New Year's Eve 2011

The lives of several couples and singles in New York intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve.

The Wonder Years 1988

The Wonder Years tells the story of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) facing the trials and tribulations of youth while growing up during the 1960s and 70s. Told through narration from an adult Kevin (Daniel Stern), Kevin faces the difficulties of maintaining relationships and friendships on his enthralling journey into adulthood.

Golden Years 1991

Golden Years is a sitcom pilot that aired in 1998 as part of Channel 4's Comedy Lab. It stars Ricky Gervais as Clive Meadows, the 30-something co-owner of a video rental company and a huge David Bowie fan. The comedy was not picked up for a series.

The Faded Light Years 2018

DI Group’s board member Ding Wen Xiao (Jevon Wang) works hard for the company to be listed in order to fulfill his promise to his father. After many years of preparations, he has almost reached his goal. The success of the upcoming fashion show with DI’s chief designer Mu Ling Shan (Lee Hsin Ai)’s creations will decide upon the company’s fate. But things don’t go as planned. Wen Xiao’s life becomes intertwined with dressmaker Yan Xia (Fei Xing) who owns her own little shop named “The Faded Light Years” in a fisher village. With Yan Xia by his side, betrayals and grudges surface and a conspiracy is uncovered. To Wen Xiao, Yan Xia is like the blazing sun who guides him through the haze.

Leap Years 2001

Leap Years is a 2001 drama television series that aired on the Showtime cable network. The show was created by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, who had created the American version of the series Queer as Folk. It followed a group of friends in New York City. Set in the main in 2001, the show was uniquely structured as a series of flashbacks to 1993 and flashforwards to the then-near future 2008.

Odd years 2008

Hungarian documentary series, which presents the history of the country after World War II until the time of the regime.

Reeling in the Years 1999

Reeling in the Years is an Irish historical documentary series broadcast in Ireland by RTÉ. Each episode, approximately 25 minutes long, looks back at the news and events of a particular year, from 1962 to 2009. The programme uses news archive footage, along with subtitles as the means of narration, to recount notable Irish and international events of the time. Music from the particular year is also played over the footage, with occasional scenes of live performances or music videos, generally by an Irish artist. Each decade takes at least eight months to make. The programme runs on RTÉ without advertisements during it. The theme tune for the series comes from Steely Dan's 1972 hit "Reelin' In the Years". The series was voted "most popular home-produced TV programme ever" in a poll of Ireland's Top 100 television programmes conducted by the RTÉ Guide in 2008. In 2008, a DVD entitled Reeling in the 80s was released for the Irish market, with follow-up DVDs Reeling in the 90s and Reeling in the 70s released in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds 2016

On the first day of junior high, 13 year old Li Li meets the handsome but cynical Pei Shang Xuan. A homely girl and a handsome boy, an academic achiever and a poor student - they would never be the kind of enviable match made in heaven. For the next 15 years, Li Li was Pei Shang Xuan's one, unchanging friend, and Pei Shang Xuan was the one and only person Li Li loved. As the years pass by, Shang Xuan begins to realize how important Li Li is in his life. But their love isn't something that can continue in this lifetime.

Thousand Years of Love 2003

It was about 1,400 years ago. The story revolves around Princess Buyeu Ju, the Daughter of last king, general Ari who attempts to reconstruct Bakje for the love of the princess, and general Yu Suk Kim from Shila whos after him. When the princess falls into YuSuks trap, she jumps off the cliff and then, the princess leaps through 1400 years and is brought to modern society in 2003. And meets Inchul (Ari) and Tasuji who have no idea of their past lives and creates love fantasy that overcome time and space.

10 Years Younger 2004

10 Years Younger sometimes called 10 Years Younger: The Challenge is a make over show aired on Channel 4 in Britain. Presented for its first five series by Nicky Hambleton-Jones, she was replaced by Myleene Klass for series six.

The First Years 2014

The First Years is a contemporary scripted reality serie about the first year of secondary school with recognizable and poignant stories about the fascinations, challenges and problems of first graders. The stories are based on true events, which makes them very recognizable for young viewers. But also uplifting: love, first kiss…

The Second Hundred Years 1967

The Second Hundred Years is an American sitcom starring Monte Markham which aired on the ABC television network for one season from September 6, 1967 to March 28, 1968.

The First Five Years

The First Five Years is a Canadian informational television series which aired on CBC Television from 1971 to 1974.

1000 Years until Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Calender for Sveriges Television 2015. Each day, the children get to experience life in a different historical setting during the last 1000 years.

The First Hundred Years 1950

The First Hundred Years is the first ongoing TV soap opera in the United States that began as a daytime serial, airing on CBS from December 4, 1950 until June 27, 1952. A previous daytime drama on NBC, These Are My Children, aired in 1949 but only lasted one month, and NBC's Hawkins Falls began in June 1950 as a primetime "soap" and didn't move to daytime until April 1951. The drama involved two couples who were next-door neighbors. The series did not succeed due to very low viewership, as few American households had television sets, and fewer still watched during the afternoon. The series was replaced with the television version of Guiding Light, which would prove to be much more successful, airing for 57 years.

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