1939 1989

When the war breaks out, Annika lives with her parents in Värmland, close to the border to Norway. Her cousin Harald is a dealer in the black market but has to escape from the police to Norway. Annika moves to Stockholm and gets a job as a waitress. She meets the happy-go-lucky Berit and together they have a wonderful time. She also meets a young man, Bengt, whom she marries. But almost immediately she discovers that her husband is different from the man who was courting her. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

The Ice Follies of 1939 1939

Mary and Larry are are a modestly successful skating team. Shortly after their marriage, Mary gets a picture contract, while Larry is sitting at home, out of work. To prove that he can accomplish things on his own, he leaves Hollywood and convinces a former partner to put on an ice revue in Canada. The show is a huge success, but it makes it impossible for him to be with his wife, but the studio boss has a wonderful idea. [imdb]

1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year 2009

1939: Hollywood's Greatest Year is a once-over-lightly evocation of a slate of classic films unmatched before or since. In a year permitting 10 Best Picture nominees, the final cut included Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Dark Victory, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Ninotchka, Of Mice and Men, Stagecoach, Wuthering Heights, Love Affair. Shut out: The Roaring '20s, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Intermezzo, Destry Rides Again, Idiot's Delight, Young Mr. Lincoln, Gunga Din. This hour-long film finds room to acknowledge a few of these non-starters, but its brevity means a lot gets left out. This includes the absence of anything that doesn't celebrate the studio system, including the practices of the shrewd tyrants who ran them, seen in brief archival footage.

1939 and All That! 1948

Amateur filmmaker, James Poppleton, delivers an account of WWII from the home front in Melbourne, Australia. Newspaper headlines set the scene and provide a timeline, starting with the declaration of war and various wartime activities such as air raid drills, marching, sandbagging and trench digging. Poppleton concludes with the end of World War II and marks the occasion with the Victory Day celebrations and marches that took place on the streets of Melbourne.

Breakdowns of 1939 1939

Flubs and bloopers that occurred ont the set of some of the major Warner Bros. pictures of 1939.

Death of a Champion - 1939

Death of a Champion Dir: Robert Florey Cast: Lynne Overman, Virginia Dale, Joseph Allen, Donald O'Connor. USA 1939

1939-1945: The Seven Years That Shook the World 2000

The complete series of documentaries about the events of World War II + film NUREMBERG. - Nazism and the conquests of the Germans (140 min): Escalation of war, which starts with the advent of Nazism and Hitler's expansionist ambitions. The causes immense tragedy turn into facts with declarations of war of the Germans and the occupation of France. - The Soviet resistance and the Japanese rule (155 min): The conflict comes alive with the fierce battles on the Russian front and the siege of Stalingrad. Across the world, the Japanese took control of the Asian region, up to the attack on Pearl Harbor. - The fall of fascism and the landing in Normandy (151 min): In Italy the armistice was signed and the country is split in two. On the one hand the Americans liberators, on the other hand the German occupation and the partisan struggle. - Auschwitz - Kamikaze - Atomic Bombs (75 min): Attacked on several fronts, the Germans collapse, showing the world the horror of the extermination camps.

Walt Disney's Standard Parade for 1939 1939

Disney promotional film for Standard Oil featuring Mickey and Friends in a Parade. There was a tie in for a comic insert in papers called Travel Tykes.

Grey Wolves: U-Boats 1939 to 1941 2005

The scourge of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II, Hitler's U-boat "Wolf Packs" were described by Winston Churchill as his greatest fear. And these roving bands of submarines quickly became the biggest threat to England, cutting the country off from vital supply routes and almost starving it into submission. This documentary traces the escalation of the U-boat war from 1939-41 with striking images collected from captured German footage.

Witness 1939: When War Broke Out 2014

WITNESS 1939 : THE DAY THE WAR BROKE OUT uses the words of interviewees, to add a personal insight into the events of 1939 and the beginning of the Second World War. From a Polish soldier we hear about the invasion of Poland and his experiences on the front line; we hear from an RAF pilot who scrambled to intercept a non-existent intruder, when the sirens sounded minutes after the announcement that Britain was at war. We also hear from the pilot who, two days later, took part in the 'friendly fire' incident that claimed the first RAF casualty of the war. Others give us a child's perspective of events. And what it was like to be evacuated. Their stories are illustrated using archive film. These are the untold stories of ordinary people, whose words convey a true sense of what it was like to be living at a time of momentous events.

Outbreak 1939: When War Broke Out

In a programme broadcast 70 years to the day after the outbreak of WWII, people who were alive at the time speak of their memories.

Silver Lands The Chronicles of Carpatho-Ukraine 1919-1939. 2012

For centuries, the peoples of Transcarpathia were isolated by politics, geography and poverty. Following WW1, as neighbouring states eyed the strategic and material potential of Transcarpathia, the region experienced a cultural renaissance. In 1939, as Europe prepared for war, the battle for control of the region escalated. Against a swell of political and military interventions, the republic of Carpatho-Ukraine was born, sowing the seeds for an independent Ukraine.

Air War Over Finland 1939-1945 2009

This shows successful operations by the Finnish Air Force in the Winter War and the Continuation War of 1939-1945. The DVD consists mainly of films which have been shot by war-time photographers. A significant part of the material has not been published before.

Clash of Futures 2018

The story of the turbulent interwar years, the years between the first two world wars, brought to life through the real experiences of thirteen people from France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, Sweden, Poland and the Soviet Union using their own diary entries, letters and memoirs.

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