Idool 2007

Idool 2007 was the third season of the Belgian version of the Idol series. The show aired on VTM, and began on 20 February 2007. It was won on 25 May by Dean Delannoit.

Castaway 2007

Castaway 2007 was a follow-up to the BBC series Castaway 2000 in which a group of people from the British public are "castaway" on a remote island. While in the 2000 series 36 men, women and children moved to a remote Scottish island for a year, this series featured 15 men and women from the British public who were moved to a New Zealand island for three months. The basic premise of a group of volunteers living as a community in a remote location remains, however this time the BBC promised an "exotic location, on the other side of the world". Another change since Castaway 2000, was that the castaways were voted off the island one-by-one, in a manner similar to other reality series like Big Brother. The prize for the winning castaway, which was Jonathan, was a trip around New Zealand with a friend later in the year.

Crimewatch 2007

Crimewatch 2007 is a Singaporean Current-Affairs Drama show produced by local TV station Mediacorp and airs on MediaCorp TV Channel 5 on the last Wednesday of every month at 8pm. It is hosted by Assistant Superintendent Gail Wong from the Singapore Police Force. Different topics are covered every month, ranging from ATM skimming to motorbike thefts to drunk driving. Episodes usually end with either an appeal to the public to help apprehend suspects, or advice such as not to drink drive. The Chinese version is broadcast on the last Friday of each month, dealing with the same issues as the English version for the same month.

Star Awards 2007

Star Awards 2007 is a television award ceremony held in Singapore. It is part of the annual Star Awards organised by MediaCorp for MediaCorp TV Channel 8. This year, Star Awards will be scheduled to telecast on two Sunday nights. The first award ceremony will be held on the 9 December 2007, in commemoration of 25 years of dramas in Singapore TV. On 16 December 2007, it will be the regular Star Awards ceremony and post show will be held after that.

TITV Everest 2007

TITV Everest: The Unlimited Spirit of Thailand 2007 was a reality television series on TITV in Thailand that followed the adventure of nine Thai people who were seeking to be the first Thai expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest. The team had planned to place the Thai flag, a Buddhist pennant and the emblem of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the summit to mark the king's 80th birthday. The team had hoped to reach the summit by November 8, but they were forced to abandon their expedition because of harsh weather conditions.

ICAC Investigators 2007

ICAC Investigators 2007 is a 2007 police procedural series about investigators of Hong Kong's ICAC. A member of the ICAC Investigators family of miniseries it was first broadcast in 1 September, 2007. The shown was rerun on Friday 27 February 2009 to 5 March 2009 from Monday to Friday at 12:05 am on TVB Jade in Hong Kong.

Children in Need 2007

Children in Need 2007 was a campaign held in the United Kingdom to raise money for Children in Need. It culminated in a live broadcast on BBC One on the evening of Friday 16 November, through to the morning of Saturday 17 November. The broadcast was hosted by Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton, joined by other guest presenters throughout the night. The voice over reading out hourly totals was Alan Dedicoat. The event broke all previous records with a total of £19,089,771 raised by the closing minute. The show's average audience was 9.56 million, a huge amount higher than the previous year's event.

Eurovision Dance Contest 2007

The Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 was the 1st Eurovision Dance Contest a dance entertainment co-production between the EBU and the BBC. The first ever pan-European dance competition was held on 1 September 2007 in London, United Kingdom with the participation of 16 countries. Viewers cast their votes by telephone and SMS text message voting on each couple's two dances – the first being ballroom or Latin with the second being freestyle, with a "national" flavour. The first ever winner of the contest was Finland who received a total of 132 points. 2nd place went to Ukraine 3rd to Ireland, 4th to Poland and 5th place to Austria.

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