Degenerate 2017

Relax and let your brain melt in a ADHD riddled mess that only an overdose of LSD could produce, slip into a unstable mental state where seizure induced visual effects take over your mind.

Degenerate 2012

Haunted by the images of his own traumatic past, Blair O'Leary (Bobby Field) unknowingly leads his friends down a dark path of destruction. Being a good friend, Marcus (David Yost) lends a helping hand getting Blair, Ralphie (Claude Duhammel), and Kayton (William Lamar) situated in a safe house in the middle of the Arizona desert... but there's a catch. They must pull off a job in order to pay their way. In tight situations friendships can only stretch so far, and what comes around goes around in this twisted tale.

Jim Norton: American Degenerate 2013

In the follow-up to his first EPIX comedy special Please Be Offended, caustic comedian Jim Norton continues to push every hot button he can find... all in the name of a good laugh, of course. With his trademark self-deprecating brand of humor, Norton outrageously covers a wide range of topics that somehow all lead back to sex.

Dial-a-Degenerate 1972

A phone sex company caters to all manner of sexual degeneracy, including "whipping," "girl and horse" (!), "elbow licking" (!!), "man and bear" (!!!) and - uh - "tittie fondling" (!!!!), in this soft-core comedy that's currently unavailable.

Degenerate Art 1993

Narrated by David McCullough, this program examines the infamous Entartete Kunst (degenerate art) exhibition mounted by the Nazis in Munich in 1937 and their far-reaching attacks on avant-garde art in Germany. Witness compelling footage of Nazi book burnings, and of the exhibition itself. Includes interviews with historians, art critics, and eyewitnesses to the events that dramatize this powerful story of the Nazis' assault on modern culture.

Japan's Violent Gangs: Degenerate Boss 1970

Terajima, an ex-yakuza and current nightclub owner, is brought back into the world of crime when his former brother attempts a hostile take over.

The Degenerates 1967

In a post-nuclear holocaust world, a three nomadic men are accosted by a group of five murderous women living in a secluded farmhouse.


A screenwriter recruits a group of eccentric characters to go and find a missing teenage girl, with the intention of turning the search into a true story script.

Degenerates 1998

The best emerging skiers pulling the sickest aerials grabs and inverts while enduring bone shattering impacts all in hopes of breaking into a new level of skiing into the upper echelon of the sport into the world of DEGENERATES.

The Degenerates 1969

An adaptation of Petronius' satire about the decadent life in ancient Rome. "If you like the Fellini version, you should definitely see this one, too. It's every bit as good and in some ways better."

The Degenerates 2018

Six stand-ups explore the coarse and salacious side of comedy in this series of half-hour specials. For mature audiences.

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