Attraction 2001

A writer/radio advice show host fails to heed his own advice as he stalks his ex-girlfriend and then becomes involved with an actress friend of hers.

The Rules of Attraction 2002

The incredibly spoiled and overprivileged students of Camden College are a backdrop for an unusual love triangle between a drug dealer, a virgin and a bisexual classmate.

Abnormal Attraction 2018

In a world where mythical creatures are real, monsters and humans are forced to coexist; and as prejudice and insecurity pulls everyone apart, three separate storylines manage to come together.

Scare Attraction 2019

Reality TV stars attend a Halloween Scare Attraction. Suddenly the escape room turns deadly as gas leaks in leaving them unconscious. A voice tells them they must tell a truth or die. Who will survive the real scare attraction?

Deadly Attraction 2014

This is about a certain year. How things could go from bad to worse within a year. We focus mostly on a guy’s life (Mark Fisher), and how his life affected others within that period of time. Just how bad does a person have to be before the Lord intervenes and puts a stop to it? Problems have to be given immediate attention to avoid future escalations. Mark Fisher uses his devilish tactics to turn his mom (Laura Fisher) against his dad (Kenneth Fisher) by subduing him with his weaknesses. Knowledgeable people live their lives knowing 365 days is only around the corner while foolish people live their lives thinking it is forever. A day spent is a day lost. Once your 365 days are gone, they can never be retrieved.

Deadly Attraction 2017

Six months after the death of her last husband, Ruby marries Nicholas, a wealthy politician. Very soon he is found dead leaving his daughter to bring Ruby to justice before she can strike again.

Attraction 2016

Urges in the undergrowth, erupting fungal fantasies, bursting botanicals. The dust and desires of a tiny alternative universe.

Next Attraction 2008

Purports to document the production of a short about a young man’s first sexual experience while doubling as a coming-out film and a multiply layered making-of movie.

Dangerous Attraction 2000

A successful ad agency woman finds herself in a dangerous power struggle, back-dropped by murder, when she begins to uncover the true identity of the two men she is dating.

Roadside Attraction 2017

After a very famous airplane arrives at Palm Beach International Airport, an otherwise ordinary stretch of Florida highway attracts an avid cluster of excited onlookers and selfie-takers. In the ensuing spectacle, these curious Americans reveal the qualities they may share with the plane’s huuuge-ly notable passenger.

Attraction 2014

Images from various fairground scenes function as a metaphor for the filmmaker’s own attraction to analogue processes. Sound created from a leather skirt, 8mm, and 16mm projectors, and an old steel piano.

Attraction 2017

After an alien ship crash lands in a Russian city, many who see the inside and the occupants start to question their own existence while others demand the aliens leave Earth.

Family Attraction 1998

The last "nuclear family" in America is an endangered species, held in captivity at The National Zoo. Stars Chris Penn and Martin Sheen.

Futile Attraction 2005

A mockumentary about a film crew making a New Zealand reality television show about a couple brought together by a dating service. However due to their being incompatible, the film crew tries to manipulate them to get the film they want for the show.

Uniform Attraction 2008

A short film about the fetishistic interest in military uniforms.

Fatal Attraction 2013

Each pulse-pounding hour-long episode of Fatal Attraction centers around an incredible and dangerous romance. Shocking crime, kidnapping or even murder is only half of the story! In the end, the “true love” that draws these couples together isn’t the kind that celebrates silver anniversaries – instead it leads to cross-country manhunts, bizarre cover-ups and dramatic trials. Driven by powerful, real-life stories, Fatal Attraction weaves together intimate, first-person interviews, exclusive interrogation footage and rare archival material. Along the way, it gives you a glimpse into the dark heart of a dangerous romance. Listen as the key players, family of the survivors and those that investigated the horrific crimes reveal the secrets to each sordid tale. Fatal Attraction…because love doesn’t just hurt. It can kill!

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