1969 1988

Two rebellious youths, Ralph and Scott, find themselves struggling with adulthood as the Vietnam War rages. Feeling trapped in their small town, Scott battles with his conservative veteran father, Cliff, and Ralph deals with his desperately sexual mother, Ev. When tragic news arrives from overseas, the entire town, inspired by Ralph and Scott's antiwar efforts, reevaluates its attitude toward the war.

Fårö Document 1970

Bergman’s documentary is a time machine, bringing us back to the small island of Fårö in the late sixties. A unique document with the islanders in the main roles and Ingmar Bergman as the reporter. Fårö Document is a political excursion through rural Sweden and one of his least well-known films.

Un Quijote sin mancha 1969

A lawyer trying to fix everyone's problems, instead causes problems, which always end up in funny situations.

Battipaglia 1969 2016

"Battipaglia 1969" tells the day of the April 9, 1969, that the revolution in Battipaglia. Us during the stormy and tumultuous years of worker and student revolts and even in a small town of Salerno, which seems far from the tumult of the big cities, is manifested for the rights of students and workers.

Moon 1969 1969

Moon 1969 is a beautiful, eerie, haunting film, all the more wonderful for the fact we do not once see the moon: only the manifestation of its powers here on earth, the ebb and flow of the waters.. fiery rainbows into a cloudy sky... men and rockets transformed into shattering crystals... creating a picture if the cosmos in continual transformation."-- Gene Youngblood, Los Angeles Times "The interrelated convolutions and spasms of image, color, and sound that filmmaker Bartlett creates is the cumulative effect of his pioneer work using negative images, polarization, television techniques, computer-film, and electronic patterns all compressed into a visual punch that directs one where he normally would not go with a film -- on a trip in search of the human soul. -- Paul Brawley, The Booklist, American Library Association

Chuck Berry: Rock and Roll Music 1992

A pioneer in the world of rock-'n'-roll guitar, Chuck Berry has created a legacy that spans decades. Berry performs some of his greatest hits and all-time favorites in this concert video that was filmed on September 13, 1969 at 'Toronto Rock'n'Roll Revival.' The Concert includes the songs "Rock and Roll Music," "Long Live Rock and Roll," "Johnny B. Goode," "Promised Land," "Carol," "Hoochie Koochie Man," "Maybellene," "Too Much Monkey Business," "Reelin' and Rockin'," "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "In the Wee, Wee Hours."

Songs of the Youth 1969 2016

It is the year of 2010, Xue Beijing, a 50-year-old director, is preparing to make a film about his youth and remarkable ages in late 60's.

The Werewolf Cult Chronicles: Vietnam 1969

Vietnam 1969. Three soldiers are on a secret mission in Skull Bay, north of Laos. Sergeant Jones, Private Maddox and Private Turner shall find and kill a female Vietnamese CIA infiltrator. During the night Sergeant Jones disappears. Something is following the soldiers in the dark. A bloodthirsty werewolf is out for revenge.

The Battle of the Damned 1969

A small band of misfit American commandos are assigned to head across the North African desert to blow up a huge German fuel depot.

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