The Designated Victim 1971

A wealthy, decadent count convinces a disillusioned playboy that they shall murder one another's relatives, to get away with the perfect crime. The count murders the playboy's unpleasant wife. Now the playboy finds he cannot keep his end of the bargain, while the police finger him for the murder.

Designated Lawyer 2018

In Kyoto, Yui Hitotsugi is an extremely competent lawyer at a law firm. A politician, Seizo Tagane, is given immunity after he testifies against rampant corruption. However, their is national outcry when he is not prosecuted. A committee of prosecutors meet and conclude that Seizo Tagane should be prosecuted. Yui Hitotsugi, a lawyer, takes the prosecutor's position on the case. She researches the case with the help of Prosecutor Shinji Tachibana.

The Designated Mourner 1997

Jack and Judy are husband and wife, and Howard is Judys father. They live in some fictional undemocratic and repressive country, and tell us a story about their lives, mostly from Jack's point of view.

Designated Survivor 2016

Tom Kirkman, a low-level cabinet member is suddenly appointed President of the United States after a catastrophic attack during the State of the Union kills everyone above him in the Presidential line of succession.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days 2019

An explosion at the National Assembly kills everyone in the cabinet, leaving Park Mu-jin, the Minister of Environment, to become the next president. Park Mu-jin is a scientist-turned-politician who has no ambitions in politics, but as the acting president for 60 days, he is compelled to investigate the truth behind the attack. Based on the popular American series Designated Survivor.

Senryokugai Sosakan 2014

Rookie police officer Chinami (Emi Takei) is assigned to work on the investigation team. On her first day, she is designated for assignment. Chinami is teamed up with a handsome detective. They work together to solve difficult cases, while Chinami often gets scolded by the veteran detectives.

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