The Colony 2013

Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature.

A Colony 2018

Between school pressure and family disorganisation, Mylia is trying to find her bearings. Meeting Jacinthe and Jimmy will lead her to outline a new life.

Demonte Colony 2015

Four friends go into a haunted mansion on a whim but they do not realize that they have returned home with an evil spirit, from which escape might be impossible.

Colony 2015

Colony is a film about psychogeography, the memory of landscape, trauma and remembrance.

Colony 2009

COLONY documents a time of unprecedented crisis in the world of the honeybee through the eyes of seasoned beekeeper David Mendes and Lance and Victor Seppi, two young brothers getting into beekeeping at a time when most are getting out. As Mendes tries to save the nation’s collapsing hives, the Seppis try to keep their business alive amidst a collapsing economy.


In the future, two women struggle for survival as part of a work colony.

Lost Colony: The Legend of Roanoke 2007

English colonists arriving on Roanoke Island in 1587 find the fort built years before deserted. Soon after, members of the colony begin to die in horrible ways. Before returning to England for provisions, leader John White puts his son-in-law Ananais Dare in charge, and Dare realizes the island is haunted by Norse spirits. Enlisting the aid of a friendly Native American, Dare attempts to free the spirits from their earthly captivity before the entire colony is lost.

Anarchist from Colony 2017

A Korean anarchist PARK Yeol and a Japanese anarchist Fumiko conspire against not only the Japan but the System of the world at the risk of their life and love.

7/G Rainbow Colony 2004

Kathir is a young underachiever, frequently venting his frustrations through public outbursts. When a north Indian girl, Anitha, moves into his neighborhood, he falls head over heels in love with her, and aggressively expresses interest. When she does not respond favorably, things get out of hand.

Vietnam Colony 1992

Krishnamurthy is appointed by a real estate company to vacate Vietnam Colony, a place buzzing with illegal and antisocial elements.

Sarkar Colony 2011

Shivaramakrishnan is a government employee who struggles to make ends meet. In order to earn some quick money, he and his friends start a daycare center!

Monster of the Nudist Colony 2013

Detective Hammer, and his beautiful wife Mary, investigate reports of a monster sighting at the local nudist colony. On arrival, Mary loses all inhibitions while Hammer gets distracted by Lucy, the colony's manager.

Columbus's Cursed Colony 2010

In Columbus' Cursed Colony join two scientific expeditions on a journey that takes you beneath the waters of La Isabela Bay in Dominican Republic to search for the lost fleet of Christopher Columbus.

The Colony 1995

A man and his family move from a crime-ridden inner city suburb to a self-proclaimed violence-free haven overseen by a godlike businessman. However, they soon discover that life in The Colony is much more sinister than it first appeared.

Cuban Colony 2018

Set in the backdrop of Angamaly, Cuban Colony tells the tale of five close friends whose friendship is tested by the challenges they face in their otherwise happy life and how they deal with the challenges in their own style.

Lycan Colony 2006

Some small towns hold many secrets. Two siblings and a newly settled doctor's family are about to find out this town's darkest secret...the hard way. The town folk are good and evil werewolves! And all things are not as they appear.

Colony 2016

In the near future a family must make difficult decisions as they balance staying together with trying to survive. They live in Los Angeles, which has been occupied by a force of outside intruders. While some people have chosen to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the new order, others have rebelled — and suffer the consequences.

The Colony 2009

The Colony is a reality television series that is produced by the Discovery Channel. The program follows a group of people who must survive in a simulated post-apocalyptic environment. Casting was done by Metal Flowers Media. The first season had 10 main cast members as well as almost 100 actors who did additional scripted and improvisational work for the show.

The Colony 2005

Two 21st Century families from Britain and Ireland are sent to see how they would cope had they been transported to New South Wales 200 years ago when it was a penal colony. Together with an Australian family and Aborginals they learn just how tough you needed to be to survive back then.

Wraiths of Roanoke

Wraiths of Roanoke, is a 2007 Sci Fi original movie, directed by Matt Codd and stars Adrian Paul, Frida Show, Rhett Giles, Michael Teh, and George Calil. The film follows the 16th–century English settlers in America, who are besieged by wraiths. Ostensibly, it is based on the disappearance of the third Roanoke Colony. The film premiered on the Sci Fi Channel on October 13, 2007. It was rated TV–14.

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