Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980 2009

After 6 years of brutal murders the West Yorkshire Police fear that they may have already interviewed The Ripper and let him back into the world to continue his reign of terror upon the citizens of Yorkshire, but things become more difficult for the Police when they discover they not only have The Ripper to catch, but a copycat killer is also at large. Assistant Chief Constable of the Manchester Police, Peter Hunter, is called in to oversee the West Yorkshire Police's Ripper investigation, with the help of John Nolan and Helen Marshall, both detectives from the Manchester Police, they decide to go back and look at the crime reports from the Rippers victims to see what they could have missed.

The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 1992

The multigenerational saga of the rise and fall of the Corleone crime family. Story is told in chronological order, and numerous scenes that were deleted from each film have been restored.

1980 2003

A former idol becomes a teacher at the high school she graduated from, but her new career is threatened by an expose book her ex-manager is planning to publish.

Kiss [1980] 1980 TV Compilation 1980

Shandi (Promo), Kids Are People Too (US TV), RockPop (German TV), Countdown (Australian TV), What Makes The World Go Round (Australian TV), The Inner Sanctum (Australian TV)

Glasgow 1980 1971

A documentary, edited by Bill Forsyth, promoting the proposed development of Glasgow in the 1970s.

The half-meter incident 1980

A journey in the world of the little employee Sobhi Halogi, a conservative, conservative woman, occupies the axis of his thinking. He seems to be an object, but we do not reveal his intimacy unless life has given us a special experience with him. Sobhi Halouji is confronted by a girl he encounters by coincidence, but fails to bear the spiritual expenses imposed on him by this relationship. The film reveals and exposes the model of this segment with all its contradictions, motives and aspirations to overcome the bitterness of living and deprivation at all costs, bearing one goal is to climb.

Devo Live 1980 2005

"This lone video artifact offers indisputable evidence that in 1980 Devo had reached a turning point. We were no longer just art monsters, we were mainstream performers too. " - Gerald V. Casale (from the back of the DVD case) August 17, 1980 Phoenix Theater, Petaluma

F1 Review 1980

The new decade brought a record number of entries for the start of the season. Although Sheckter and Ferrari were reigning champions, the end of the previous season set the tone for 1980: the impressive performance of Williams and Alan Jones continued into early part of the new season. When Jones’s momentum faltered Nelson Piquet in the Brabham BT49 took advantage and pushed Jones hard taking three wins to finish runner-up but suffering from more inconsistency than his Williams rival. Whatever Piquet’s reliability woes, they were as nothing to the annus horribilis for Jody Scheckter and Ferrari, which ended with the South African retiring from the sport at the close of the year.

My 1980's 2019

Highlights the rebellious young generation of artists in China fighting for political emancipation, artistic freedom and creating a cultural golden age during the 1980s - a significant decade of transformational change. Interweaving six main characters' memories with the director's personal narration, the film embarks on an emotional journey and tells a story of being passionate and idealistic before dreams are dashed to pieces.

12/04/1980 2017

Garfield has grown weary of monotony. Jim Davis tribute set to "Firestarter" by Prodigy.

Kiss [1980] Sydney Australia 1980

First ever Kiss show in Downunder during their Unmasked tour. Recorded live at Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia, November 22, 1980

Bruce Springsteen - The river Tour - Tempe 1980 1980

The final video component is “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: The River Tour, Tempe 1980,” a new film produced from footage professionally filmed in 1980 using four cameras and recorded in multitrack audio. The film features 24 songs — 2 hours, 40 minutes — on 2 DVDs from Springsteen’s November 5, 1980 concert at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Widely regarded as one of Springsteen’s finest performances, this intense show features early live versions of over half of ‘The River’ songs.

The Fall of 1980 2013

An army veteran invites friends to Idaho for the weekend to celebrate his engagement.

Le Mans 1980 Review 1980

Highlights from Le Mans 1980, capturing all the thrills, spills, and excitement of the event.

Galactica 1980 1980

30 years after the original Battlestar Galactica series. Upon reaching Earth, the inhabitants of the renegade starfleet take action when they realize earthlings aren't advanced enough to help battle the Cylons.

Pride and Prejudice 1980

The arrival of a young, well-off, eligible man named Mr. Bingley sends the Bennet household--with five girls of a marrying age--into a tizzy. But it's the introduction of Mr. Bingley's friend, Mr. Darcy, that sets in motion the fate of Elizabeth Bennet, resolved only after a labyrinth of social and personal complexities.

Astro Boy 1980

In 2030 AD, after being abandoned by his creator, a young boy robot is rescued by an Android Advocate, Dr Elefun, who adopts him as his own and guides him in the use of his special powers to aid and protect mankind and robot-kind.

Saturday Night Live 1975

A late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels. The show's comedy sketches, which parody contemporary culture and politics, are performed by a large and varying cast of repertory and newer cast members. Each episode is hosted by a celebrity guest, who usually delivers an opening monologue and performs in sketches with the cast, and features performances by a musical guest.

Aangan Terha 1985

The drama is based on many stories on multiple issues of the society and indirect criticism of the Martial Law and the military regime in Pakistan and the electoral system. Many major Pakistani stars and artists played guest roles including the great comedians like Late Lehri, Late comedian Moin Akhtar and Late Mahmood Ali. The twist occurs when the writer Anwar Maqsood appears near the end of the serial to inform the characters that the serial is about to end.

The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade 2016

In a gripping six-part mini-series, Investigation Discovery transports viewers on a bittersweet and terrifying journey back in time, revealing the dark side of America's favorite decade.

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