Soy un prófugo 1946

A janitor in a large bank is accused of pulling of a major heist. He is forced to become a fugitive while hunting for the real culprits.

Swing Parade of 1946 1946

Swing Parade of 1946 is musical comedy film. In it the Three Stooges help an aspiring singer, Carol Lawrence (Gale Storm), and a nightclub owner, Danny Warren (Phil Regan), find love. It features dizzy dishwashers Moe, Larry, and Curly, and musical numbers by Connee Boswell and the Louis Jordan and Will Osborne orchestras, including "Stormy Weather" and "Caldonia."

Queen - Under Review 1946-1991: The Freddie Mercury Story

This documentary includes historical musical performances re-assessed by a panel of esteemed experts, as well as obscure footage, rare interviews and rarely seen photographs. It also contains review, comment, criticism and insight from; Broadcaster and friend of Freddie, Paul Gambaccini, Peter Stringfellow, Wayne Sleep; Rock Journalists, Malcolm Dome.

To Tell the Truth: A History of Documentary Film (1928-1946)

A detailed history of documentary filmmaking in the US and the UK from 1929 to 1945. The first part, Working for Change, focuses on 1929-1941 and the social movements of the times, The Great Depression, The New Deal, and the awakening of the Leftwing in the UK. The second part, The Strategy of Truth, focuses on 1933-1946 and explores the role of film as propaganda during World War II, and the different forms it took in the US, the UK, and Germany.

Ziegfeld Follies 1945

The late, great impresario Florenz Ziegfeld looks down from heaven and ordains a new revue in his grand old style.

Gettin' Glamour 1946

This Pete Smith Specialty comedic short details the troubles the average woman faces with maintaining beauty and fitness.

Star in the Night 1945

Nick, a motel owner who has lost faith in more than just the humanity of mankind, is visited by a kindly stranger on Christmas Eve. The motel's guests are only concerned for themselves until a poor man and his wife drive up to the motel, unable to go any further. Out of rooms, Nick's wife prepares a place for them in a shed under a neon star Nick had just finished hanging. Their plight brings out the generosity in everyone, including Nick, who remembers another family almost two thousand years earlier that also found a makeshift room at an inn under another kind of star.

Walt Disney Treasures - The Chronological Donald, Volume Two 2005

The adventures of the world's favorite fiery-tempered duck continue as we follow his solo-starring efforts from 1942 through 1946. This period was filled with an abundance of comic exploits as Donald shows his huge audience what he's made of, short fuse and all. Among Donald's featured escapades is the Academy Award(R)-nominated Best Short, "Donald's Crime," from 1945. Also showcased is an interview with the current-day voice of Donald Duck, Tony Anselmo, and a profile of the legendary comic book artist Carl Barks -- including a look at the not-often-seen work he did in Disney's animation department.

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