The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014

The Grand Budapest Hotel tells of a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars and his friendship with a young employee who becomes his trusted protégé. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting, the battle for an enormous family fortune and the slow and then sudden upheavals that transformed Europe during the first half of the 20th century.

Budapest 2019

Two best friends stuck in boring jobs become bachelor party planners in Budapest.

Budapeste 2009

Certamente, o personagem de Budapeste, José Costa responderia ironicamente "nada". José Costa, um angustiado ghost-writer (escritor fantasma) e também amante da linguagem e da escrita, aos seus 30 anos, é o eu-lírico dessa narrativa que viaja do Rio de Janeiro à Budapeste.

Budapest Tales 1977

"Budapest Tales" is about a group of people (consisting of Szabo regular Andras Balint along with Ildiko Bansagi and Karoly Kovacs) who find a broken down tram while trying to go to the city. The people band together and try to get the tram back on the train tracks and head towards the city. Along this journey the passengers encounter many people who join them on the tram. What started out as only a handful of people has now turned into a small village. As the people travel on to the city each person takes on certain roles and through the course of time these roles will change. Some people fall in love, others out of love, and a few even die. But life goes on. The people keep the tram going hoping to reach Budapest.

Assignment: Paris 1952

George Sanders plays Nicholas Strang, the wise editor of the paper, for which Jimmy Race (Dana Andrews) works as a digging, scheming reporter. Viewers will recognize Sanders from All About Eve, again playing the older, wiser, mentor. A lot of time is spent with the viewer (but not the characters in the film) watching and hearing what is going on inside the foreign embassies and administration offices, so it's very much a cold war us- against- them story, with Race trying to get to the truth. Caught up in all this is fellow reporter Marta Toren as Jeanne Moray, and no-one is really sure what her story is.... We are led to think she is more involved than we know, but that part of the story seems to have been dropped, or deleted.

This Happened in Budapest 1943

Pataky Elemér arrives in the capital as a victim in his niece's divorce case. Having to meet the lawyer dr. Orbói István is, however, an alibi in an effort to get away from his quarrelsome wife, and to have some fun at the same time. He takes the lawyer with him.

El ángel de Budapest 2011

El ángel de Budapest (Angel of Budapest) is a Spanish 2011 television World War II-Holocaust miniseries based on the book "Un español frente al Holocausto" (A Spanish against the Holocaust) written by journalist and radio executive director Diego Carcedo. The plot focuses on Ángel Sanz Briz, a Spanish ambassador in Hungary during World War II who helped to save the lives of thousands of jews from the Holocaust by lodging them in Spanish safe houses in Budapest.

Springtime in Budapest 1955

At Christmas Eve in 1944 the runaway Pintér and Gozsó get through the Soviet blockade around Budapest. Pintér intends to hide in a flat abandoned by his own relatives, but he finds his relatives called the Turnovszkys, who are hiding the Jewish Jutka as well. Love unfolds between Zoltán and Jutka.

Budapest Noir 2017

A murder mystery set in Budapest 1936, just as Hungary was preparing to allign itself with Hitler. A young beautiful girl is found dead and noone wants to investigate - except Gordon a crime reporter who has a gut feeling that things are not what they seem.

A Plane from Budapest 1961

Here we see short scenes from a random day at the airport. We have flying planes, landings, passport checking scenes, passengers waiting for their relatives. This documentary shows the ordinary but unique behaviors and reactions of the passengers and the airport maintenance staff.

The Beast of Budapest 1958

Archival footage combined with new footage re-creates the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. It is also a love story between a devout communist woman and the liberal son of a prominent professor. Because of their political differences, the two can never be together.

On the Roofs of Budapest 1961

Gráci has been recently released from a reformatory school. His old gang would like to involve him in a new action, but he hesitates. His past record is bad enough already, and he would not like to get into new trouble.

The Lord's Lantern in Budapest 1999

In the Kerepesi Street cemetery, three grave diggers contemplate the fate of the world, then they step out of this role and in a sequence of episodes they play the typical figures of contemporary Hungarian reality, the fat cat, the swashbuckler, the victim, underworld chieftains, and present little absurd dramas of love, marriage, friendship, public order and legal safety. The author and the film director walk among them all the time, contemplating, laughing at their plays. The stories starting from the graveyard and returning there warn of the inevitability of death. The author and the director (Gyula Hernádi and Miklós Jancsó) wisely make friends with death.

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