1971 2014

Forty years before WikiLeaks and the NSA scandal, there was Media, Pennsylvania. In 1971, eight activists plotted an intricate break-in to the local FBI offices to leak stolen documents and expose the illegal surveillance of ordinary Americans in an era of anti-war activism. In this riveting heist story, the perpetrators reveal themselves for the first time, reflecting on their actions and raising broader questions surrounding security leaks in activism today.

1971 2007

Based on true facts, the film revolves around 6 brave soldiers who escape from the clutches of the Pakistan Army and risk death with honour and courage with sacrifice towards their journey home.

1971: Beyond Borders 2017

Set against the backdrop of 1971 Indo-Pak war, the movie is inspired by real incidents and the protagonists are inspired by Param Vir Chakra recipients. The movie shows what consequences of war are on the lives of soldiers on either side of the border.

Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall 1971 2007

From the Neil Young performance series archives Available for the first time The acclaimed 1971 solo acoustic Massey Hall performance Featuring 17 tracks-over one hour of music


A combatant in the Portuguese Colonial War describes one by one, the images of the album he made ​​in Mozambique from 1971 to 1974. From the catalog of the weapons inventory zoo, the self-portrait of ethnographic research, the film is a unique witness the absurd banality of war.

Swift, 1971 1971

The Popular Revolutionary Army (ERP) was a military unit of an Argentine political party, looking up to Mao's cultural revolution as its model. Its way of fighting involved kidnappings and assassinations of government officials as well as representatives of foreign firms. The crusade of the military junta against its terrorist practices later became a pretext for state terror against civilians who had nothing to do with ERP. Gleyzer's so-called "secret film" records the kidnapping of a manager of the meat processing factory and cooling plant Swift. The partisans request an improvement in the working conditions in the factory in exchange for his release.

Slade - Popshop 1971

Live On Television. Setlist: 1. Hear Me Calling > 2. I'm Comming Home > 3. Darling Home Soon > 4. Coz I Luv You > 5. Get Down And With It > 6. Born To Be Wild

Woody Allen: Granada 1971 1971

This is never-broadcast footage of Woody Allen being interviewed by Granada TV in Manchester in 1971 while he was in the UK to promote 'Bananas'.

This Is Portland 1971 1971

Don and Edwina take us on a delightful tour of The wondrous Portland, Oregon. Sights and smells truly come alive in this whimsical walk through The City of Roses. Whether you're uptown, downtown, or staying at the luxurious Royal Gambino Hotel! See what all the talk is about and come on down! You can find us eating iced cream in the Brownstone District.

Inside Thin Lizzy 1971-1983 2008

Inside Thin Lizzy: 1971-1983 movie was released Mar 25, 2008 by the Navarre Corporation studio. This DVD features rare archival footage of the whole Thin Lizzy era, focusing on a definitive critical review of the band. Thin Lizzy - Inside Thin Lizzy: 1971-1983 movie Every album of theirs is examined, reviewed and critically assessed by a team of leading music critics, writers and working musicians. Thin Lizzy - Inside Thin Lizzy: 1971-1983 video Includes performance footage of the band.

Robert Motherwell: Summer of 1971 1972

At work on his Elegies and Windows series, Motherwell examines his place in the Abstract Expressionist movement, which he calls the first original American movement in the "mainstream," and its practitioners "the last romantics." He distinguishes between his large paintings and his intimate papier collée. Motherwell recollects the state of American art in the 1940s and the impact of European emigré painters on the younger generation of emerging artists. He discusses the significance of collage, or papier collée, as an artist's medium and explains how he first became involved with this process. Motherwell offers his interpretations of earlier directions in art and his response to the object oriented painting that emerged in America in the 1960s. A unique document of one of the founding members of the New York School. He died in 1991.

Muddy Waters - In Concert 1971 2004

Born in Mississippi, Muddy Waters grew up singing and continued his art when he moved to Chicago. In his mid-30s, Waters picked up his first electric guitar and began to revolutionize popular music. With the mix of his southern roots and gritty urban life, Waters pioneered a new form of the Blues. This program features footage from a 1971 West Coast tour, and features the songs "Long Distance Call," "Mannish Boy," "Got My Mojo Working," and many more. Rolling his eyes toward heaven and shaking his head like a man possessed, Muddy Waters cast a powerful spell. His high cheekbones and Oriental eyes gave him a certain Eastern, inscrutable quality, and at times his face even became angelic.

Gong on French TV 1971-1973 2011

Filmed at Gong's communal house at Sens in Burgundy, France, hanging out in the kitchen, lounging in the garden, and running through a couple of songs.

Weather Report Live In Hamburg 1971 1971

Weather Report performing live in Hamburg on German TV show Beat Club on 22.06.1971. Joe Zawinul: Fender Rhodes / Wayne Shorter: Tenor and Soprano saxophones Miroslav Vitous: Electric and acoustic bass / Alphonse Mouzon: Drums / Dom Um Romão: Percussion 1. Umbrellas 2. Orange Lady 3. Waterfall 4. Seventh Arrow 5. TH 6. Morning Lake 7. Improvised Medley incl. Dr. Honoris Causa

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