Lane 1974 2017

At 13 years old and the eldest of three kids, Lane struggles to keep her family together as her iconoclast mother moves without warning through the communes and dusty back woods of Northern California.

Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 2010

It's Yorkshire in 1974, and fear, mistrust and institutionalised police corruption are running riot. Rookie journalist Eddie Dunford is determined to search for the truth in an increasingly complex maze of lies and deceit surrounding the police investigation into a series of child abductions. When young Clare Kemplay goes missing, Eddie and his colleague, Barry, persuade their editor to let them investigate links with two similar abductions in the last decade. But after a mutilated body is found on a construction site owned by a local property magnate, Eddie and Barry are drawn into a deadly world of secrecy, intimidation, shocking revelations and police brutality.

1974 2004

A young woman reflects on the evolving complexity of romantic love since the 1970s...

In 1974 2017

A reflection on colour in fifteen camera tests.

CSNY 1974 2014

The bonus DVD from the CSNY 1974 CD/DVD box set features eight songs filmed at the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland and Wembley Stadium. "The Capital Center was the one place back then filming concerts," says Nash. "We didn't even know they were doing it. It's a little funky-looking because we didn't light it for film or television, but I picked eight songs I thought were very representative of how we were then."

Walkabout 1974 1974

Well-known Australian anthropologist CP Mountford narrates his experiences on a journey through central Australia with a group of Aboriginal people. Mountford's films are an irreplaceable ethnographic record of the life of the Pitjantjatjara people of this area, before extended contact with European culture. It records food gathering and preparation, hunting, fire making and family life as well as scenes near and on the sacred rock formation, Uluru. This film was made from unrestricted footage shot by Mountford in 1940 and 1942 for his two 1946 films, Walkabout and Tjurunga.

Toon Hermans - One Man Show 1974 1974

In this show ony can see the changes Hermans went through in this phase of his life. Instead of being just the clown, he started using experiences from his own life for his shows.

Where is My Mind ? 1974

about Dr. Tawfiq (Mahmoud Yassin), who remains captive to the traditions of honor and innocence, despite his liberation and printing some of the traditions of European civilization when he was studying there. And is incapable of reconciling his liberal mind with the environment in which he is raised and which makes him lagging behind the twentieth century.

Let It Be (1970-1974) 1993

Chapter 15 of the series 18 decades of life in Mexico in the twentieth century. Images of the cultural, social and political life in Mexico from 1970 to 1974. During the presidential term of Luis Echeverria Alvarez fantasies of prosperous and modern country it dissolves; Mexico live in political crisis. It is a time of omnipotence, barbarism, and violence intervention: the world seeks new ways. In Mexico, it held the World Cup, unionism is strengthened and inflation responds to the continuing economic imbalances.

Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974 1974

In 1972, Miyuki tells her ex-lover Kazuo that she's going to Okinawa with their son. Kazuo decides to film her. He narrates his visits to her there: first while her flatmate is Sugako, a woman Miyuki is attracted to; then, while she works at a bar and is with Paul, an African-American soldier. Once, Kazuo brings his girlfriend, Sachiko. We see Miyuki with her son, with other bar girls, and with Sachiko. Miyuki, pregnant, returns to Tokyo and delivers a mixed-race child on her own with Kazuo and Sachiko filming. She joins a women's commune, talks about possibilities, enjoys motherhood, and is uninterested in a traditional family. Does the filmmaker have a point of view?

Deep Purple: California Jam 1974 1974

Deep Purple Mark III recorded and aired live by ABC-TV on 6 April 1974 at the Ontario Speedway near Los Angeles, California USA. TRACKS: 01. Burn 02. Might Just Take Your Life 03. Lay Down, Stay Down 04. Mistreated 05. Smoke on the Water 06. You Fool No One / The Mule 07. Space Truckin' /// David Coverdale - vocals / Ritchie Blackmore - guitar / Glenn Hughes - bass and vocals / Jon Lord - organ / Ian Paice - drums

East Dallas, Summer, 1974 1974

Florence Mayfield, an elderly lifelong resident of East Dallas, reminisces about the neighborhood and the many changes it has seen during her lifetime.

KISS The Videos 1974 - 2002

2 DVD Set KISS THE VIDEOS 1974-2002, which documents Kiss career in the most complete, detailed way through the years with this chronologic video collection since their very first to the last video to date, including the most rare Kiss videos, from the Revenge era.

Kiss [1974] Long Beach 1974

Watch KISS in the earliest known existing footage, recorded with 8mm camera and dubbed with songs from different sources. Enjoy this historic moment. Recorded at Long Beach Civic Arena, CA, February 17, 1974

Kiss [1974] Nothin' To Lose 1974

Kiss live at ABC In Concert TV show 1974 On this day in KISStory -- February 21, 1974, KISS performed Nothin' to Lose, Firehouse and Black Diamond for ABC's In Concert. The performance aired on March 29, becoming KISS' first national television appearance.

Inside Supertramp 1974-1978 2004

Supertramp was one of the last major progressive-rock bands to enjoy an international commercial breakthrough; the band had cultivated a devoted following with their witty and intelligent music since their debut in 1970, but it was 1979's Breakfast in America album which made them a household name in America and Europe. Inside Supertramp 1974-1978 - A Critical Review features rare performance footage of the band along side a panel discussion in which musicians and music writers offer their insights on this especially fruitful period in the group's history

Kiss: TV Collection 1974-1976 1976

Rare TV appearance and TV clips from era 1974 - 1976 ABC In Concert, Mike Douglas Show, The Midnight Special. Promoc Videos, Cadillac High School etc

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