Miss Mink of 1949 1949

Winning a mink coat brings nothing but trouble to a couple on a budget.

Africa Screams 1949

When bookseller Buzz cons Diana into thinking that his friend Stanley knows all there is to know about Africa, they are abducted and ordered to lead Diana and her henchmen to an African tribe in search of a fortune in jewels.

East Side, West Side 1949

A New Yorker's (James Mason) mistress (Ava Gardner) drives his wife (Barbara Stanwyck) to a war hero; then someone kills the mistress.

Señor Droopy 1949

The wolf, the champion toreador, and Droopy, the challenger, are competing to see who is best in the bullring in the hopes of winning the hand of actress Lina Romay (who appears in a live action shot).

Letter 1949

Letter 1949 is a 2008 Taiwanese drama starring Dai Jun Zhu, Lin Yo Wei, Alien Huang, Hawick Lau. It was produced by Eastern Shine Production. The series was boardcasted on free-to-air Chinese Television System from 9 to 26 November 2008, Monday to Thursday at 20:00. In 2010 Zhang Chen Guang was nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Zhang Yu Ao was nominated for Best Art and Design Award at the 45th Golden Bell Awards.

Lost in 1949 2018

On New Year’s Day in 1949, female accountant Huang Li Wen returns to her hometown Shanghai in order to commemorate her husband and comrade’s death. As a Communist agent, she is ordered to obtain valuable information for the Communist Party and aid them in their quest for liberation. During her mission, Li Wen is reunited with her family members and becomes acquainted with the streetwise Qiao Zhi Cai and his younger twinbrother Qiao Li Jie, who turns out to be a key player in Huang Li Wen’s mission.

Hui Jia 2012

Vic Zhou plays a Taiwanese medic in World War II who was deployed to China as a Japanese military doctor. He endured much internal turmoil as his allegiance was split between his Japanese ruler and his Chinese ancestry. At the end of the war, a Chinese general saved him from being executed with the rest of Japanese soldiers. Ever since his rescue, he had been searching for a way to get back home. Back to Taiwan.

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