Hustle & Flow 2005

With help from his friends, a Memphis pimp in a mid-life crisis attempts to become a successful hip-hop emcee.

The Queen of Flow 2018

Seventeen years after being wrongly imprisoned, a talented songwriter seeks justice against the men who caused her downfall and killed her family.

Rhythm + Flow 2019

A classic, flashy competition series, but with a twist, focusing specifically on hip-hop music.

Cash Flow From Australia

Cash Flow is a television business news program aired every weekday at 10:00am Singapore/Hong Kong/Taiwan time on CNBC Asia. It is broadcast live from CNBC Asia's studio in Sydney and presented by Oriel Morrison and at Hong Kong's studio presented by Bernard Lo for the first hour. It was originally presented by Maura Fogarty for the first hour and Amanda Drury for the second hour and was broadcast live from Singapore. It is produced by CNBC Asia from Singapore by a team of journalists. Cash Flow is also seen in the United States on the CNBC World channel every Sunday through Thursday at 10:00pm Eastern Time. It is also shown on CNBC Europe at 3:00 GMT

Money Flower 2017

The story of people driven by greed. Kang Pil-Joo grew up at an orphanage, but he now works as a managing director of a legal team at a corporation. He is acknowledged for his intelligence and his exemplary job performance. Some of those that work around him are jealous of him. Na Mo-Hyun is an environmental activist and a science teacher at a middle school. She is a good listener and laughs a lot. She dreams of a love driven by fate.

Flowers 2016

Dark comedy about the eccentric members of the Flowers family. Maurice and Deborah are barely together but yet to divorce. They live with Maurice's batty mother and their maladjusted twin children.

In the Flow with Affion Crockett 2011

In the Flow with Affion Crockett is a sketch comedy television series starring Affion Crockett and produced by Jamie Foxx, MADtv co-creators Fax Bahr and Adam Small, Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz and Two and a Half Men's Eric and Kim Tannenbaum. Taped in the middle of 2010, it was picked up as a midseason replacement by Fox in September 2010, under the name "Untitled Jamie Foxx Project". A premiere was announced for June 9, 2011, and then canceled. It debuted in an hour-long premiere on August 14, 2011, with four half-hour episodes to air on following weeks. The show has since been cancelled due to low ratings. Affion himself, said he might produce it himself and take it to an other channel. No word from Fox about the show's return.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers 2015

When the Majin awoke from the depths of darkness, the deity of fate chose six heroes and bequeathed them with the power to save the world. Adlet, a boy who proclaims himself the strongest on Earth, was selected among the Rokka no Yūsha (Braves of the Six Flowers), and he goes to the rendezvous point — but seven have gathered there. The heroes suspect that someone among the seven is the enemy, and the initial suspicion falls on Adlet.

Boys Over Flowers 2009

A working class girl winds up at an exclusive prep school. Unassuming high school girl Jan Di stands up to -- and eventually falls for -- a spoiled rich kid who belongs to the school's most powerful clique.

The Journey of Flower 2015

She is the last god of the world and a Lone Star (an unlucky star). On the day of her birth, flowers wilted and the sky turned dark as her mother passed away during childbirth. Therefore, she was named Hua Qian Gu, meaning a thousand flower bones. Her body has a strange scent that attracts and provokes demons. Taking the advice of her dying father, Hua Qian Gu sets out on the journey to seek for a teacher to teach her martial art skills so that she could protect herself. On her journey she met friends such as Dongfang Yu Qing, Meng Xuan Lang, and Sha Qian Mo.

In Lieu of Flowers 2012

A variety show with a twist: a celebrity guest get to attend their own memorial service – an entertaining send-off filled with eulogies and some gentle ribbing.

The Nokdu Flower 2019

Set during the period of the 1894 Donghak Peasant Revolution against the Japanese, the drama tells the story of two half-brothers, one illegitimate and low born, and one, part of the pro-Japanese ruling elite, who find themselves on opposite sides of the conflict.

Queen's Flower 2015

Rena Jung is a beautiful, but ambitious star chef who hosts her own cooking show. Her husband, Park Min-Joon, is the first son of a family that runs a large company. Their relationship is not so good, but they try to show other people they are still in love. In the past, Rena Jung abandoned her daughter for a chance at success. Now, her daughter, Kang Yi Sol appears in front of her. Kang Yi Sol resents her mother for abandoning her. Park Jae Joon is the husband's younger brother. He is popular with women, but he is attracted to Kang Yi-Sol.

Wild Flower 2011

The young Amanda Monteverde, after losing her mother and her brother, has to take care of her three younger sisters. To escape from that stormy past, they move to Nueva Esperanza, a small town that is starting in the oil industry. There he will experience even more difficult situations, but he will also know love in three men: Sacramento, the man who will be his faithful friend and his innocent love; Pablo Aguilar, the man who will be his madness and his passion, and finally Don Rafael Urrieta, the most powerful man in the town, who will try to be practically his master and master as he is of most of those lands. Amanda will have to grow, look for a future and happiness in the village. The first attempt to find this happiness is made by trying to enter a bar in the village, "Las 4 P", where the locals try to achieve a more cheerful life, along with music, liquor, singing, the dances and "the women of the consolations". This is the name with which Amanda began to call the profession of the two women, Sara and Calzones, who were the ones who offered her some protection upon arrival in such an unknown place. The need for money to protect her sisters and make them stay by her side and the desperation of not being able to get the means to do so lead Amanda to accept this kind of life to achieve it. However, on the day of her initiation, where she will be known under the nickname "Wild Flower", fate will lead her to become a woman of one man: "The wife of Don Rafael Urrieta"; a powerful and cruel man who keeps his wife, Catalina, locked in his farm in inhumane conditions for having been unfaithful. Don Rafael decides that "Flor" is only for him, but that exclusivity is only of body, because "Flor" reserves his heart for the man who someday makes her discover love.

Noonas Over Flowers 2013

Singer/Actor/MC Lee Seung Gi accompanies four of Korea's top actresses—Yoon Yeo-Jung, Kim Ja-Ok, Kim Hee-Ae and Lee Mi-Yeon—on a trip to Croatia, a country with a strong exotic feel, beautiful natural scenery, and diverse cultural heritage.

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