Gringo 2018

An American businessman with a stake in a pharmaceutical company that's about to go public finds his life is thrown into turmoil by an incident in Mexico.

Get the Gringo 2012

A career criminal (Gibson) nabbed by Mexican authorities is placed in a tough prison where he learns to survive with the help of a 9-year-old boy.

El Gringo 2012

A man crossing into Mexico with a satchel of $2,000,000 – and a bloody past – suddenly finds himself under attack in the sleepy town of El Fronteras.

Gringo 2015

Omar and Esperanza return to Monterrey after a doctoral stay in Quebec, while making economic and emotional efforts to stay in Mexico, a job offer comes up in San Antonio, Texas. Standing before unsecure and terror conditions that rein upon the highways in the north of Mexico, Omar will have to drive through the frontier paths and face his rough past, his violent present and the helpless future of his family and country.

Old Gringo 1989

When school teacher Harriet Winslow goes to Mexico to teach, she is kidnapped by Gen. Tomas Arroyo and his revolutionaries. An aging American, Ambrose "Old Gringo" Bierce also in Mexico, befriends Gen. Arroyo and meets Harriet. Bierce is a famous writer, who knowing that he is dying, wishes to keep his identity secret so he can determine his own fate. Though he likes Arroyo, Bierce tries to provoke the General's anger whenever possible in an attempt to get himself killed, thus avoiding suffering through his illness. Winslow is intrigued by both Bierce and Arroyo, and the men are in turn attracted to her. She becomes romantically involved with Arroyo. When Winslow learns of Bierce's true identity (a writer whose work she has loved and respected for years), she is singlemindedly determined to fulfill his dying wish. Written by E.W. DesMarais

Adiós Gringo 1965

A gunslinger on the run for a murder he didn't commit goes to New Mexico where he hopes to find a person who can exculpate him. While on his way he finds a girl who has been kidnapped and tortured, sets her free and then takes his revenge at gunpoint.

Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee 2016

The strange story of John McAfee, who went from millionaire software mogul to yogi, Kurtz-like jungle recluse to potential murderer, and most recently a prospective presidential candidate for the American Libertarian Party.

Mariachi Gringo 2012

A stifled, small-town man stuck in a dead end life, runs away to Mexico to be a mariachi singer. MARIACHI GRINGO is a musical tour-de-force exploring the reality of "following your dreams" across cultural, personal, social and geographical borders.

Go with God, Gringo 1966

The Cris brothers kill Gringo's brother and frame Gringo and his friend, Mexico, for a murder. They are taken to jail and along with the four bandits who are the real killers, escape and reach a village in which a fair is being held. Someone recognizes them and they must leave taking a dancer, Carmen, as a hostage. Gringo tries to protect her and is left in the desert all alone. Meanwhile the bandits rob a mail-coach and kill the escorts with Gringo hot on their trail. Source: SWDB

The Irish Gringo 1935

A half Mexican, half Irish gunman called The Irish Gringo and his pals come across a little girl wandering in the desert. It turns out her grandfather was murdered by a gang looking for the Lost Dutchman mine, a map of which is drawn on the shirt she is wearing, and now the outlaws are after her.

Song of the Gringo 1936

In his film debut Ritter is sent to investigate miners being killed and their mines confiscated. The culprit is Evans and after Tex joins the gang, he is sent to kill two more miners. When Estaban is killed, Tex is put on trial for all three murders.

O Gringo 2011

A Serbian documentary film about football career of Dejan Rambo Petković, who was a star of Brasilian League football.

Gringo rojo

Documentary concerning North American pop/rock musician Dean Reed who achieves fame in Latin America in the 50s and 60s

Gringo Trails 2014

Are tourists destroying the planet-or saving it? How do travelers change the remote places they visit, and how are they changed? From the Bolivian jungle to the party beaches of Thailand, and from the deserts of Timbuktu, Mali to the breathtaking beauty of Bhutan, GRINGO TRAILS traces stories over 30 years to show the dramatic long-term impact of tourism on cultures, economies, and the environment.

Gringo Wedding 2006

Rebecca Gonzalez is a management executive with a financial institution in Bogotá, Colombia. She is very attractive, sexy, highly educated, and self-motivated young woman in her late twenties. Matt Goldman is in his mid thirties; a handsome, hardworking account executive with an advertising/production agency based in Miami, Florida. Though he is well liked by all his colleagues and friends, he feels that something is missing from his life. In this movie full of laughter, twists and turns, Rebecca meets her match in the form of Matt. Against all odds they tie the knot. Their friends call it "Gringo Wedding".

Seven Pistols for a Gringo 1966

Aided by a traveling dentist a man clears his name after being framed for killing a gambler. Source: SWDB

For a Few Extra Dollars 1966

Near the end of the Civil War, imprisoned Confederate raider Giuliano Gemma is sent under guard to warn both his men and the Army at Fort Yuma that an impending rebel raid is really nothing but a ruse by scoundrels from both sides, in cahoots to take the fort's gold for themselves during the chaos. Soon Gemma slips his treacherous escort and attempts to complete the mission himself.

Shoot, Gringo... Shoot! 1968

Chad Stark is offered his life and a nice ammount of dollars if he is to bring back the runaway son of mexican land-owner Gutierrez . This son, Fidel, teams up with an outlaw band lead by a former military man going by the name The Major. When Stark finds Fidel he is reintroduced to an old acquaintance which makes his job of returning the son a lot more difficult.

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