The X Files 1998

Mulder and Scully, now taken off the FBI's X Files cases, must find a way to fight the shadowy elements of the government to find out the truth about a conspiracy that might mean the alien colonization of Earth.

The X Files: I Want to Believe 2008

Six years after the events of The X-Files series finale, former FBI agent Doctor Dana Scully is now a staff physician at Our Lady of Sorrows, a Catholic hospital, and treating a boy named Christian who has Sandhoff disease, a terminal brain condition. FBI agent Drummy arrives to ask Scully’s help in locating Fox Mulder, the fugitive former head of the X-Files division, and says they will call off its manhunt for him if he will help investigate the disappearances of several women, including young FBI agent Monica Banan. Mulder and Scully are called back to duty by the FBI when a former priest claims to be receiving psychic visions pertaining to a kidnapped agent.

The Witch Files 2018

A coven of young women with incredible powers and difficult pasts discovers that they are able to make their every wish come true. Things, however, take a dangerous turn when they discover that their newly-found abilities come with a price and that they may not be as in control as they think.

Captive Files 2002

An intense, middle-aged postal worker kidnaps an university student and confines her long enough that he may have successfully be-petted her... a thrilling criminal-drama with a surprise twist that will satisfy all audiences.

Files 2017

in the early 1970's a spy is sent to infiltrate an enemy base for secret files.

The Necro Files 1997

A cannibal rapist rises from the grave as a flesh-eating zombie sex maniac! Two Seattle cops, a satanic cult and a flying demon fetus try to stop the lust-crazed ghoul before he can kill again. Necro Files is a classic. Yes. A classic for the fans of no-budget gore-filthy movies. The plot speaks for itself: a serial rapist is killed then come back to life because of a "satanist cult" spell. But, he comes back to life as a zombie with a huge penis. He continues his rapist and killing rampage. There are two cops that follows the case, one of them is mentally altered. Thats a great character! A very good performance by that guy. Other highlight is the "flying baby doll". No words. Its the glory. The movie is very enjoyable but not expect "good cinema" or "art". Its a party movie, to watch with friends drinking beer and puking. Great fun.

Banshee Chapter 2013

On the trail of a missing friend who had been experimenting with mind-altering drugs, a young journalist - aided by a rogue counter-culture writer, The Silence of The Lambs -- finds herself drawn into the dangerous world of top-secret government chemical research and the mystery of a disturbing radio signal of unknown origin. A fast-paced thriller blending fact and fiction, Banshee Chapter is based on real documents, actual test subject testimony, and uncovered secrets about covert programs run by the CIA.

Captive Files II 2003

A train station worker just recently released on charges of kidnapping and confinement repeats his crime and attempts to gain the trust of a young girl. Living together in the back room of a train station, they eventually come face to face with their own evils.

The Files 2012

How fair is it for the government to control its citizens? Four Puerto Ricans confront their past when they open their “files”, the records obtained of the illegal surveillance and persecution that the Puerto Rican government held against citizens and organizations that disagreed with the establishment. Through their daily life, they will tell us their stories, experiences and intimate feelings of the persecution they suffered. Taking their past as an example, we will confront the present.

Calvento Files The Movie 1997

This movie has two episodes depicted from investigative crime show. Each episode speaks of grotesque deaths, betrayal, and the family members of the victims’ pursuit for justice. Episode 1 : Balintuwad It is the story of an epileptic fifteen-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted and later on drowned to death by a group of unknown men. As the rape-slay case comes to close, investigation reveals that the suspects are schoolteachers, who are expected to enhance a good future for children. Episode 2: Inay, May Momo, A young mother and her daughter’s nightmare begin when the husband is man-slaughtered by the mother’s other lover. The widowed wife files criminal case to imprison to killer however instead of surrendering the murderer chases down the mother and her distraught daughter to make them drop the charges against him.

Underbelly Files: Infiltration 2011

It tells the true story of Victorian detective Colin McLaren who posed as a shady art dealer and infiltrated the Australian branch of the Calabrian Mafia.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files 2013

An experimental documentary film that uses archival footage, interviews, and fictionalized scenarios to tell the story of the people around Jeffrey Dahmer during the summer of his arrest in 1991.

Sex Files: Alien Erotica 1998

On board a long distance spaceship returning to Earth, an alien lifeform has invaded. It feeds off of sexual energy and can clone itself to resemble the female crew members. Once on Earth the government's Alien Files force is called in to investigate the strange behavior of the crew members and to learn why the alien has come to Earth. A sexy space adventure from the creator of the EMMANUELLE series.

The Kane Files: Life of Trial 2010

Scott Kane (Drew Fuller), a man with a checkered past is trying to live a clean life. When his son Owen falls ill, Kane finds his only option is to turn to Daniel Morgan (William Atherton), the local kingpin of the criminal underworld. Morgan offers to help Kane's family, but double-crosses him. When Morgan tries killing Kane by employing a dirty cop, Jace Olsen (Ethan Embry), Kane escapes from prison to seek his revenge and save his son. With the FBI (William Devane) and Police (Embry) on his tail, Kane must utilize all his deadly skills to save his family and himself.

Forensic Files 1996

Forensic Files profiles intriguing crimes, accidents, and outbreaks of disease from around the world. Follow coroners, medical examiners, law enforcement personnel and legal experts as they seek the answers to baffling and mysterious cases, which have been ripped from the headlines.

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