It Boy 2013

Alice Lantins is 38, ambitious and so committed to her work that she neglects her personal life. In short, she is the ideal candidate for the next editor of the magazine Rebelle, or would be were it not for the fact that she appears to be stuck in a rut. When Balthazar, a charming 20-year-old, crosses her path, her colleagues begin to see her in a whole new light...

My 13 2008

Jonathan is in love with Julie, the most beautiful girl of his school... However, Julie doesn't even know him. He becomes friend with Charles, Julie's brother. One day, he sneaks in Julie's room to steal her diary. Back home, he finds in the diary a drawn heart, with the quote "I love Jonathan"... Back to his new friend Charles' home, he realizes that the diary belongs to Charles, himself...

16 Ans ou Presque 2013

Arnaud Mustier, lawyer and brilliant philosopher, arouses the annoyance of his younger brother Jules, age sixteen. One day, Arnaud is a victim of a late adolescent crisis. Helped by Jules, he is going to catch up this phase of the life which he did not live.

Daddy Cool 2008

The story about the age gap between a scientist father, Philipe Le Tallec, and his newly discovered teen aged daughter, Eglantine.

Being 17 2016

Set in the beautiful high Pyrenees in south-west France, Damien lives with his mother Marianne, a doctor, while his father, a pilot, is on a tour of duty abroad with the French military. At school, Damien is bullied by Thomas, who lives in the farming community up in the mountains, nut learns to fight back. The boys find themselves living together when Marianne invites Thomas to come and stay with them while his mother is ill in hospital. Damien must learn to live with the boy who terrorised him.

Until the End of the World 1991

Until The End of the World is an odyssey for the modern age. As with Homer's Odyssey, the purpose of the journey is to restore sight -- a spiritual reconciliation between an obsessed father and a deserted son. Dr. Farber, in trying to find a cure for his wife's blindness, has created a device that allows the user to send images directly to the brain, enabling the blind to see.

Love Lasts Three Years 2011

A heartbroken literary critic turns his despair into creativity following a bitter divorce, only to encounter an enchanting beauty who poses a major challenge to his newfound cynicism. Marc Marronnier thought his marriage was going well until his wife deemed him immature, and left him for a high-profile writer. Devastated, he began filtering all of his heartache into a misanthropic manuscript decrying the virtues of true love. But later, when Marc falls hard for his cousin's radiant and gorgeous wife, his entire life is turned upside down. Louise Bourgoin and Gaspard Proust star in a film by actor and author-turned-director Frederic Beigbeder.

Seven Years of Marriage 2003

After seven years of marriage, a couple of professional workers (he, a doctor and she, a banker) try to refresh their sex life.

14+ 2015

Alex glides his mouse tenderly over online images of Vika. He has been smitten ever since he saw her with her friends and cannot get her out of his head. Now he has found Vika’s profile online and has learned a lot about her. Vika has no idea about any of this. She is beyond Alex’s reach because her school and block of flats are enemy territory for him. Alex nonetheless sneaks into a disco at her school and plucks up the courage to ask her to dance. Incensed by the intruder, the other boys give Alex a beating.

Being 14 2015

The lives and turbulent adventures of a bunch of fourteen-year-old teenagers, through the eyes of three young girls - Sarah, Jade and Louise - with one last year to go before high school.

Three Men and a Cradle - 18 Years Later 2003

Marie (and her three fathers) are taking A-levels. Marie passes. She spends the summer in the country with her mother, Sylvia, who has returned from America with her Californian husband who has two sons. Marie falls in and out of love for the first time in front of her alarmed fathers, who see Marie's innocence slipping away at frightening speed, and their relationships with the two women become even more complicated.

The Time Capsule 2018

After ten years, a group of high school friends reunite at their alma mater to dig up their old time capsule. When they open it, they make a pact to recreate all their best high school moments. Little do they realize the power of the time capsule to heal broken hearts and inspire newfound relationships.

I, Cesar 2003

Cesar is a young schoolboy living in Paris with his family. Their life is ordinary, but Cesar wants more excitement (which he creates, in one instance, by claiming to his teachers that his father has been arrested). During the school holidays, Cesar and his friend Sarah decide to help their mutual friend, Morgan, find his father who supposedly lives in London. Each one tells their parents that they're staying with the other two, and together they sneak out to begin their search.

Love at Twenty 1962

Love at Twenty unites five directors from five different countries to present their different perspectives on what love really is at the age of 20. The episodes are united with the score of Georges Delerue and still photos of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

60 Going On 12 2013

Charles and Pierrot are inseparable. When Charles takes early retirement, it seems the world is their oyster. They can spend even more time together. Their motto is simple: "Make the most of life and have fun!». They fill their days with abundant imagination, under the tender and sometimes worried gaze of the women in their lives…

Mail To The Chief 2000

A humorous and inspiring adventure about an ordinary middle school student who strikes up an online friendship with someone bearing the screen name Average Joe, only to discover that he's been corresponding with and giving political advice to the President of the United States.

The Young Girls Turn 25 1993

Agnes Varda's documentary of the celebrations arising from the 25th anniversary of her husband Jacques Demy's film Les demoiselles de Rochefort.

Last Chance Saloon 2004

Ils sont amis depuis l'enfance et se sont juré de toujours s'entraider. Ensemble, Kathy, Tara et Yann ont quitté leur île bretonne pour s'installer à Paris. Alors que Yann est heureux avec Alfredo, son compagnon, les deux filles connaissent des vies sentimentales plutôt désastreuses. Tara, aussi rieuse que peu sûre d'elle, se fait esclavagiser par Thomas, petit prof égocentrique et mesquin...

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