Anatomy of a Murder 1959

The film pits a humble small-town lawyer against a hard-headed big city prosecutor. Emotions flare as a jealous army lieutenant pleads innocent to murdering the rapist of his seductive, beautiful wife.

Gross Anatomy 1989

Joe Slovak is a brilliant first-year med student whose casual, nonconforming approach to life gets tested when he enrolls in Gross Anatomy, the toughest course in med school.

Gray's Anatomy 1996

The film documents, in an often dramatic and humorous fashion, Gray's investigations into alternative medicine for an eye condition (Macular pucker) he had developed.

Anatomy 2000

Medical student Paula Henning wins a place at an exclusive Heidelberg medical school. When the body of a young man she met on the train turns up on her dissection table, she begins to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, and uncovers a gruesome conspiracy perpetrated by an Antihippocratic secret society operating within the school.

Anatomy of a Love Seen 2014

From Writer/Director Marina Rice Bader (Executive Producer Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending) comes this film within a film that explores love in all its painful and messy glory. Six months ago Zoe and Mal fell for each other while filming a love scene, which led to an intense, whirlwind affair, followed by a devastating breakup. Soon after their split, things get complicated when the two have to meet on set once more to re-shoot that fateful sequence.

Anatomy 2013

A film from Ali Kazma's Resistance series, which focuses on the human body as the central figure in artistic, scientific and intellectual creativity and invention.

Murer - Anatomy of a Trial 2018

Once known as the ‘Jerusalem of the North’, Vilnius and its ghosts haunt the proceedings of this transfixing courtroom drama. Numbering over 80,000 before the war, by 1943 Vilnius’s vibrant Jewish community had been brutally decimated to only 600 survivors. Based on original records from the 1963 ten-day trial of Austrian former SS officer Franz Murer, whose sadism in the Lithuanian ghetto earned him the label the ‘Butcher from Vilnius’, director Christian Frosch restages the vivid testimonies, World Jewish Congress conspiracy theories and unruly behind-the-scenes machinations of the case with an aptly titled ‘anatomical’ intensity. Will justice be delivered against Murer—a wealthy and well-regarded statesman, farmer and family man? What would it mean for the Austrian courts, press and public to condemn him, without acknowledging the complicity of an entire society that welcomed a monster back into its fold?

Anatomy 2016

An anatomical PowerPoint presentation about why a man has become the way he is.

Anatomy 2 2003

The doctor and soccer player in the leisure time Jo Hauser decides to move to Berlin and be an intern in a famous clinic, expecting to increase his knowledge and expertize, and help his handicap brother Willi Hauser. He joins a secret fraternity of doctors, under the leadership of Prof. Muller-LaRousse, who is researching the use of bionic muscles in human beings without any ethics or respect to the laws. The team is also volunteer to the experiences, and is under investigation of Paula Henning. When Jo gets close to a Filipino nurse, and becomes addicted in the drugs used in experience, he realizes the truth hidden in the methods used by the secret society in the development of science.

Anatomy of Deception 2014

A district attorney who, tapped to replace the outgoing mayor, is stalked by a man who engineers her fall from grace, leading her to push back and beat him at his own game.

The Anatomy of Love 1954

Five part vignette film; episodes include "The Baby" "The Hand of Providence" and "On Location"

Anatomy of a Dress 2014

This documentary presents the passion, the talents, the history, the struggles, and the local and international triumphs of the most renowned fashion designers in Puerto Rico. The history of garment making in Puerto Rico has marked our history, culture, and traditions forever. The exploitative history, as a labor manual industry, which served as the base for what we have today as a fashion industry is also portrayed.

Anatomy of a Seduction 1979

The story of a divorced woman who begins an affair with the college-age son of her best friend, and the effects it has on her relationship with her own son, who is not much younger than her lover.

Anatomy Art 1998

This is a documentary of Dr. Gunther von Hagens's Institute for Plastination and the first Body Worlds exhibit in Germany.

Anatomy of t.A.T.u. 2003

The true, detailed lives of the girls of the Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. as they break through in their promotional tour in America.

Anatomy of Hell 2004

A man rescues a woman from a suicide attempt in a gay nightclub. Walking the streets together, she propositions him: She'll pay him to visit her at her isolated house for four consecutive nights. There he will silently watch her. He's reluctant, but agrees. As the four nights progress, they become more intimate with each other, and a mutual fascination/revulsion develops. By the end of the four-day "contract", these two total strangers will have had a profound impact on each other.

Who Cares: Anatomy of a Delivery Boy 1971

Experiencing something of a mid-life crisis after his beloved son marries and moves out, a factory worker makes some drastic changes in his life, moves in with the boy and his wife, and sets them all on the path to a communal lifestyle.

Anatomy of a Departure 2012

A family who emigrated to Germany, escaping from Nicolae Ceausescu's dictatorship in Romania, recalls a world without opportunities or hope for the future, of ever-present fear and a constant struggle for survival. They look back on what made them exchange their home for the promise of freedom in an uncertain future.

The Anatomy of Evil 2005

A film essay which includes interviews with the perpetrators of genocide committed over the last 50 years - from World War II to the Balkan conflict.

Grey's Anatomy 2005

Follows the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Grey's Anatomy: B-Team 2018

New interns' tackle their first day as surgeons at Grey Sloan Memorial under the watchful and stern eye of Chief Bailey.

Anatomy of a Disaster 1997

Anatomy of a Disaster is a monthly documentary created by GMA Network. That brings environmental awareness to television viewers as it unravels some of the most destructive natural disasters in our planet’s history the show will hosted by the Greenpeace advocate Richard Gutierrez.

Anatomy of a Scene 2001

Anatomy of a Scene is a television series produced by and aired regularly on Sundance Channel since 2001. As a tagline for the series notes, each 30-minute episode "dissects the art of filmmaking" of a scene from a specific film, often a film previously showcased at a Sundance Film Festival. An episode examines the scene from multiple perspectives, such as production design, costume design, cinematography, storyboards, writing, music, acting, and directing. Interviews with the cast and crew are interspersed with snippets from the film. Episodes of the show are often included on the DVD release of the films they study.

Anatomy for Beginners 2005

Anatomy for Beginners is a television show created by Gunther von Hagens. In this 4-part series, Dr Gunther von Hagens and Professor John Lee demonstrated the anatomical structure and workings of the body. The 4 episodes were screened in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 in 2005. The show features public anatomy demonstrations with the use of real human cadavers and live nude models, carried out at Gunther von Hagens' "Institute for Plastination" in Heidelberg, Germany. Dr von Hagens’ public demonstrations are not formal anatomy dissections performed by medical students in some countries as part of their medical training. Formal dissection are performed slowly and take dozens of hours of dissection. Anatomy for Beginners performs quicker autopsy and also combines with demonstration of plastinated body parts and specimens to gives just a glimpse of the human anatomy. The individuals on whom the demonstration was performed had, before their death, enrolled on von Hagens’ body donor programme and consented to the use of their bodies for public education in anatomy, including public demonstration.

Anatomy of Hope

Anatomy of Hope was a planned 2009 medical drama based on Jerome Groopman's book The Anatomy of Hope: How People Prevail in the Face of Illness about the lives of cancer patients in a hospital. The series was planned to be directed by J. J. Abrams and to be aired on HBO. It was not picked up to series.

Hurricane the Anatomy 2014

Many begin as harmless breezes from Northern Africa; inoffensive winds that gradually move westwards over the tropical Atlantic Ocean, gathering energy from the warm seawater, building in strength and gradually forming the unmistakable spiral of extreme winds and thunderstorms that characterize hurricanes. Shot entirely in 3D, this three-part series has been produced over a three-year period, with crews standing in the path of hurricane landfalls, such as Sandy and Isaac, to witness the devastation wreaked by one of the most powerful forces on earth.

The Beauty of Anatomy 2014

Dr Adam Rutherford investigates the close relationship between discoveries in anatomy and the works of art that illustrate them.

Anatomy Of Murder 2016

Rob Dyke presents Anatomy of Murder. The twisted minds of serial killers are explored in this informative and entertaining series. Tune in every Sunday!

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