Hopeful Romantic 2009

One man's emotional journey through love, heartbreak, and healing.

Romantic Melodies 1932

Bimbo leads an awful German street band to serenade Betty Boop, but she prefers Arthur Tracy, 'Street Singer of the Air,' who in live- action sings several old-fashioned songs with a Bouncing Ball.

Romantic Argentina 1932

A Traveltalk visit to Buenos Aires. At the time, it was the most populous city in South America.

Romantic Rebellion 1974

This introductory program Kenneth Clark outlines the historical background of the Romantic movement and illustrates the principles of Romantic and Classic art through the work of individual artists. Kenneth Clark's analysis brings insight into the character of the art of this period as well as into the personalities of its leading exponents.

The Grand Romantic 2015

The film follows an artist (Nate Ruess) in the midst of failing to reach the greatness of his previous albums, and being pressured by most of the people around him to make something even better. During this time, he falls in love with his boss' secretary, played by Tessa Thompson.

The Romantic Age 1927

The Romantic Age is a 1927 American silent drama film directed by Robert Florey and starring Eugene O'Brien, Alberta Vaughn and Bert Woodruff.

Romantic Comedy 101 2002

Ambitious young script writer Igor Sullivan, who just lost his lover, concentrates on a romantic comedy. He gets advice from seasoned professional James Ford, who explains the `fomula` way, while Igo keeps insisting on artistic input of his own. Thus they draft piece by piece, often after dropping or amending the first version, a (not quite) standard triangle. It involves Internet firm colleagues Patrick, the good boy, and his womanizing buddy Mark Gibson, the vixen being the firm`s new consultant Jennifer.

Andre Rieu - Romantic Moments 2005

PBS' most successful artist of the 2003 season returns with one of his most enchanting programs now on DVD. Romantic Moments is still one of the most requested PBS programs to date and captures Andre and the orchestra in some of the most enchanting and romantic locales in Europe.

Andre Rieu - Romantic Paradise 2003

While on a short holiday in Italy with family and friends, I found myself visiting a small town in Tuscany called Cortona, and I fell in love with it immediately. What an atmosphere! My fans would love this place! And when I wandered into the centre of Cortona I just couldn't believe my luck: right in the middle of the town was the perfect location for my new special.

Yo! A Romantic Comedy 2002

In Yo! A Romantic Comedy, Trecartin borrows clich├ęs from hip-hop culture and genre films to craft a dark, dream-like narrative that veers from comic melodrama to goth fantasy. Applying his signature digital editing and delirious sound processing to remarkable effect, Trecartin creates an alternative narrative universe that suggests a kind of psychodramatic hyper-reality.

Oka Romantic Crime Katha 2012

Tanmayi (Gayatri), Anjali (Divya) and Veena (Swapna), all teenagers are the best of friends. Their regular lives come undone when they fall for the wrong guys and end up committing uncorrectable mistakes.

Early Romantic Horn Sonatas 2015

The sonatas for natural horn and fortepiano by Franz Danzi, Ferdinand Ries und Nikolaus von Krufft are virtuosic compositions with stunning dialogues between the horn and piano parts. They explore the full range of timbres, flamboyantly surpassing classical structures in search of new modes of expression. The verve and profusion of colors in the performance of Steinar Granmo Nilsen and Kristin Fossheim incorporate the early romantic idea that music was the most royal of all arts. Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838) Grande Sonate F-Dur, op. 34, 1811 Franz Danzi (1763-1826) Sonate Es-Dur op. 28, 1804 Nikolaus von Krufft (1779-1818) Sonata E-Dur, 1812

My Romantic Cities Barcelona 2015

Barcelona is an amazing city with distinctive architecture, beautiful sightseeing and lively nightlife. You can find Europe's best-preserved Gothic Quarter here, as well as amazing architectural works by Gaudi. Enjoy everything about Barcelona in 4K.

My Romantic Cities: Santorini 2015

Santorini is the most popular island in Greece. It is located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of Greece's mainland. There are few travel destinations that combine beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, ancient cities, amazing restaurants, some world's best wine, and an active volcano. Enjoy everything about Santorini in 4K.

Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy 2007

Resolute in her quest to carry on her family legacy, Sandy (Nicole Brier) -- the daughter of two pro wrestlers -- plans to marry bone crusher Monster (Ken Yasuda). But when nerdy Marty Weinstein (Aaron Fiore) falls for Sandy, he challenges Monster to a match in a bid to win the wrestling princess's heart. Former bodybuilder and WWF star Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer and former UFC champion Don Frye co-star in this action-packed romantic comedy.

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