Hell and High Water 1954

A privately-financed scientist and his colleagues hire an ex-Navy officer to conduct an Alaskan submarine expedition in order to prevent a Red Chinese anti-American plot that may lead to World War III. Mixes deviously plotted schoolboy fiction with submarine spectacle and cold war heroics.

Come Hell or High Water 2009

Years in prison haven't erased Justin Gatewood's (Mark Redfield) quest for vengeance in this action-packed Western set in the post-Civil War era. Now that he's free, Gatewood still wants to destroy William Curry (Mike Hagan), the man responsible for his brother's death. As Gatewood involves the entire town in his bitter feud with Curry, both men's daughters (Jennifer Rouse and Kelly Potchak) find themselves caught in the middle.

Deep Purple: Come Hell or High Water 1993

Rock legend Deep Purple recorded live at the Birmingham NEC, UK on November 9, 1993. Five members from the band's most famous line up play their hits during their 25th anniversary world tour. Note that Ritchie Blackmore dropped out soon after this particular concert.

Through Hell & High Water

When celebrity rowers James Cracknell and Ben Fogle decided to compete in the Atlantic Rowing Race, they thought they knew what to expect. In reality they had no idea. Through Hell And High Water follows the incredible journey made by these two men. Rowing 2,930 miles, James and Ben recount their epic journey: a journey that sees them battle stormy weather, dehydration, life threatening conditions and colossal physical stress. At times, their remarkable voyage becomes a living hell, stretching their friendship to breaking point. Pushed physically, psychologically and emotionally to the limit, Ben and James often rowed naked to avoid serious chafing. They survived without water rations for 2 days, lost the few clothes they had in a freak wave, capsized, hallucinated, wept, fought, played games, grew beards and nursed blisters. Forty nine days later, they were the first pair to cross the finishing line, becoming the first ever British team to ever win the race.

Come Hell or High Water 2011

Keith Malloy's debut film, Come Hell or High Water, shot primarily on 16mm focuses on the simplicity and beauty of bodysurfing. Keith explores the history and progression of the sport through its many unique characters. It's about taking a breath, and kicking your feet, in the big blue sea. The film explores the history and progression of the sport of bodysurfing and the pureness that comes from riding a wave. Shot primary in 16mm, the film takes a unique look at the culture, beauty and simplicity of the sport, capturing the stories and locations of those who belong to this community. While Malloy is most widely known for his time in the water as a surfer, his exploration into the world of bodysurfing began some 10 years ago when he wanted to reconnect with the ocean and did so through bodysurfing. Said Malloy about this project, “It’s about taking a breath and kicking your feet in the big blue sea.”

Hell or High Water: The Story of the Nashville Rollergirls 2012

This inspirational story follows the Nashville Rollergirls through the loss of their practice space, the move to a new game venue, injuries, relocation of key players, huge financial pressures, and even an epic flood. Ever the underdog, and with a burning in their bellies, the Nashville Rollergirls seek to prove themselves at every turn, and nothing will prevent them from achieving the goals they set. On a quest to succeed athletically on the national stage, and to keep their skater-owned-and operated organization afloat, the Nashville Rollergirls, in true Nashville spirit, refuse to accept no, can't, or won't. And in true roller derby spirit, they bring do-it-yourself to the next level.

COME HELL OR HIGH WATER: Remembering the Great Flood of 1916

One hundred years ago, Western North Carolina was hit by the worst flood in its history, the Great Flood of 1916. As a result of the tail end of two hurricanes within days of each other, hundreds of mudslides caused catastrophic damage and loss of life, the Swannanoa River was a mile wide and the French Broad River was 17 feet above flood stage. But the Great Flood is more than a history lesson. Its also a cautionary tale of where we build our homes, how we live our lives and what we do to protect ourselves and the environment the next time nature raises its ugly head again in a flood prone area like Western North Carolina.

Rape Climax! 1987

Director Hisayasu Sato helmed this peculiar tale about a woman known as Locker Baby because she was left in a bus station locker as an infant. Locker Baby is raped by a man clad in black leather, traumatizing her still further, and driving her to sensory-deprivation therapy. Unfortunately, she is raped during the course of the therapy and becomes pregnant.

Step Up: High Water 2018

Twins Tal and Janelle relocate from Ohio to Atlanta, where at their new school High Water is always a beat.

Blue Water High 2005

Blue Water High is an Australian television drama series, broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on ABC1 and on Austar/Foxtel Nickelodeon channel in Australia and on various channels in many other countries. Each season follows the lives of a young group of students at Solar Blue, a high-performance surf academy where several lucky 16-year-olds are selected for a 12-month-long surfing program on Sydney's northern beaches. There are three series in Blue Water High. The first two series were screened in 2005 and 2006 and the producers did not intend to create a third series. However, due to popular demand by fans, they relented and made one more series with only Kate Bell returning in a main role. Series three ended with the closure of Solar Blue, indicating that the show would most likely not continue.

Through Hell and High Water

Through Hell and High Water is a BBC television programme produced by Twofour that aired in the United Kingdom on 13–17 February 2006. Five half-hour morning programmes on BBC1 followed James Cracknell and Ben Fogle in their attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean in "Spirit of EDF Energy", a 24-foot rowing boat, with a half-hour summary programme during the evening of the final day on BBC2. Cracknell and Fogle were competing in the 2005–2006 Atlantic Rowing Race. They were the third boat and the first pairs boat to cross the finishing line. They were later moved to second place for drinking their emergency water supply in accordance with the race rules. They finished in Antigua at 07:13 GMT on 19 January 2006, with a crossing time of 49 days, 19 hours, 8 minutes. It won a Royal Television Society award for best daytime programme.

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