1941 1979

It's been six days since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Panic grips California, supposedly the next target of the Japanese forces. Everywhere in California, people are suffering from war nerves. Chaos erupts all over the state. An Army Air Corps Captain, a civilian with a deranged sense of Nationalism, civilian defenders, and a Motor Pool crew all end up chasing a Japanese sub planning to attack LA.

Spring 1941 2009

After Germany invades Poland and the Nazis order the confinement of all local Jews in the ghetto, medical doctor Artur Planck (Joseph Fiennes) manages to flee with his family, seeking refuge at the farm of Emilia (Kelly Harrison), their former grocer. With the Planck family hiding in her attic, Emilia finds her feelings for the physician growing stronger than she wants, or can control -- despite the dangers of the situation.

1941 1941

Avant-garde short film. In December, 1941, using music by Stravinsky, this film provides a reaction to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. An egg is smashed by a hammer; red color with white and then blue dominates the frame. Blue paint runs; small bulbs float. The dark colors spread. White, red, blue, and black dominate the frame. Then comes fire. The bulbs burn and break. A broken bulb's filaments are exposed.

Liverpool 1941 1941

An amateur silent film documenting the effects of German bombing raids on the city and the docks in May 1941. Liverpool landmarks glimpsed include the Royal Liver Building, Mersey Docks, Our Lady and St Nicholas Church, St Luke's Tower, Derby Square, Haymarket and Lewis's department store.

The Making Of '1941' 1996

A non-narrated documentary, told mainly in interviews with the filmmakers, on the making of the cult comedy classic, featuring outtakes, rare behind-the-scenes home movies, and trivia facts.

Breakdowns of 1941 1941

Blooper out-takes from Torrid Zone, Four Mothers, The Wagons Roll at Night, The Sea Wolf, No Time for Comedy, The Bride Came C.O.D., and Affectionately Yours, among other Warner Brother productions of 1940 and 1941.

Holiday Greetings 1941 1941

Lewis Stone urges movie-goers to appreciate those in the US armed forces who will be spending the holidays overseas, away from their families. On behalf of everyone in motion pictures, he wishes them "a very happy, and a free, holiday." Written by David Glagovsky (Taken from the imdb page)

Hit Parade of 1941 1940

In this musical, the second entry in a five-film series, a thrift shop owner sells his business and buys a small time radio station. He begins looking for sponsors. He finds one with a department store owner who will only lend him the money if he will allow his daughter, an aspiring tap-dancer and singer, to perform on the air. This is unfortunate as she is tone-deaf. To compensate, the owner hires a real singer to dub the daughter's voice. The singer and the owner's nephew fall in love and mayhem ensues. Songs include: the Oscar nominated "Who Am I?," "Swing Low Sweet Rhythm," "In The Cool of the Evening," "Make Yourself at Home," "The Swap Shop Song," "The Trading Post," "Sally," "Ramona," "Sweet Sue," "Dinah," "Margie," and "Mary Lou."

Max Fleischer's Superman 1941-1942 1941

More than just a landmark in superhero animation, Max Fleischer's Superman shorts were no less than the foundation for so many shows that succeeded it. Playing in theaters in 1941-42, only a few years after the Man of Steel made his debut in Action Comics, these 17 exciting films were produced by Fleischer and made famous the phrase "This looks like a job for Superman!" At 10 minutes, each film had just enough time to run the opening credits, establish the threat, let Lois Lane make a headstrong rush into peril, and allow Clark Kent to change to his alter ego and save the day. The films show a remarkably dynamic and atmospheric storytelling style that enables them to hold up for modern viewers. At first the films followed a science fiction-fantasy theme, but not unexpectedly for that time soon focused on wartime concerns.

13:de mars, 1941 2005

The year is 1941. Two Investigators are doing research on an old well. One of the gentlemen climbs down the hole and then they communicate through a military phone. But something is strange, the place, the hole, and then the phone...

Aishite Imasu 2005

Inya, a heroine of the Philippine resistance against the Japanese during World War II, recalls events involving her husband Edilberto and their childhood friend Ignacio, a transvestite who, masquerading as a woman also named Inya, becomes the lover of the local Japanese commander, Ichiru, and is caught between a duty to be a spy for his country and friends and his reluctant but growing love for Ichiru.

Grey Wolves: U-Boats 1939 to 1941 2005

The scourge of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II, Hitler's U-boat "Wolf Packs" were described by Winston Churchill as his greatest fear. And these roving bands of submarines quickly became the biggest threat to England, cutting the country off from vital supply routes and almost starving it into submission. This documentary traces the escalation of the U-boat war from 1939-41 with striking images collected from captured German footage.

Fyra dagar som skakade Sverige - Midsommarkrisen 1941 1988

At dawn on June 22, 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. On the same morning, Germany demanded permission from the Swedish government to transport 18,000 German soldiers from Norway to Finland across Sweden by railway. This was a difficult problem for the Swedish government. On one hand remaining friendly with Germany at the height of its power, on the other maintaining a strict neutrality. The Swedish cabinet meet in Stockholm to decide upon the best reply to the German demands.

Husker Century II: Spirit of Play 1941 - 1972 2004

Part two of the Husker Century trilogy describes the struggle and spirit that brought Nebraska's football program from difficult times during World War II, through 17 losing seasons in 20 years, to the arrival of Bob Devaney. Exciting game films and interviews with former Huskers Dennis Claridge, Frank Solich, Jerry Tagge, and Johnny Rodgers tell the inside story of the Devaney era, culminating with the 1971 "Game of the Century", Nebraska - Oklahoma. "Spirit of Play" chronicles the events and profiles the individuals who sparked the Big Red spirit that spread across Nebraska like prarie fire.

World War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel

This is an interesting documentary about Stalin, his rise to power, and the invasion of the USSR by Germany in WWII. It's split into two parts, the first a general overview of the early history. The second part is the details of WWII and after. David Reynolds does an excellent job of explaining what happened with snippets from diaries, letters and other contemporaneous accounts. Well-assembled historical work.

Freedom Academy Lecture #2 The European Wars (Sept 1939 - June 1941) 2014

Among the multiple arbitrary points that could be pegged as the beginning of World War II, the one that gains the most consensus is Germany's invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. It prompted both France and Britain to declare war within 48 hours. The Nazis then conquered Norway, Denmark and France, and set its bombers' sights on Britain. In this lecture, Victor Davis Hanson explores the blitzkrieg tactics that fueled Adolf Hitler's success and the foolish appeasement philosophy that empowered Germany, Italy, Japan and, for a while, the Soviet Union. Hanson also gives viewers a peek into the lunacy that eventually led Hitler to invade the Soviet Union and the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. The dynamics changed in a war that had appeared to be over when France fell on June 20, 1940.

Freedom Academy Lecture #3 The New World War (July 1941 - March 1942) 2014

World War II did not become a truly global conflict until after two of the Axis aggressors, Adolf Hitler of Germany and Hideki Tojo of Japan, picked momentous fights with the Soviet Union and the United States. Hitler's troops invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, turning on a nation that had been their ally, and Tojo's navy attacked the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. The conflict went around the circumference of the world from that point. Follow along as Victor Davis Hanson revisits the ego-driven, strategically flawed thinking that inspired these two decisions. He recaps the most important battles of 1941 and 1942, explaining how they emboldened the Axis powers but also strengthened the resolve of the new Allies -- the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union.

Superman 1941

Superman made his animated debut in this series of seventeen classic Technicolor short films produced by Fleischer Studios and its successor Famous Studios in the 1940s.

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