Vivo Por Elena 1998

Vivo Por Elena is a Mexican telenovela starring Victoria Ruffo and Saul Lisazo with the antagonic roles of Ana Patricia Rojo and Sebastian Ligarde. The telenovela aired on Univision in 1998. The theme song for the telenovela was Vivo Por Ella, sung by Andrea Bocelli with a duet by Marta Sanchez. The telenovela has been repeated several times on different channels since its original airing.

Creature 1998

Creature is a 1998 made for TV movie starring Craig T. Nelson, Kim Cattrall and Matthew Carey. The movie is based on the 1994 novel White Shark by Jaws author Peter Benchley. The film is about an amphibious shark-like monster terrorizing an abandoned secret military base and the people who live on the island where it is located.

Eurovision: Your Country Needs You

Eurovision: Your Country Needs You was a BBC TV show broadcast annually to select the United Kingdom's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The show had previously gone under several other names, including Festival of British Popular Songs, Eurovision Song Contest British Final, Great British Song Contest, Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up and Eurovision: Your Decision but was known for most of its history as A Song for Europe. The most recent name and format was adopted in 2009, but since 2011, the UK representation has been selected internally, resulting in Your Country Needs You being suspended.

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