1969 1988

Two rebellious youths, Ralph and Scott, find themselves struggling with adulthood as the Vietnam War rages. Feeling trapped in their small town, Scott battles with his conservative veteran father, Cliff, and Ralph deals with his desperately sexual mother, Ev. When tragic news arrives from overseas, the entire town, inspired by Ralph and Scott's antiwar efforts, reevaluates its attitude toward the war.

Fårö Document 1970

Bergman’s documentary is a time machine, bringing us back to the small island of Fårö in the late sixties. A unique document with the islanders in the main roles and Ingmar Bergman as the reporter. Fårö Document is a political excursion through rural Sweden and one of his least well-known films.

1969 1991

A personal recollection of a time past, when gay identity was a source of joy rather than of mourning.

Moon 1969 1969

Moon 1969 is a beautiful, eerie, haunting film, all the more wonderful for the fact we do not once see the moon: only the manifestation of its powers here on earth, the ebb and flow of the waters.. fiery rainbows into a cloudy sky... men and rockets transformed into shattering crystals... creating a picture if the cosmos in continual transformation."-- Gene Youngblood, Los Angeles Times "The interrelated convolutions and spasms of image, color, and sound that filmmaker Bartlett creates is the cumulative effect of his pioneer work using negative images, polarization, television techniques, computer-film, and electronic patterns all compressed into a visual punch that directs one where he normally would not go with a film -- on a trip in search of the human soul. -- Paul Brawley, The Booklist, American Library Association

1969 Exhibit 1969

"A film featuring my work as shown in my 1969 diploma exhibit at Chelsea College of Art. It explores my Mummy Case, then the series of works that are based on a model’s image reflected in a series of mirrors. It shows the game I created where the pieces are glass and mirror geometric forms, moved in relation to each other on three layers. Finally the film passes through some of the Headbox sculptures and Face prints I made, using lifecasts and photographs of my face." - Penny Slinger

Battipaglia 1969 2016

"Battipaglia 1969" tells the day of the April 9, 1969, that the revolution in Battipaglia. Us during the stormy and tumultuous years of worker and student revolts and even in a small town of Salerno, which seems far from the tumult of the big cities, is manifested for the rights of students and workers.

Songs of the Youth 1969 2016

It is the year of 2010, Xue Beijing, a 50-year-old director, is preparing to make a film about his youth and remarkable ages in late 60's.

1969 World Series Film: New York Mets vs. Baltimore Orioles

The bad fortune of the Mets was forever changed when pitcher Tom Seaver debuted with New York in 1967. By 1969, even the most cynical New Yorkers believed in the young ace. Sporting a 25-7 record, and with his teammates playing inspired defense behind him, Seaver and the Mets stunned the Baltimore Orioles to win the 1969 World Series.

1969 - A Year To Remember

Featuring original newsreel footage of key people and events that shaped 1969, including Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, the Queen opens Victoria Line, Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman, Carnaby Street and much more.

Inside Cream 1966-1969 2012

This is the ultimate critical review of Cream, on record, on film, and live on stage. Drawing on rare film and television archive material this independent and highly authoritative review revisits every single Cream album and critically reassesses the work of this legendary band from the glorious debut album right through to the demise of the band. A leading team of music critics, musicologists and working musicians considers vintage performances by Cream and traces the secrets of the bandâ€s success.

Miles Davis: Copenhagen Live 1969 2010

Previously unissued Live Concert Performance by Miles' Quintet lineup with Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette – experience the evolution of Miles' sound, and further development of tracks from Bitches Brew and earlier material in the hands of master improvisers. --itunes

Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1969-1982 2014

Brian Wilson: Songwriter 1962-1969 is undoubtedly the most comprehensive portrait of Brian Wilson’s work as a songwriter and producer ever released. I specifically mention the whole ‘as a songwriter and producer’ part because, thankfully, the commentators and experts interviewed don’t attempt to explain the sensational mental problems with which this dean of American pop music famously suffered after producing some of the most iconic/influential pieces in modern music.

Look Who's #1! The 1969 Mets Official Highlight Film

The New York Mets began the 1969 season in search of the club's first winning record. What they accomplished will forever be remembered as one of the great miracles of sports history. "Look Who's Number One" chronicles the Miracle Mets' many highlights, including the headed pennant race with the Cubs, the first-ever National League playoff, the World Series upset of Baltimore and the resulting tickertape parade.

Miles Davis: Live in Europe 1969 2013

LIVE IN EUROPE 1969 lives up to the Miles Davis Bootleg Series mission of presenting live performances that are previously unreleased, have previously only been bootlegged, or are very rare. This new set is the first collection of Miles's Third Great Quintet, the "Lost" Band of 1968-1970 with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, and Jack DeJohnette at their peak (they were never recorded in the studio). The album captures the short-lived quintet in three separate concert settings, starting with two full-length (one hour-plus) sets at the Antibes Jazz Festival in France, in Stockholm as part of "The Newport Jazz Festival In Europe," and completed with a stunning 46-minute performance at the Berlin Philharmonie, filmed in color. Recorded 11/7/69 at Berliner Jazztage in the Berlin Philharmonie 1. Introduction by John O Brien-Docker 2. Directions 3. Bitches Brew 4. It s About That Time 5. I Fall In Love Too Easily 6. Sanctuary 7. The Theme

The Werewolf Cult Chronicles: Vietnam 1969

Vietnam 1969. Three soldiers are on a secret mission in Skull Bay, north of Laos. Sergeant Jones, Private Maddox and Private Turner shall find and kill a female Vietnamese CIA infiltrator. During the night Sergeant Jones disappears. Something is following the soldiers in the dark. A bloodthirsty werewolf is out for revenge.

1969 2019

The six-part series features gripping first-hand accounts of how the year's events came together at the same dizzying, chaotic time.

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