Vampiresas 1930 1962

As the era of silent films finds itself at a close, four down-and-out silent film actors and musicians struggle to find work. Fate leads them to a former star of the silent era as she struggles to escape her reputation as a wild and evil vamp of the silver screen and longs to be just thought of as an honest and decent woman. They join forces, and for a short time have a decent amount of success singing and dancing at clubs and bars. But the public has an insatiable taste for foreign black jazz bands, and they will stop at nothing to become a success.

Ostende 1930 2004

Film edited and directed by Luc de Heusch using images never used that Henri Storck turned in Ostend in 1930 while he was "cinégraphiste" of the city.

Kopenhagen/1930 1977

Kopenhagen/1930 presents a different attitude to the seductions of content, to the signifying processes that are repressed in the rigorous procedures of the structural/materialist film. Its material is "images by George Gidal, Copenhagen 1930": photographs, their grounding and their signification.

1930-1950 Fifa World Cup 2005

A unique and historically valuable addition to the Official Films Collection, these 14 minutes of material predate television and provides both black and white and colour coverage of the first ever FIFA World Cup™. There are five minutes of material from the final in colour, providing a record of Uruguay’s victory in 1930.

1930-1942 Jewish Memories of the Marolles-Midi District of Brussels 2012

Jewish memories of the Marolles-Midi district of Brussels] is a French-language documentary based on a selection from interviews which the Auschwitz Foundation recorded during the 1990’s with six survivors of the Nazi camps. These six adopted “Marollians” are Joseph Berman, David Blum, Hélène Gangarska, Baron Maurice Goldstein, Henri Kichka and Maurice Pioro. We follow them as they settle into the district. They go on to recount the fateful period from the entry into force of the first anti-Jewish measures in Belgium to the roundups which from 1942 onwards led to their deportation to Auschwitz, where most of the Jews were murdered.

Pictures from the 1930's 1977

A film based on the exhibition organized by the National Gallery that toured Canada in 1975. The paintings are juxtaposed with black-and-white newsreel footage of the more obvious social realities during the years of the Depression. The film shows that the artists of the day, in spite of economic setbacks, produced an inspired body of work.

The Barnyard Concert 1930

Mickey leads an 8-piece orchestra (that's counting the bass played by three birds as one) through the most recognizable parts of the Poet and Peasant Overture. The setting, as the title implies, is a barnyard, and some of the instrumentation reflects that (including various animals used as instruments, like a tuned group of piglets whose tails Mickey pulls).

Animal Crackers 1930

The well-known explorer and hunter Captain Spaulding has just returned from Africa, and is being welcomed home with a lavish party at the estate of influential society matron Mrs. Rittenhouse when a valuable painting goes missing. The intrepid Captain Spaulding attempts to solve the crime with the help of his silly secretary Horatio Jamison, while sparring with the anarchic Signor Emanuel Ravelli and his nutty sidekick The Professor.

The Big Trail 1930

Breck Coleman leads a wagon train of pioneers through Indian attack, storms, deserts, swollen rivers, down cliffs and so on while looking for the murder of a trapper and falling in love with Ruth Cameron.

County Hospital 1932

Ollie is in the hospital with a broken leg. Stan comes to visit him and all chaos breaks loose.

The Untouchables 1959

The Untouchables is an American crime drama that ran from 1959 to 1963 on ABC. Based on the memoir of the same name by Eliot Ness and Oscar Fraley, it fictionalized Ness' experiences as a Prohibition agent, fighting crime in Chicago in the 1930s with the help of a special team of agents handpicked for their courage and incorruptibility, nicknamed the Untouchables. The book was later made into a film in 1987 by Brian De Palma, with a script by David Mamet, and a second less successful TV series in 1993. A powerful, hard-hitting crime drama, The Untouchables won series star Robert Stack an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series in 1960 .

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