The News Parade of 1934! 1934

Significant events from 1934, in the United States and abroad, are covered in newsreel format.

Leonard Cohen: Under Review: 1934-1977 1977

Delve into the career of poet, author, composer and musician Leonard Cohen, who has been called one of the premiere folk singers of the 1960s and '70s. This documentary relies on rare concert footage, archival photos and interviews with music critics to help explain the significance of Cohen's unique art. The film focuses on the five albums he released between 1967 and 1977, including "Death of a Ladies' Man," produced by Phil Spector.

Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film, 1900-1934 2007

Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film, 1900-1934 is the first DVD set to explore the social activism of movies during their first decades. The 48-film line-up showcases four features—Redskin (1929), a two-color Technicolor racial tolerance epic filmed on location at Canyon de Chelly and Acoma Pueblo; The Soul of Youth (1920), directed by William Desmond Taylor (and featuring juvenile justice reformer Judge Ben Lindsey playing himself); Where Are My Children? (1916), Lois Weber’s anti-abortion, pro-birth control classic; and The Godless Girl (1928), Cecil B. De Mille's sensational exposé of juvenile reformatories. Also presented are comedies, serial episodes, cartoons, newsreel stories, melodramas, and documentaries covering topics ranging from immigration to the vote for women.

Kissing Time 1933

An American woman visits a small South American town where she quickly falls for a charming lieutenant.

Seasoned Greetings 1933

The owner of an unsuccessful greeting cards store decides to sell 'talking' greeting cards in the form of records.

Masks and Memories 1934

In this musical short, three individuals try to entice a reclusive uncle to join the festivities during Mardi Gras.

Rufus Jones for President 1933

A fantasy satire on politics in which a little boy dreams that he becomes President of the U.S. and his 'mammy' is Vice President. The film spotlights two now legendary performers much earlier in their careers: Ethel Waters and Sammy Davis Jr. In his first screen appearance, around the age of seven, pint-sized Davis sings, dances and clowns. Nicknamed 'the beanpole' slim and slinky Waters looks far different from the heavier figure she displayed in Pinky (1949) and Member of the Wedding (1953). Statuesque in a long glamorous white gown, she sings her big hit "Am I Blue." Davis, in turn sings "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You." (Separate Cinema)

Blue Steel 1934

When Sheriff Jake sees a man at the safe and then finds the payroll gone, he trails him. Just as he is about to arrest him, the man saves his life. Still suspicious, he joins up with the man and later they learn that Melgrove, the towns leading citizen, is trying to take over the area's ranches by having his gang stop all incoming supply wagons. With the ranchers about to sell to Melgrove, the two newcomers say they will bring in provisions.

The Man From Utah 1934

The Marshal sends John Weston to a rodeo to see if he can find out who is killing the rodeo riders who are about to win the prize money. Barton has organized the rodeo and plans to leave with all the prize money put up by the townspeople. When it appears that Weston will beat Barton's rider, he has his men prepare the same fate for him that befell the other riders.

No Contest! 1934

Ruth Etting is the star attraction on the Albertson Travel Agency radio show. When her producers learn that her recordings are on another program at the same time, they devise a contest, based on the words in a song she sings, in which the winner gets Etting's services at a banquet.

Good Morning, Eve! 1934

Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden preparing their latest meal, which includes contemplating if they should try eating an apple despite the serpent's warning. After their meal, they take stroll through time. They make a few stops along the way for some musical interludes. These stops include in the Gardens of Emperor Nero of Rome for a concert circa 100 A.D., in King Arthur's court, and at a beach resort in current times.

Walt Disney Treasures - The Chronological Donald, Volume One 2004

It was 1934 when the irascible Donald Duck came to life in a teeny bit of a part in "The Wise Little Hen" and proceeded to steal the show. From that point on nobody could hold him back, and the much loved cranky character went on to be the most prolific of Walt's "fabulous five." Now for the first time, you can enjoy the Donald in all of his solo starring shorts from "Donald And Pluto" in 1936 to "Chef Donald" in 1941. This volume also includes a loving tribute to the man who achieved immortality by inventing the voice of Donald Duck -- and performing as his alter ego for 50 years -- Clarence "Ducky" Nash. Featuring exclusive introductions by film historian Leonard Maltin, this is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come.

Babes in Toyland 1934

Ollie Dee and Stanley Dum try to borrow money from their employer, the toymaker, to pay off the mortgage on Mother Peep's shoe and keep it and Little Bo Peep from the clutches of the evil Barnaby. When that fails, they trick Barnaby into marrying Stanley Dum instead of Bo Peep. Enraged, Barnaby unleashes the bogeymen from their caverns to destroy Toyland.

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