1977 2009

1977 movie Sarathkumar, Farzana and Namitha in lead role. Rajasekhar (Sarathkumar) is respected and revered for his sage-like wisdom, pensive nature and his teachings on how to choose peace and harmony in the community over discord. His son Vetrivel (Sarathkumar) is an acclaimed and adored scientist.

1977 2007

A small town, a growing knot and a girl searching for her identity.

Chronicle of an Escape 2006

The true story of four men who narrowly escaped death at the hands of Argentina's military death squads during the 1970s is brought to the screen in this thriller. In 1977, Claudio Tamburrini (Rodrigo de la Serna) was a goalie for a minor-league football team when he was abducted by members of the Argentine military police and taken to an unofficial detention center on the false suspicion that he was a terrorist. Over 30,000 people lost their lives at the hands of Argentinean authorities under the military junta that ruled the country between 1976 and 1983, and as he was tortured by intelligence agents looking for information he didn't have, Tamburrini fully expected to become another victim. After many sessions of brutal torture, Tamburrini and his fellow captives Guillermo (Nazareno Casero) and Tano (Martin Urruty) were being readied for execution when, in a final desperate act, Tamburrini dove out a window during a rainstorm.

Examination 1977 2009

Set at the close of the Cultural Revolution, Turning Point 1977 tells the story of a group of young idealists battling for the right to return home and restart their lives after years of toil on a state run re-education farm in China.

Kiss [1977] Live in Tokyo 1977

Setlist: Detroit rock city Let me go, rock 'n' roll Firehouse Makin' love Cold gin Nothin' to lose God of thunder Rock and roll all nite Black diamond

N.P. 1977 1977

Neša Paripović's film N.P. 1977 (1977) is a film about a walk through the summer green city of Belgrade. In a way it´s a self-portrait of the artist who plays the main protagonist in the film. For the film title he has chosen his initials – as is the case with the two other films in a series of three produced between 1975-78.

Kiss [1977] Live at Cobo Hall Detroit 1977

With three sold out nights at Detroit's Cobo Hall KISS repeated a three night stand from a year earlier, this time on the ROCK AND ROLL OVER Tour. Recorded live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI, January 29, 1977 - the third night.

Examination 1977

The year 1977 is unforgettable for many Chinese people - it was the year when the national college entrance examination was resumed after being abolished for 11 years during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76). More than five million Chinese people aged from 15 to 36 sat the exam that year. It changed the lives of many who went on to achieve greatness in various fields.

The Who: at Kilburn 1977 2009

Featuring one of the last public appearances by Keith Moon, the 1977 Kilburn show is a long-sought holy grail for fans of The Who, performing before a select audience on December 15, 1977 at Kilburn. Also included is a much earlier never-before-seen rarity and one of the band's personal favorites, The Who's powerhouse London Coliseum gig from 1969.

Kiss [1977] New York 1977

Bonus disc from Kissology I. Kiss live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, February 18, 1977

Airport '77 1977

Flight 23 has crashed in the Bermuda Triangle while taking VIPs and valuable art to Philip Stevens new museum. But when hijackers take off the plane and knock everyone out with sleeping gas the plane crashes in the sea. The passengers survive but a small hole at the front is flooding the plane and 2 daring rescues must be put into action because everyone is trapped 200 feet underwater.

The Longest Bridge 1977

I stumbled up this by accident and decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did. This is the story of the Japanese invasion of China in the late 1930's. The film literally begins with the Japanese invasion, so as the opening credits roll we watch an excellent recreation of the bombing of Shanghai. From there the film recounts the Chinese efforts to drive out the invaders.

Saturday Night Fever 1977

Tony Manero is a Brooklyn paint-store clerk who'd give anything to break out of his dead-end existence. In life, Tony is a peasant; on the disco dance floor, he's a king. As the soundtrack plays one Bee Gees hit after another, white-suited Tony struts his stuff amidst flashing lights and sweaty, undulating bodies. Tony's class aspirations are mirrored in his relationship with his dance partner, a secretary eager to move into the glamorous world of Manhattan.

Kissology: The Ultimate KISS Collection Vol. 1 (1974-1977) 2006

As KISSology - Vol. 1 (1974-1977) announces loudly, all the chutzpah and bombast that made KISS so huge--the fire-breathing, the blood-dripping, the kabuki-mask make-up and platform shoes, the synchronized head-bobs--were in place from the very beginning. KISS's 1974 concert in San Francisco is virtually identical to their 1977 concerts in Japan and Houston, at the peak of their popularity. For hardcore fans, this opportunity to bask in the nuances of five performances of "Black Diamond" and six performances of "Firehouse" is essential viewing, but for the less committed the pleasures of KISSology lie in the bizarre collisions pop culture is heir to: Gene Simmons, in full costume, declaring himself "evil incarnate" on The Mike Douglas Show;

Dalida - Pour Toujours 1977 1977

French pop diva Dalida candidly discusses a number of the songs that made her a phenomenal success across Europe, the Middle East and Japan in this celluloid chronicle of the beguiling singer. Dalida -- who earned 45 gold records -- talks about "J'attendrai," "Besame Mucho," "Paroles Paroles" and other hits. The video also includes previously unreleased pictures shot in exotic locales and footage spanning the singer's 30-year career.

Rainbow: Live in Munich 1977 1977

Rainbow was formed by Ritchie Blackmore in 1975 after he left Deep Purple at the height of their fame. They were instantly successful and released a string of hit albums, with an ever-changing line up, between 1975 and 1983 when Blackmore broke up the group to join the reformed Deep Purple. This concert from their European tour in 1977 features the line up responsible for the "Long Live Rock ’n’ Roll" album released later that year, including vocalist Ronnie James Dio and drummer Cozy Powell. Blackmore had to be smuggled out of Austria after trouble with the police at a gig two nights earlier, and was very late arriving in Munich, all of which seemed to inspire both the band and the audience to create a truly remarkable gig.

Saturday Night Live 1975

A late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show created by Lorne Michaels. The show's comedy sketches, which parody contemporary culture and politics, are performed by a large and varying cast of repertory and newer cast members. Each episode is hosted by a celebrity guest, who usually delivers an opening monologue and performs in sketches with the cast, and features performances by a musical guest.

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