A Man Called Horse 1970

In 1825 an English aristocrat is captured by Indians. He lives with them and begins to understand/accept their lifestyles. Eventually he is accepted as part of the tribe and becomes their leader.

A Man Called Ove 2015

Despite grumpy 59 year-old Ove being deposed as president of his condominium association, but he keeps looking over the neighbourhood with an iron fist. When pregnant Parvaneh and her family move into the terraced house opposite Ove and she accidentally back into Ove’s mailbox, it sets off a series of unexpected changes in his life.

Man on Fire 2004

Jaded ex-CIA operative John Creasy reluctantly accepts a job as the bodyguard for a 10-year-old girl in Mexico City. They clash at first, but eventually bond, and when she's kidnapped he's consumed by fury and will stop at nothing to save her life.

The Return of a Man Called Horse 1976

Lord John Morgan has returned to civilized life in England, but finds he has nothing but disdain for that life. Yearning to embrace the simplicity of the American West-and the Yellow Hands Sioux tribe he left behind, Morgan returns to the tribe's land only to discover that they've been decimated by ruthless, government-backed fur traders. They must regain their land, led by Horse.

Llama Llama 2018

Llama, his family and his good friends have heart-warming adventures in a safe, friendly town. An animated show based on the award-winning books.

Call the Midwife 2012

Drama following the lives of a group of midwives working in the poverty-stricken East End of London during the 1950s, based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth.

Me Chama de Bruna 2016

Raquel is a girl, adopted by an upper-middle-class family, who rebelled at 17 and left her family and studies at a traditional college in São Paulo to become a prostitute.

Me Llaman Lolita

Me Llaman Lolita is a Spanish-language telenovela, which premiered on Colombia's RCN TV in 1999. Carla Giraldo and Manuela Gonzáles share the title role. The serial focuses on the beautiful young woman's love for a handsome older man, Esteban, even though some suspect that he is her long-lost father.

La Llaman Mariamor

La Llaman Mariamor is a Venezuelan telenovela which starred Roxana Díaz, Pedro Lander, Julie Restifo and Saul Marin. It was produced and broadcast on Marte TV in 1996.

Wisdom of the Gnomes 1987

Wisdom of the Gnomes is an animated series produced by Spanish company BRB Internacional about Gnomes. It was a spin-off of the series The World of David the Gnome. It was based on the books The Secret Book of Gnomes by Wil Huygen. Other sequels, both in serial and movie form, were The Great Adventure of the Gnomes, The Gnomes in the Snow and The Fantastic Adventures of the Gnomes.

Better Call Saul 2015

Six years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White. We meet him when the man who will become Saul Goodman is known as Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer searching for his destiny, and, more immediately, hustling to make ends meet. Working alongside, and, often, against Jimmy, is “fixer” Mike Erhmantraut. The series will track Jimmy's transformation into Saul Goodman, the man who puts “criminal” in “criminal lawyer".

What the Duck: The Series 2018

The relationship of several couples who try to search for the meaning of the word ‘love’ which differ. Pop and Mo are a young couple, in which the girl has dreams of becoming a steward and air hostess but only the girl, Mo, alone becomes an air hostess in an airline as what she dreamt of. That makes the guy, Pop, have to reluctantly work in the Catering department of the airlineinstead. This is just to be near airplanes, his girlfriend, and the steward profession that he dreams of. He then finds that his definition of love changes when he meets Oat, a trouble making coworker in Catering. While working he becomes the one that people make fun of. “Necessary wife” is the position that he unhappily becomes because Oat likes to irritate and tease him often. Having to work together makes these two unintentionally become rivals in the workplace. Oat annoys Pop a lot, such that Pop doesn't know what to do with him. But the relationship of this couple progresses from not liking each other's faces to becoming a close firm friendship before they realize it. At the same time, Mo meets Nick, a handsome pilot trainee of the airline, who is very dedicated to her.

A Man Called God 2010

A man named Choi Kang-Ta (Song Il-Kook) gains powers similar to a God. As a child he lost his parents and became adopted by American parents. He returns to Korea to exact revenge on the murderer of his father. Kang-Ta learns that four people are responsible for the death of his father. While carrying out his plans he is betrayed by his partner Vivian (Han Go Eun). He is then nursed back to health by Jin Bo-Bae (Han Chae-Young), a woman he met by coincidence. After Kang-Ta recovers he settles down in a slum neighborhood and finds peace with the residents and himself. But, peace doesn't last long as Korean CIA official Hwang Woo-Hyun (Kim Min-Jong) is filled with jealousy that Kang-Ta has stolen Bo-Bae. Hwang Woo-Hyun then orders the death of Kang-Ta...

Flames of Life

This telenovela is full of secrets. The plot releases love stories, hate, friendship, revenge, friendship, hate and many surprises. The exciting story of Flame of Life shows a love growing interest started in two childhood friends who haven’t seen each other for many years and are bring back together in a tragic moment.

Call Me Francis 2016

A segment of Father Jorge Bergoglio's journey to papecy in a country torn apart by Argentine military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla.

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