenberger visits various American manufacturers, taking the show's viewers along on the tours and showing how various everyday items are made. The show has visited a variety of factories, including Crayola, Airstream, Yankee Candle, Samuel Adams Brewery, Ruger, Delta Faucet Company, and Rodgers Instruments.

Frankenstein 2004

Adaption of Mary Shelley's novel about a scientist who brings life to a creature fashioned from corpses and various body parts.

Generation Gap

Generation Gap is an interactive sitcom used to teach children how to resolve conflicts amongst their peers. It first aired on PBS in 2004 as an educational television special. The unique interactive format worked in two ways: The studio audience was called on in the beginning of the program to suggest the character's conflict; a featured classroom of middle-school students, shot on location, was then called on to resolve the conflict in the end. It was hosted by actress Aileen Quinn, of Annie fame. It was done as an independent project by filmmaker Edna Harris, who created the interactive format of the show.

Agatha Christie's Marple 2004

The adventures of Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster living in the quiet little village of St Mary Mead. During her many visits to friends and relatives in other villages, Miss Marple often stumbles upon mysterious murders which she helps solve. Although the police are sometimes reluctant to accept Miss Marple's help, her reputation and unparalleled powers of observation eventually win them over.

Legend of Earthsea 2004

Legend of Earthsea is a two-night television miniseries adaptation of the "Earthsea" novels by Ursula K. Le Guin. It premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel in December 2004.

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