In the Line of Fire 1993

Veteran Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan is a man haunted by his failure to save President Kennedy while serving protection detail in Dallas. Thirty years later, a man calling himself "Booth" threatens the life of the current President, forcing Horrigan to come back to protection detail to confront the ghosts from his past.

Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation 1992

The nerds are now in control of the university, as a result of Lewis Skolnick and the rest's actions in the two previous movies. A new generation of sportsmen arrive, however, determined on winning the school back. The principle, himself an ex-nerd fighter, helps them, and the nerds return to suppression. Harold Skolnick needs help from his uncle Lewis, the hero of the first two movies. Lewis, however, are not too proud of his nerd past, and won't reveal any of it, much less help his nephew. However, his wife makes him change his mind, and with help from his friends from the first two movies, they start the fight to win the school back, using classic nerd tricks.

His Majesty O'Keefe 1954

Men steal for it. Nations go to war for it. The it is oil - and it grows on trees. Coconut oil is the precious lifeblood of 1870s South Seas traders. And lots of real blood will be spilled to get it! Screen royalty Burt Lancaster ist His Majesty O'Keefe in this last of three adventures that (along with The Flame and the Arrow and The Crimson Pirate) blew a revitalizing wind into the sails of the swashbucker genre. Action, cunning and derring-do are watchwords of the title seafarer as he befriends, defends and ultimately rules the islanders of exotic Yap. Lensed on gorgeus Fiji locations, grandly scored by Robert Farnon and rousingly directed by Byron Haskin, His Majesty O'Keefe delivers heroics of regal proportions.

Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow Vol.1 - The Thunder of Saint-Trond 2014

After half a month from Romagna release according to the first 501 Joint Fighter Wing , known as the " Strike Witches " , To Mina us Carl slant members of the original that are stationed in San Tron base of Berugika kingdom , Twin sister Ursula of Erica Hartmann have been dispatched . Ursula belonging to the prototype development team of native Carl slant is , in Mina us It was to have brought a variety of prototype in order to ask the practical test . "I 'm did me great pains come , but do not you sometimes the help of sister , Hartmann " " Sister , I have something angry ? " No, no it ejected is Erica Hartmann to test the prototype . However , the activities of Neuroi around Berugika was not ceased -

Trancers 1984

Angel City trooper Jack Deth is sent back in time from 2247 to 1985 L.A. to inhabit the body of his ancestor. Deth's assignment is to find his archenemy, Whistler, who turns people into zombies, before the fiend is able to kill all the ancestors of the future's governing council.

All's Well, Ends Well 1992

A romantic Chinese New Year comedy about the three Shang brothers. Eldest brother Shang Moon is a philandering businessman who treats his hideous yet hard-working wife like dirt. Middle brother Shang Foon is a disc jockey/playboy who tries to score with as many girls as possible. Youngest brother Shang So is an obviously gay dance instructor. Moon soon gets the tables turned on him as his wife leaves to become a glamorous karaoke hostess, and Foon gets into a bizarre relationship with a fan so obsessed with movies that she constantly acts out characters on dates, until he suddenly becomes temporarily mentally ill. And So is continually at odds with obvious butch lesbian family cousin. Hilarity ensues.

Joe Palooka, Champ 1946

After losing heavyweight contender Al Costa to mob boss Florini fight promoter Knobby Walsh recruits small town boy Joe Palooka to take his place. First in the series.

Song of Freedom 1936

John Zinga, a descendent of slaves, has an ancient medallion around his neck and a fragment of song passed down generations. He is an English dockworker with a magnificent voice and a yearning to learn his roots.

Cyber-C.H.I.C. 1990

A madman is holding the world hostage for a billion dollars. Chaos and violence rule the streets. Enter Robo C.H.I.C.… a Computerized, Humanoid, Intelligence Clone… an unstoppable killing machine packed into one of the hottest bodies around! The ultimate crime fighter, she's faster than a laser beam, more powerful than an atom bomb and able to wipe out ten men with a single blast from her ion shooting orbs. The challenge: can this bodacious bombshell wipe out the bad guys, save the world, fall in love and get her hair done all in the same day? Or, will the vicious scum take over the earth and get all of the great looking babes?

The Soimaresti Clan 1965

Vying for Principality of Moldavia's throne the descendants of Prince Stephen the Great start a bloody civil war in 1612.

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