Dinotopia 1 The Outsiders 2002

The citizens of Waterfall City flee for the tenuous safety of Earthfarm, abandoning their city to the dangerous Outsiders - who discover the key to Dinotopias future and threaten its survival.

Dinotopia 2: The Temptation 2002

When a shipwreck is found on the shores of Dinotopia, Karl uses his newly discovered radio to make contact with the drifting survivors. But what will happen if that bridge between two worlds is crossed?

Dinotopia 4 New Horizons 2003

A hunter discovers the elixir of youth on Dinotopia - only to realize, along with LeSage, the price for getting younger. David becomes the ultimate defender of Dinotopia when he takes on a bullish Outsider.

Dinotopia 3 The Election 2002

Ideas of progress turn the peaceful city into a congested metropolis. Could extinction follow? Not with the blessed event that occurs - the birth of a dinosaur, symbolizing Dinotopia's enduring civilization.

Dinotopia 6 The Exit 2003

When Karl is bitten by a venomous giant mosquito, his only chance for survival cannot be found on Dinotopia. David and LeSage must embark upon an incredible journey through a secret portal to the outside world but what will be the price ?.

Dinotopia 5 The Virus 2003

Karl and Marion are endangered when life on the Earthfarm is threatened by a deadly virus and the culprit is the devious LeSage, who has her own special plans for the couple.

Dinotopia: The Mini-Series 2002

A pair of teenage half-brothers, Karl and David Scott, are on a flight with their father on his private plane when Karl takes over the controls, so his father can fall asleep. After flying into a storm, Karl struggles, causing Frank to retake control before it crashes into the ocean. Frank saves his sons, but has trouble escaping the crashed plane as his seatbelt fails to release. Karl and David wash up on the shore of a large uncharted island. Looking for help, Karl and David meet a man named Cyrus Crabb who leads them to Waterfall City, the capital of Dinotopia, a hidden civilization where human beings and dinosaurs peacefully coexist. In fact, some of the dinosaurs, notably a neurotic, but friendly Troodon named Zippo, possess human intelligence and speak perfect English. Among the many rules in Dinotopia is the edict that, once an outsider arrives, he or she is never allowed to leave. As Karl and David prepare to take their places in their new surroundings, both boys develop a strong bond with young Marion, who is on the verge of becoming a "matriarch" of the Dinotopian society. Legend has it that their ancestors lived in an underworld that was lit by sunstones. Cyrus has been stealing artifacts and books to try and find a way off the island. Zippo discovers all the stolen items, but Cyrus knocks him out and thows him in a water canal. Meanwhile, Karl finds a Dino egg and gets sent on a mission by himself. The sun-stones keep mysteriously breaking which causes the dinos to attack. David needs to learn to conquer his fears. Unfortunately, the incursion of vicious carnivores, not to mention an unanticipated human villain, threaten to destroy Dinotopia and everyone living there.

Dinotopia 2002

Frank Scott, a wealthy American, crashes his plane into the Caribbean. His two teenaged sons, Karl and David, survive, only to find themselves castaways on Dinotopia. Karl and David are constantly at odds, even as they struggle to adjust to life in their strange new world where talking dinosaurs live side by side in an uneasy alliance with humans.

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