Tron 1982

As Kevin Flynn searches for proof that he invented a hit video game, he is "digitalized" by a laser and finds himself inside The Grid, where programs suffer under the tyrannical rule of the Master Control Program. With the help of TRON, a security program, Flynn seeks to free The Grid from the MCP.

TRON: Legacy 2010

Sam Flynn, the tech-savvy and daring son of Kevin Flynn, investigates his father's disappearance and is pulled into The Grid. With the help of a mysterious program named Quorra, Sam quests to stop evil dictator Clu from crossing into the real world.

TRON: The Next Day 2011

TRON: The Next Day is a 10-minute short film, released on the Blu-Ray edition of TRON: Legacy in April 2011, that fills in the backstory between TRON and TRON: Legacy. It features scenes from the real-world Flynn Lives ARG as well as purely in-universe content. The short film also reveals the full chronology of the Flynn Lives Organization, naming Roy Kleinberg as the secret figure heading up the operation and Alan Bradley as its financial backer. Some scenes in the short also set up the story for a potential third film.

Tron 3

Third installment of Disney's 'Tron' franchise.

Throne of Blood 1957

Returning to their lord's castle, samurai warriors Washizu and Miki are waylaid by a spirit who predicts their futures. When the first part of the spirit's prophecy comes true, Washizu's scheming wife, Asaji, presses him to speed up the rest of the spirit's prophecy by murdering his lord and usurping his place. Director Akira Kurosawa's resetting of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" in feudal Japan is one of his most acclaimed films.

Retard-o-Tron 2005

Retard-o-Tron is a mind-melting 90 minute compilation of the most insane, unbelievable, awkward, cheezy, hilarious, painful and shocking footage EVER put on tape in the history of mankind!

The Throne 2015

Ancient Korea, July 4, 1762. The Crown Prince Hyojang, posthumously named Sado, son of King Yeongjo of Joseon, is accused of treason. Thus, the king asks him to commit suicide, but his closest vassals prevent it, so the king orders the prince to get inside a wooden rice chest, where he suffers deprivation of food and water.

The Ring 2002

It sounded like just another urban legend: A videotape filled with nightmarish images, leading to a phone call foretelling the viewer's death in exactly seven days. As a newspaper reporter, Rachel Keller was naturally skeptical of the story, until four teenagers all met with mysterious deaths exactly one week after watching just such a tape. Allowing her investigative curiosity to get the better of her, Rachel tracks down the video... and watches it. Now she has just seven days to unravel the mystery of the Ring.

The Making of TRON 2002

This made-for-video documentary treats science fiction fans to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Tron, Disney's classic live-action film about a programmer who must fight for his life against killer programs after being pulled inside of his company's computer. Includes interviews with the cast and crew of the film who share their experiences from working on this unique project, as well as discuss the special efforts that went into bringing it to completion.

Tron Wayne Gacy 2013

A conversation about sex and death winds its way between a handful of college kids, one of whom may actually be dying

Retard-O-Tron 2 2008

I don't even know how to go about describing this. Go look for some online reviews. It's just nuts, is all. It's basically a video mixtape of all different forms of media put in a blender, and made into a whole new thing that just blows not only your mind, but your sanity. This is the perfect thing to put on at a party if you have really REALLY weird friends. Try it and see if you do!

Retard-o-Tron III 2013

So, here it is. Retard-O-Tron III! The long wait is over, and the insanity is once again about to commence. ROT3 is a demented but fun hell-ride through that bad neighborhood of video, TV, porn, home videos, cinema, and found footage.

Trondheimsreisen 2018

Who are we? Where do we come from? With private recordings, unique archive footage and stories from famous and unknown people, Trondheimsreisen takes a close and personal look at the history of Trondheim.

The Bloody Judge 1970

Horror icon Christopher Lee, who worked with Jess Franco on several occasions, plays Lord George Jeffreys, the infamous and merciless judge and Lord Chancellor in England torn by strife between the reigning King James II and William of Orange. Convincend of doing what's necessary, the cruel judge mercilessly persecutes 'traitors', who sympathize with the King's opponent William of Orange, as well as 'witches', who are accused of being in league with the devil...

Tronic 1997

A computer generated video exploring possibilities of new media through multiplications, cutting outs and other ways of manipulation with electronic and geometric image.

Trona 2004

A man, disillusioned with his life and bored by his surroundings, mysteriously finds himself in a barren desert. After making his way back to civilization, and encountering a handful of local personalities, the man decides to abandon his former life and reinvent himself as the owner of a junkyard in a ghost town. After his initial euphoria subsides, loneliness and boredom set in, and the man is compelled to spend a few days in a nearby town. There he meets a waitress and her brother, who introduce him to another form of desert existence.

House in the Alley 2013

Until they lose their baby to a miscarriage, a young couple were happily settling into their new life in their spacious home. After the tragedy, Thao is inconsolable and won't let her baby's body leave the house. Normal life eludes her as terrifying visions undermine her sanity. Her husband, Thanh, experiences strange phenomena around their home and when his wife turns on him, he must race to uncover the secrets of the house in the alley before they lose their sanity and their lives.

TRON: Uprising 2012

TRON: Uprising is an American animated science fiction television series, part of the TRON franchise, that aired on Disney XD in the United States from May 18, 2012 to January 28, 2013. The series is directed by Charlie Bean, who also acts as executive producer. Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz, and Justin Springer serve as consulting producers. The series is set between Tron and Tron: Legacy. A total of 19 episodes of the series have been produced and aired. The series has not been renewed.

Game of Thrones 2011

Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Friction between the houses leads to full-scale war. All while a very ancient evil awakens in the farthest north. Amidst the war, a neglected military order of misfits, the Night's Watch, is all that stands between the realms of men and icy horrors beyond.


Tronji is a CG animated TV series and a multiplayer online game, produced in the United Kingdom and aimed at children aged six to eight years. It was commissioned by CBBC, produced by Ragdoll Productions and will be distributed globally by BBC Worldwide. Andrew Davenport devised the television format for Tronji, created the key characters and is the series producer. Anne Wood had the original concept for Tronji and was the initial producer. The TV series launched on CBBC in May 2009, and the Beta version of the online game is available to download.

Raberd Tiang Thaew Trong

ระเบิดเที่ยงแถวตรง เป็นรายการซิตคอมควบคู่กับเกมโชว์ระเบิดเถิดเทิง ออกอากาศวันตั้งแต่วันที่ 8 กรกฎาคม ปัจจุบันออกอากาศทุกวันอาทิตย์ เวลา 12.35 - 14.00 น.

Mackerel Run 2007

Cha Gong-chan was able to enter the top private high school in the affluent Gangnam District, Myoung-mun High, because of his soccer skills. But when he quits the sport, he finds himself an outcast and starts cutting class. One day, a beautiful new girl transfers to the school, and when she walks into his class, Gong-chan falls for her instantly. He is finally enthusiastic about going to school, but the school administrator informs him that he will be expelled if he misses one more day. Gong-chan vows that he won't give up on either his school life or his love.

情定爱琴海 2004

Love At The Aegean Sea is a romantic Taiwanese drama starring Alec Su, Peter Ho, and Park Chae-rim.

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