Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2013

After getting a taste for blood as children, Hansel and Gretel have become the ultimate vigilantes, hell-bent on retribution. Now, unbeknownst to them, Hansel and Gretel have become the hunted, and must face an evil far greater than witches... their past.

The Hunters 2013

Imagine if all mythical artifacts, from Jason's Golden Fleece to Cinderella's glass slippers, were real. Well, they are -- and for centuries, a secret society called the Hunters has been sworn to protect them from an evil force called the Krugen.

Bounty Hunters 1996

Jersey Bellini is a bounty hunter who forms an uneasy partnership with a rival to capture a fugitive. But the hunters soon discover that the crook is also the man the mob most wants dead! Ready to battle anyone in their way, these hard-hitting Bounty Hunters won't quit until they've brought in their man... and brought down the mob

Hunters 2016

In 1987, a group of film students go scout an abandoned resort in the Pennsylvania wilderness, becoming real victims in another film.

Moose Hunters 1937

Goofy (front) and Donald (rear) are dressed in a moose suit, trying to lure moose for hunter Mickey. When they do find one, it turns out to be more than they can handle.

Bounty Hunters 2016

Lee Shan and Ayo are ex-Interpol agents who are now bounty hunters, chasing fugitives for cash rewards. When the two of them are framed for a hotel-bombing, they join hands with a legendary bounty hunter named Cat, along with her teammates, to find the real bomber.

Spirit Hunters 2012

A cinematographer and soundman, Morgan and Cricket, head to a remote Idaho ranch to film the pilot episode of “Spirit Seekers,” a new reality TV show about ghost hunters. When the host dies during filming, the production shuts down. Unbeknownst to the cast and crew, the show’s director planned the host’s death to boost ratings. Dr. Randolf Fairfax (Doug Jones) fears the bloodshed has awoken supernatural spirits that are now hellbent on their own revenge! The crew must try to survive, dodging bullets, ghosts, and scheming television producers (played by Star Trek’s Robert Picardo and Michael Dorn) as they race to find out what is really going on at the end of the road.

Hunters 1997

A group of children tells to the camera how they torture various animals, such as lizards, cats or mice. One of them tells how last summer, after attacking a cat with his friends, he saw something that made him reflect on what they did.

The Hunter's Prayer 2017

An assassin forges an unlikely partnership with one of his targets: a woman seeking revenge for the murder of her family.

Blood Hunters 2016

An elevated genre horror film about a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant. As she struggles to escape she discovers the facility's secret, they've tampered with the boundaries of death and brought people back to life, but those who've returned, have not returned alone.

The Hunters 2011

Alice and her friends are approaching the end of the school year where their dead-end lives will end and the chance of a new life will begin. Before heading off to college they spend one last day together in the woods, the one part of town that has always been off limits to them growing up. As they stumble upon what they thought was an abandoned fort only to find the walls dripping in blood and decompressing body parts lying around, they are startled to learn they are now a part of an undercover investigation. After being told to get out of the woods they realize they're trapped, for the Hunters, who call the fort home, never let anyone out alive.

The Hunters 1958

With its electrifying flight sequences and high-powered cast, The Hunters is a mesmerizing film based on the best-selling novel by veteran fighter pilot James Salter. Set during the height of the Korean War, the story centers on Major Cleve Saville (Robert Mitchum), a master of the newly operational F-86 Sabre fighter jets. But adept as he is at flying, Saville¹s personal life takes a nosedive when he falls in love with his wingman¹s (Lee Philips) beautiful wife (May Britt). To make matters worse, Saville must cope with a loud-mouthed rookie (Robert Wagner) in a daring rescue mission that threatens all their lives in this well-crafted war drama.

Hunters 2017

A documentary short exploring the world of Josh and Jay, two men coming to terms with their own childhood, who dedicate their lives to the unusual practice of paedophile hunting. They take the law into their own hands, posing as underage girls on social networking sites and meet and confront online child groomers leading to their arrest.

Reef Hunters 1999

Fredo (Cesar Montano) is a fisherman who has endured more than his share of hardship in life; his wife and child both perished in a boating accident, and today Fredo approaches each trip to the sea with the angry determination of a man out for revenge. Fredo commands a crew of young people from poor families as he takes his rattletrap ship into the ocean in search of fish that live along the reefs, snaring catch with an illegal netting system. Not all of Fredo's youthful sailors are willing to put up with his abusive arrogance, however, and even his father Dado (Pen Medina) and close friend Botong (Jhong Hilario) have grown weary of Fredo's tirades. Fredo's body is beginning to betray him as well, and as he and his crew damage the sea's reef beds in search of fish, no one is certain how much longer he will be able to continue.

Bounty Hunters 2011

A group of down-on-their-luck bounty hunters hit the jackpot one night when they pick up an informant with a hundred thousand dollar bounty on his head. But their world is turned upside down when a mob boss offers them one million dollars in exchange for the informant. When they refuse, the mafia unleashes a trio of assassins on them who use all of their power to bring the bounty hunters down, and to get their man - dead or alive.

Sensation Hunters 1933

Dale Jordan is first accepted by the aristocratic first-cabin passengers on a south-bound Panama-Pacific liner until they discover she is a member of a troupe of cabaret girls led by Trixie Snell en route for the Bull Ring Cabaret in Panama City.

Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball 1997

Incompatible fugitive recovery agents, the flighty Jersey Bellini (Michael Dudikoff) and his more serious-minded female partner, B.B. (Lisa Howard), have, for the last time, ticked off mobster Wald (Tony Curtis) by apprehending his rather inept henchmen just as they are about to commit a robbery or kill one of Wald's enemies. That's when Wald turns their fate over to the ruthless Crazy Carlos (Steve Bacic), with the intention of having Bellini and B.B. killed. But the hapless bounty hunters keep having good luck just when they need it most. ~ Buzz McClain, Rovi

Valley of Head Hunters 1953

Bad guys trying to steal the mineral rights away from African natives find it isn't so easy fighting Jungle Jim.

Auction Hunters 2010

Auction Hunters is an American reality television series that premiered on November 9, 2010, on Spike and is produced by Gurney Productions Inc. It also airs internationally. In June 2011, Spike announced that it had ordered a third season of 26 episodes. In August 2012, Spike announced that it had ordered a fourth season of 26 episodes. The fourth season premiered on January 30, 2013.

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