Being 17 2016

Set in the beautiful high Pyrenees in south-west France, Damien lives with his mother Marianne, a doctor, while his father, a pilot, is on a tour of duty abroad with the French military. At school, Damien is bullied by Thomas, who lives in the farming community up in the mountains, nut learns to fight back. The boys find themselves living together when Marianne invites Thomas to come and stay with them while his mother is ill in hospital. Damien must learn to live with the boy who terrorised him.

Seven Years in Tibet 1997

Austrian mountaineer, Heinrich Harrer journeys to the Himalayas without his family to head an expedition in 1939. But when World War II breaks out, the arrogant Harrer falls into Allied forces' hands as a prisoner of war. He escapes with a fellow detainee and makes his way to Llaso, Tibet, where he meets the 14-year-old Dalai Lama, whose friendship ultimately transforms his outlook on life.

Late Bloomers 2011

Late Bloomers stars Isabella Rossellini and William Hurt as a married couple pulled apart by the threat of old age. Each reacts in a different way: Hurt’s distinguished architect chases after his glory days, while Rossellini’s housewife installs handrails about the house.

Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy 1997

Son Goku Jr. is the grand-grandson of the legendary warrior Son Goku, unlike his predecessor he's not a brave fighter. He's constantly picked on by school bullies, his grandmother Pan sees this and she's worried, but even tough Goku is not a strong and powerful saiyan, he has a kind heart, and Pan loves him. When Pan gets sick Goku Jr. realizes he must do something if he doesn't want to lose Pan. Then he will remember about the legends of the Dragon Spheres. It was told they granted a wish to the bearer, Goku needs a magical wish more than ever.

The Wild Years 2013

The three protagonists play, eat and argue together. In this, at least, they are no different from other boys their age. But they are different in one crucial way, because nine-year-old Daniel and Habtom and Yohannes, both aged 12, live on the street, sleeping in an abandoned car on the side of the road. Without money or any form of adult support, they struggle to survive in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. And there are around 270,000 other street kids like them. The film records the three boys’ daily lives without being overly sentimental.

I Am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced 2014

Ten-year-old Nojoom was forced to marry a 30-year-old man. The dowry offered the family a small income and 'one less mouth to feed'. Nojoom discovers that her life will take a turn for the worse. Her husband is indifferent to her age. Every day after she is wedded, the child works under harsh conditions and every night, the child-bride is raped by a man 20 years older than her. A legitimate and acceptable arrangement for all, except for Nojoom.

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