1955 2019

Short film by Eduardo Sevillano

Le Mans 1955 2018

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1955. 300.000 spectators are watching from the sidelines. It is 6:00 PM when Pierre Levegh's car ploughs into the spectator stands, scattering the crowd with his car engine's hot debris.

September 30, 1955 1978

Rebel. Icon. Legend. James Dean’s untimely death on September 30, 1955, shocked the world and helped define an entire generation. This gripping drama chronicles the reactions of an Arkansas college town to the tragedy and focuses on Jimmy J., a young man who idolized the rising star. Racked with grief, Jimmy holds a vigil that quickly devolves into a drunken spectacle with its own catastrophic consequences. Dennis Quaid also stars in "September 30, 1955": a day that forever changed the lives of many.

An American Girl Story - Maryellen 1955: Extraordinary Christmas 2016

It's Christmas, 1955 in Daytona Beach, FL, and middle child Maryellen longs to stand out amidst the hustle and bustle of her big family. When Benji, a family friend afflicted with polio comes to stay with them, Maryellen is intent on making the holiday special. After her plans for a big celebration fall through, she discovers the best gifts are often simple, meaningful gestures of friendship.

A.N.T.A. Album of 1955 1955

A closed-circuit television special produced to raise funds for the relief agency CARE telecast live from the Adelphi Theatre in New York.

1955, Seven Days of Fall

This documentary chronicles the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers/New York Yankees World Series, and is based upon the poem, "1955" by James T. Crawford.

Recordar es vivir (1955-1959) 1993

Chapter 12 of the series 18 decades of life in Mexico in the twentieth century. Images of the cultural, social and political life in Mexico between 1955 and 1959. At the end of the presidential term of Adolfo Ruiz Cortines and the beginning of the presidency of Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Mexico is experiencing political stability and economic recovery after the 1954 devaluation.

Long Time Coming: A 1955 Baseball Story 2017

In 1955, when racial segregation defined the South, two groups of twelve-year-old boys stepped onto a baseball field in a non-violent act of cultural defiance that would change the course of history.

A Life Journey of 60 Years: Nikos Kavoukidis 1955-2015 2015

A life journey of 60 years with images and memories from the magical world of Greek Television and Cinema. A journey with beloved people, actors, directors, technicians and other artists. A creative journey full of joy, sadness, anguish and love. He begins his career as an intern at Finos Film Studios at the age of 15. His father was Yorgos Kavoukidis, one of the pioneers of Greek cinema, along with his close friend Filopimin Finos. Following the vision of his spiritual father, Finos, and his teacher in cinematography and editing, Dinos Katsouridis, he became at the age of 20 a well-known director of photography and editor of dozens of films of Greek cinema. During those 60 years, cinema and television became his home. He became a producer and a director. He designed the lighting for dozens of stage performances. His co-workers are his family.

Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki 1955

Ma and Pa, along with daughter Rosie, go off to Hawaii in answer to cousin Rodney's call for help running his pineapple farm while he recovers from an illness. Pa soon causes a major explosion and gets himself kidnapped.

Fortune Seekers 1956

This short film celebrates the hard work, tenacity, and ingenuity of inventors. Highlighted are some seemingly small inventions that have become part of daily life.

Black Cats and Broomsticks 1955

Superstitions are examined in the context of mid-20th century America. Walking under ladders, spilt salt, stepping on cracks, haunted houses, voodoo dolls, and such are used to illustrate the widespread belief in the supernatural.

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