Thunder Cats 2011

ThunderCats is an American/Japanese animated television series, produced by Ethan Spaulding and Michael Jelenic. A reboot of the original 1980s TV series of the same name, ThunderCats was developed by Warner Bros. Animation and Studio 4°C, and combined elements of western animation, with Japanese anime. The series began with an hour-long premiere on Cartoon Network on July 29, 2011. Following the destruction of their home, the kingdom of Thundera, the ThunderCats are forced to roam the planet Third Earth, in order to find a way to defeat the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra, who plans on taking over the universe. Story-wise the series attempts to take a much darker and more cinematic approach than the original show, featuring a lot more focus on characterization and more sophisticated themes. Initially planned for 52 episodes, it was confirmed by ThunderCats art-director Dan Norton in early 2013 that the show had been canceled after only one season. Reruns of the show later aired on Adult Swim's Toonami block.

Hunter x Hunter 2011

Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. His Father, Ging, is a Hunter—a member of society's elite with a license to go anywhere or do almost anything. Gon, determined to follow in his father's footsteps, decides to take the Hunter Examination and eventually find his father to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right. But on the way, he learns that there is more to becoming a Hunter than previously thought, and the challenges that he must face are considered the toughest in the world.

Injustice 2011

On the surface William Travers is a picture of success. An accomplished criminal barrister happily living with his wife in rural Suffolk. However, Travers is still recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system. Reluctantly, he is drawn into a case that involves his old friend Martin Newall who faces conspiracy and murder charges while at the same time being investigated by a vicious and vengeful detective DS Mark Wenborn.

Roy Marn 2011

A slap and kiss lakorn involving a force marriage that wasn’t meant to be. It was her cousin who should have married pra’ek, but the day before the wedding, her cousin was kidnapped by a guy who had loved her for years. He kidnapped her, assaulted her, got her pregnant, and thus everything changed. The young and bratty nang’ek had to take the place of her cousin because it was a marriage to erase a debt. Nang’ek’s uncle owed money to pra’ek (Boy) and his father. Since he can’t use his daughter, you’ll use his niece instead.

For You in Full Blossom - Ikemen Paradise 2011 2011

Hanazakari no kimitachi e 〜Ikemen Paradice〜 2011 is a 2011 Japanese television series. It is a remake of the 2007 drama series of the same name which is also based on the manga Hana Kimi, but it featured an entirely new cast.

Holiday Block Party 2011 2011

Three families and three designers are given three days to transform their quiet street into an all-out Holiday Block Party! Throw away your traditional ideas as our designers go outside the box with their creative takes of the holidays. Designer Antonio Ballatore creates a rockin' Christmas at his house. Design Star winner Meg Caswell takes on the challenge of combining Chanukah with Christmas at her house. Next, newcomer Tracy Porter turns her home into a South American celebration. At the end of three festive and heartfelt days, host Tanika Ray reveals our final designs along with a special surprise gift of her own that puts the "party" in our Holiday Block Party.

2011 Balkan Music Awards

The Second Annual Balkan Music Awards were held in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria for the second time. The previous year's main winner of the show with the title "Best Song of Balkans 2009" was Željko Joksimović with Ljubavi representing Serbia with 37 points, followed closely by Flori Mumajesi with Playback from Albania with 31 points. Balkan Music Awards was originally broadcast by Balkanika Music Television, and also by 11 other television stations in the Balkans.

El Gran Show 2011

The first season of El Gran Show 2011 was aired on April 14, 2011, and count with polemics famous, the show is actually one of the favorites of the audience. The winners of the season were Raúl Zuazo and Dayana Calla, while on a point of difference, Leslie Shaw and Kevin Ubillus, ranked second place.

El Gran Show 2011

The second season of El Gran Show 2011 was aired on August 6, 2011 and count with polemics famous, the show is actually one of the favorites of the audience. The winners of the season were Jesús Neyra and Lucero Clavijo.

Children in Need 2011

Children in Need 2011 is a campaign held in the United Kingdom to raise money for Children in Need. 2011 marked the 31st anniversary of the appeal which culminated in a live broadcast on BBC One which began on the evening of Friday 18 November and ran until the early hours of Saturday 19 November. The broadcast was hosted by Terry Wogan, with Tess Daly, Alesha Dixon and Fearne Cotton as co-hosts. The show was broadcast from BBC Television Centre in London but also included regular regional opt-outs presented from various locations around the UK. The telecast began at 19:30 GMT and ran for six and a half hours. As usual, the broadcast featured sketches and one-off episodes of British television shows, as well as musical performances from artists including JLS, One Direction and Susan Boyle. The Collective performed their version of the Massive Attack song Teardrop, which is being released as the official Children in Need single for 2011. The final total of money raised was revealed at 02:00 GMT as £26,332,334, with the amount expected to rise over the following days. This exceeded the money raised after the 2010 telecast by almost £7 million.

On the Fringe 2011

On the Fringe 2011 is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 2 August 2011 and ended on 29 August 2011. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9.00 pm. This drama is the first Singaporean drama to be rated PG due to semi-realistic portrayals of teenage delinquency and gangsterism. It also marks the return of Li Nanxing after a 2-year hiatus and plays an ex-gangster recently released from prison who vows to start life anew. Li was previously known for playing reformed ex-prisoners and similar antiheroes such as in the original 1987 series of the same name and in The Vagrant.

Carré ViiiP 2011 2011

Carré ViiiP 2011 was a rip-off of the French version of the reality show Big Brother carrying on from a previous similar show, Loft Story. It aired on TF1 and was presented by Elsa Fayer, also the presenter of Qui veut épouser mon fils?. The series began filming on March 18, 2011, when 16 people entered a purpose-built house on the outskirts of Paris. The show was originally set to run until May 27, 2011. However, following bad ratings TF1 decided to end the show on March 31, 2011, only 13 days after it had begun. The show resembles the NRJ12 program Les Anges de la télé-réalité because a review of former reality TV candidates.

Star Awards 2011

Star Awards 2011 was a double television award ceremony held in Singapore. It is part of the annual Star Awards organised by MediaCorp for the two free-to-air channels, MediaCorp Channel 8 and MediaCorp Channel U. Star Awards 2011 was telecast 'LIVE' on Channel 8, on 17 April 2011 and 24 April 2011. Both ceremonies commenced at 1900 hrs, where the results were announced and aired live. The 1st ceremony was held in MediaCorp TV Theatre on 17 April at which the Young Talent Award, most technical awards and popularity awards were given out. The 2nd ceremony was held in the Resorts World Sentosa a week later on 24 April and featured professionally-judged acting and hosting category awards and the Top 10 Most Popular Male/Female Artiste Awards. A post-show party was held after the awards ceremony on April 24, which was telecasted on Channel U at 2200hrs.

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